IHG Rewards: The Big Win Promo Live + PointBreaks Preview

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IHG Rewards (the program formerly known as Priority Club) has a bunch of news on the promo and redemption front this weekend that is worth a review.

“The Big Win” Promotion:

First, they have a “The Big Win” promotion where members can get additional points or miles based on completing certain activities like completing one stay, staying in two different brands under the IHG Rewards umbrella (InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo® Hotels, Holiday Inn® Hotels, Holiday Inn Resort® Hotels, Holiday Inn Club Vacations®, Holiday Inn Express® Hotels, Staybridge Suites® Hotels or Candlewood Suites® Hotels brands), staying in specific properties, etc.  The offers are targeted to each member, but all offers are for a cumulative total of at least 50,000 points (or 10,000 airline miles) and the promotion runs from September 1 – December 31st.

You can view your specific offer and register here.

In the press release, one of their directors is quoted saying that “Reward program promotions are no longer ‘one size fits all'” and to some degree we certainly have seen an increase in targeted bonus offers across many chains, so there is no doubt that is a current trend.  At least with this one there are some constants such as everyone can participate, there is a minimum number of points/miles everyone will get, and the first offer of 1,000 points or 500 miles is the same for everyone.

IHG Big Win Promo Mommy Points

I still had my preferences set to airline miles since I hadn’t used my IHG Rewards account for stays that earn points in quite a while (I have instead just been redeeming points).  Consequently, my offer is for up to 11,500 airline miles if I complete the following activities:

  • Stay at any IHG® hotel and receive 500 miles.
  • Stay a total of 4 nights and receive 1,000 miles
  • Stay at 2 different IHG brands and receive 4,000 miles
  • Book 2 separate stays through an IHG® hotel website or mobile device
  • Stay at 2 of the following locations below and receive 1,000 miles: Select properties in Montreal, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City, Washington DC, Denver, Chicago, Sao Paulo, and NYC
  • Complete all of your offers and receive 4,000 miles

If you could complete your stays in the specific cities listed at two different brands, it would be possible to collect all of the bonuses in just two stays that totaled at least four nights if you booked them via the IHG hotel website or mobile device.

I actually kinda like promos that are a bit more complex and layered such as this one as it can make strategizing fun.  I value airlines miles at a value of at least 1.5 cents each, so I would get at least $172.50 in value from these bonus miles.  That would be on top of all the normal points and bonuses you can get with IHG Rewards.  My only issue is that I don’t really have any additional stays that need to be booked, so it would solely be to participate in the promo, and that just doesn’t make the economics work in my favor for less than $200 in a bonus miles.

However, I do really like the promo for those who still have stays to book this fall, or for those who already had planned to stay at IHG Rewards hotel.  I imagine there are many different versions of this promo out there with people who are targeted for 50k, 60k, 70k hotel points and more!  No matter which version you receive, it makes sense to go ahead and register as you never know what the future will hold.  If Hyatt or SPG had an offer like this out, I’m sure I would be all over it, but I just can’t take on stays at yet another hotel chain since my travel, while frequent, isn’t that frequent.

5,000 points per night PointBreaks preview:

Just like last time around, a preview list of hotels that will offer the 5,000 points per night PointBreaks deals beginning on Monday 8/26 for bookings through October 31st is available in the Priority Club Connect forum.  I like the idea of a preview so you can be ready to snag a hotel you may be interested in, since some hotels go quite quickly at just 5k points per night.  It is always possible that the actual list will be slightly different than the preview list, but it should give you a decent idea of what will be available.  This particular list doesn’t seem to have many super popular resorts that everyone will pounce on at once, but that doesn’t mean there might not be a few that will work for your specific fall travel needs.

For example, if your journeys will have you in need of a very affordable place to sleep in North Houston; Vernal, Utah; Kiev, near Dulles Airport, or in Charleston, West Virginia you are in luck!  If you are hoping to score a hotel for 5k points in the heart of NYC, well, keep looking.  Remember you can transfer points from Chase Ultimate Rewards to IHG Rewards, so even if your account is currently sitting at 0 it is still possible for you to snag one of these deals with a quick points transfer.

I’ll post the full list when it goes live on Monday.  Thanks to View From the Wing for sharing the link to the preview list. 

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  1. I have to do 3 different brand stays to get 10k, 2 Saturdays for 8k, 4 total nights for 4k, 1k for first stay, 2k for 2 separate stays booked online, and 25k for completing all. Don’t think I’ll be able to do this.

  2. I got targeted for a total of 9 stays to achieve 125800 points. Haven’t had a single stay with them this year. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I live in LA and the average price to do mattress runs for this doesnt make this worthwhile. Hopefully there is an unexpected work trip.

  3. I am targeted for 79,000. I don’t think I’m going to do all the them, but the simple ones if I could. If this promo happens next year, I’ll be more likely to hit target.

    My mom is targeted for some crazy amount — she doesn’t stay at holiday inn much, but hers is something like 220,000. Some of them seems to be repeated (i.e. she has the ‘complete them all’ twice) so it seems like it’s still buggy/not finalized. I doubt she’s going to get them all either, but if she’s really targeted for the 220,000, I think she’ll go for a couple of them at least.

  4. I’m targeted for 172,200. Not shabby.

    1k for first stay
    21.6k for 25 nights
    36k for 4 brands
    6k for 2 stays booked through IHG website or mobile
    100pts for survey
    10.8k for 2 stays at participating city hotels
    8.4k for 3 Saturday nights
    2.3k for a stay paid with IHG Visa
    86k for all offers completed

  5. I got the promo like 138.3K points for 6 nights in total if planned well. Also has the requirements like 3 Saturday nights , 3 brands, 3 cities.

  6. My offers are OK but I’m disappointed as I stay at a lot of IHG properties through out the year on business. My wife who hasn’t stayed much this year has much better offers.
    Also why Chicago, LA, San Fran, etc.
    Why not Wichita, Nashville, Kansas City and Detroit. No love I guess 🙂

  7. These individualized offers seem to make the best offers to those who patronize them the least. I am Platinum and have a number of stays and was offered the bottom rung 50K. If people are smart these type of offers may lead to disloyalty (switching around often) rather than loyalty.

    It’s kind of like they take regular customers for granted. Sometimes that backfires. I think it will with me.

    • @Carl – I’ve never stayed at any IHG properties and I only got 50k total for this promotion as well. It may be totally random.

  8. Carl, there is the risk that those who normally frequent the chain and then find out others have better offers will get angry and go elsewhere, but that must be the exception since we are seeing more and more of these type of targeted offers.
    Peter, your stay must be completed by then.

  9. @mommypoints – I don’t disagree with you. They assume most people will not be that informed and they are probably right.

    H. L. Mencken; Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

  10. Very important question – Do points + cash stays count? I’m sure that a pointsbreak stay doesn’t count but what about points + cash?

  11. Was surprised the domestic Pointsbreaks list was so poor compared to the current one since the current one was in summer vacation and this one will not be. Also there never seem to be repeats for some reason.

    Last month I was able to stay in the Crowne Plaza Montreal for a week for 35K points. In the next period only Grand Junction CO Candlewood Suites looks appealing. Otherwise, international looks good.

    And IHG needs to get on those Holiday Inns for being so damn pet unfriendly.

  12. mine is rediculously impossible. all my stay at participating hotels targets are in australia. I live in minnesota. I could not plan a trip 12 time zones away between now and october if I wanted to. Why do some people get easy challenges and still win a decent amount of points. this isnt a personalized offer. its just random and unbalanced.

  13. Question about the “Live the City Life” option. As of now, that is the only one of the promos that may stand between me and doing all (or likely any) of the offers. It lists 5 properties when you use the dropdown, but then there is also just above the 5 listed “List of participating hotels” with a link for “view all” which shows a lot of hotels. That “view all” option is not listed in any of the other promos. So the question is, to achieve this part of the promo, does one have to stay in the five properties listed pre-jump, or can it be any of the properties listed after the jump once you click “view all?” This is literally the difference between me attempting any of the promo.

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