The Top Hyatt Hotel and Resort Choices

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I’m currently running a giveaway of 22,000 Hyatt points where the only requirement for entry (aside from the small list of legal technicalities) is that you tell me where your family likes to spend Hyatt points during the summer. I’m sure a few folks just copy and paste my example answer or copy the entry before theirs to enter, but judging by a quick read of the close to 800 current comments and tweets, I think most people actually answered the question with where they would want to go with their points.

This is obviously a totally unscientific gauge of Hyatt redemptions, but I find it interesting to see a few answers dominating above all of the others in terms of where people want to spend their Hyatt points.

Grand Hyatt Kauai:

This appears to be the most frequently given answer in terms of where folks want to spend their Hyatt points in the summer, and I can’t fault anyone who made this choice. I used points there this summer, and very much hope to do the same next summer. It is a long journey to get there for most of us, but it is truly a haven for family fun thanks to the amazing pools (especially the salt water pool), location on the sunny side of Kauai, proximity to family friendly beaches, amazing on-site Camp Hyatt, and all-around amazing staff.


Salt water lagoon at Grand Hyatt Kauai

I’m truly excited to hear that many families (and non-families) are hoping to use their Hyatt points there one day. If this is a goal of yours, whether or not you win the 22k points to help your cause, I highly encourage you to stick with it and earn enough points (or save enough dollars) to get your family there. I don’t think you will regret one minute of that decision.

Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome:

Without counting (which I don’t have time to do), I can’t tell exactly how the order shakes out after #1, but certainly the Park Hyatt in Paris is one of the most frequently given answers. I have yet to go there, but certainly points will be the only way it is possible with rates that can easily and often exceed $800USD per night. This is the type of property that would likely never be under consideration for 99% of us were it not for miles and points. This is where I think you can throw the “cents per point” valuation out the window, as it simply would never be possible without points…or robbing a bank and somehow getting away with it.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek:

This was another very commonly given answer, even though the question was where would you go in the summer, and I think of using points here more in the winter due to high ski season rates. However, Colorado is indeed beautiful in the summer, and if you did want to use points in the winter you are getting a heck of a deal given the location literally right on the mountain, and right next door to ski school (no lugging heavy ski equipment for miles)!

Honorable Mentions:

Some other very frequently given answers were Hyatt Lost Pines (which makes sense given it was featured in the post and it is insanely family-friendly), Park Hyatt Tokyo (review coming soon), Hyatt Huntington Beach (guest review coming soon), Hyatt Chesapeake Bay (very much on my list to visit), Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, and the soon-to-open Andaz Maui (review coming soon assuming the opening date isn’t delayed further).


View from the bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

I personally love reading through the entries as it both reinforces some places that I already love to use points, and gives me a few ideas of some properties that weren’t as much on my radar. For example, there were a few entries saying that the Hyatt Regency Cancun was their choice since it is on a beautiful beach and goes for just 8,000 points per night. There’s no question that 8k points per night is much easier for many families to come up with than these 22k points per night properties.  It also always strikes me as amazing when reading through lists like this that all of these places really are absolutely possible destinations given our rewarding hobby.

I may very well be the only one who finds it interesting to read contest entries on a Friday evening, but if you are a Hyatt junkie who wants to brainstorm some great locations to use Hyatt points with their family, there are some pretty solid ideas in the entries on the contest post. Of course, while you are there, you might as well throw your hat in for a chance to win the points yourself (reminder – entries on this post don’t count)!

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  1. I looked at the Cancun property but I’m worried its too much of a party hotel. It’s right next to all of the big clubs and generally has a pretty low nightly rate considering the location. That being said, I’ve never been. Instead, for my relaxing vacation next year for an anniversary trip I’m looking into the new Andaz Costa Rica. 🙂

  2. PHBC has very reasonable rates in the summer. I wouldn’t spend 22k points there during that season. I’m staying for a couple days next June, confirmed in a Fireside Suite for $198 military rate. For those not eligible for military discounts, AAA rates with breakfast started at about $225 (in standard rooms). Getting 1 cent per point is a waste of Hyatt points.

  3. What a great giveaway. I like taking my family out to Hawaii for the summers so grand hyatt Kauai is the easy choice but I would honestly like to bring them to park hyatt Sydney if I had the points. Thanks!

  4. There are a lot of Hyatts that we love – we pretty much live in them. So hard to choose. I’d have to say the Hyatt Waikiki has been our favorite stay so far this year.

    @Rob – the Hyatt Cancun is really not a big party hotel. It is way down on the end so you aren’t in the middle of the party crowds. The beach is beautiful and it is right along a jetty so you don’t get a lot of ‘through’ traffic. We really like the property and stay there quite often. This time of year you can often find really cheap flights – pop down for a long weekend after you check the weather.

  5. I agree I would not typically spend 22k Hyatt points at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek in the summer when rates are lower. If you want to use points, I would use some fixed value credit card points. I would save Hyatt points for when you are getting at least 1.5 cents per value, if not closer to 2. That means that rates would need to be close to $400 per night for me to burn 22k points per night.

    Also just a reminder to leave your contest entries in the post linked at the top of this one. 😉

  6. Paris Vendome if you happen to be there (stayed this summer and it was phenomenal). Otherwise Lost Pines is closest to home and great summer family vacation (headed there next weekend).

  7. Well, I would have loved to shed light on the Andaz Maui but July became August which is now September so no-can-do.

    I’ll settle for our early summer visit to the better-than-reviews-indicated Hyatt Sarasota

  8. Havent been to many of the Hyatt properties but that is soon to change. Currently on a Diamond Trial. I have to say that me and my family really enjoyed the Hyatt Hill Country Resort. Its not to far from my home in Dallas and plenty of fun for the kids and adults.

  9. Just watched your video on the Hyatt lost pines resort and that would, for sure, be my Hyatt choice! With 2 kids and a dog (or 4) it would be the perfect weekend getaway! With it being just a few hours from home, we can pop in the car and head out to what feels like paradise! Love your blog/videos!

  10. I love Hyatt properties and would love to stay at the Hyatt Waikiki, but I have never been there. It looks fantastic! I am traveling in Kyrgyzstan now ….. for about a month. I will end the trip here at the Bishkek Hyatt,also a great place to relax.

  11. We have stayed at the Park Hyatt in Milan. Absolutely beautiful! Right in the middle of the old section of Milan. Just a block from the Duomo Cathedral, one of the most impressive we have ever been in. Loved Milan!

  12. We would love to stay at the Park Hyatt Milan. Had a friend who said it was superior to the Paris Vendome which we enjoyed.

  13. As an SPG Plat and Hilton Diamond, it’s difficult to fit in another program, however we got the Hyatt cards just for the Hyatt Milan. I’ve been to Milan before, but the Hyatt there is location, location, location! Will be there next month! Now the problem is that we can only fit in 2 nights in Milan so I have to find another property for our other 2 night stay. #firstworldproblems

  14. IMHO, using 22k points at the Grand Hyatt Kauai is not a great “value” redemption. I was able to get a room for $200 on priceline bidding and it was about $260 on Hotwire.

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