Earn 3,000 United Miles Via MileagePlus Dining

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You can often get 1,000 or 1,500 United miles for joining Rewards Network United MileagePlus Dining and completing the required amount of spending a participating restaurants.  However, it is not all that common to get a bonus of 3,000 United miles for joining so this is a bonus to consider if there are some participating restaurants in your future.

MileagePlus Dining

Here are the details:

  • Sign up for MileagePlus Dining using this link between September 12 – October 31st
  • Complete one dine within 40 days of joining for $40 or more (including tax and tip) to get 1,500 bonus miles
  • Complete a second dine of $40 or more within 40 days of joining (including tax and tip) to get an additional 1,500 miles
  • Fill out a brief online review of the dines within 30 days of eating out
  • These bonus miles are on top of the base miles you earn

If you don’t typically spend $40 a pop when eating out at the participating restaurants (which are limited in some areas – do a search on the dining site to see what is in your area), you can often buy a gift card at the restaurant to use over a number of visits.  As long as the gift card purchase is for $40 or more that should work…and has for me in the past.  Make sure that you pay with whatever credit card that you registered when you signed up for the program.  Preferably you used a card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred that gives a bonus for restaurant charges, so you will be earning even more per dollar spent!

What I love about this program is once you register your card(s), you don’t have to do anything additional other than eat out and earn points when you happen to eat at an eligible restaurant.  It’s super easy and can be pretty lucrative during bonuses such as this one.

Thanks to Michael W Travels for sharing info about this deal!

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  1. I really like this program. Especially when I’m traveling there have been several times where I got the pleasant surprise of bonus miles when I didn’t realize it was in the network.

  2. This is only slightly related, but I just noticed something and thought it’d be something you’d want to share because it’s United/portal related and I hadn’t seen anything written about it yet.

    It appears that United has ended the brick-and-mortar-store component of MileagePlus Shopping. If you log in to your MileagePlus Shopping account and click on Manage Cards, it tells you this:

    As of Saturday, August 31, 2013, each of our current in-store shopping offers will expire. Due to these changes, we will not be accepting new card registrations as of Wednesday, August 21, 2013. Just click through the MileagePlus mall to your favorite online stores and shop as you normally would, and your miles will be awarded. To remove a registered card from MileagePlus Shopping, please click the “Remove Card” link above. Continue shopping your favorite online stores through MileagePlusshopping.com and your miles will be awarded. Have questions? Please contact Customer Care.

    It’s not like it was ever a huge source of points for me (my hair salon was the only place I ever went that was on their list, and that was just 2x or 3x), but it’s still kind of a bummer.

    I just checked and discovered that the AAdvantage Shopping site also seems to have done away with brick-and-mortar shopping.

    Online only, apparently.

  3. QUESTION : I’ve already signed up for the AAdvantage dining program, and this United Milage plus dining program seems exactly same software and platform. Will I get credited for BOTH aadvantage miles AND united miles as all the restaurant seems to overlap.

  4. Nevermind, question answered. Once you register a credit card that has been previously registered for the aadvantage dining points, it automatically kicks out that credit card from aadvantage dining program.

    I’d say it would do the same for vice versa

  5. John, correct a card can just be registered with one at a time. 😉
    Sil, hmmm, seems to still be working on this end. Are you a new member? If you are a new member, then might be worth a call or give it a try again in a couple days maybe. Sorry it is giving you trouble!

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