Andaz Maui at Wailea: Review of a Room and Suite

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Our recent anniversary trip to Hawaii happened to line up perfectly with the opening of the much anticipated Andaz Maui at Wailea. This hotel is a part of the Hyatt family of hotels, which means we were able to avoid the $400 – $500 per night room expense, and instead use points for our stay. It also meant that we earned valuable Hyatt points for dining and spa charges that we incurred on our trip. I am going to have numerous posts on this hotel because it is new (we were there the week it opened) and I know many people are curious about details that I would not normally include in reviews. Apologies in advance if some of the details seem a bit mundane to those who just want the “big picture”. That said, because this trip was also our anniversary trip and we were also busy having fun, I am sure there are some details that I totally missed. Here are other posts in this trip review series:

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Location of the hotel:
The Andaz Maui at Wailea is a 15-acre beachfront resort located in the beautiful and luxurious Wailea area in Maui. You will find this hotel near other luxury options like Four Seasons, Fairmont, Grand Wailea, and more. It is about a 20 minute drive from the airport. I do recommend renting a car if you plan to stay at this resort. Here is a post on getting good rental car deals in Hawaii. I will post more about some things we did off-property in Wailea in a subsequent post.
Check-in and lobby:
When you first arrive at the hotel, you will be greeted by staff who will assist you with your luggage and valet park your car.  The only parking option at this hotel is valet ($30 per day), so whether you like it or not, your stay will start by you not having to worry about lugging bags and searching for a parking spot.  You are officially now on vacation.  It is important to note that there is no resort fee at this hotel.
You then get to walk down a long and beautiful entry way into the lobby of the hotel.  This entrance is beautiful in the day, and even more dramatic at night.
The Andaz brand does not have formal check-in desks, and instead has hosts that will come to you with an iPad and help you get checked in while you sit anywhere in the lobby and get comfortable.
At this particular hotel, that is a real treat because the lobby itself is large, comfortable, and beautiful. Not only are there tons of seating options and an amazing view, but there is even a little garden of sand!
The lobby is also where you will find the nightly reception that offers complimentary (alcoholic) punch. Three nights per week the evening reception is actually a manager’s reception where you can chat with the general manager. We were told there are sometimes light appetizers from the in-house restaurant served on nights that the manager is present.
You can also find some other treats in the lobby throughout the day like hot tea and fruit.
Every time we walked through the lobby there were several Andaz employees there to say hello and assist you with any issues or questions. They don’t wear outfits that look like uniforms you are used to, but after a day or so it becomes pretty easy to identify the employees. The hotel does not have a formal activities schedule that we ever saw, so I recommend just asking one of the employees in the lobby if there is anything special going on that day. The concierge staff who are also located around the lobby should be able to assist with this as well.
Every time we walked through the lobby there were several Andaz employees there to say hello and assist you with any issues or questions. They don’t wear outfits that look like uniforms you are used to, but after a day or so it becomes pretty easy to identify the employees. The hotel does not have a formal activities schedule that we ever saw, so I recommend just asking one of the employees in the lobby if there is anything special going on that day. The concierge staff who are also located around the lobby should be able to assist with this as well.
Andaz Room:
We stayed in the Andaz Suite which I will talk about in a moment, but while we were there we asked to see a regular room, both so that I could share it here with you, and also so we would know what to expect on a future trip if we weren’t able to afford a suite.  Both the room and the suite were on the 5th floor, which is the same floor as the entrance and the lobby.
The regular room had a balcony, tile floors, and two queen beds.  There was no real space in the room for a rollaway bed, and we were told that indeed the only rooms permitted to have rollaways were the suites due to fire regulations.
The two queen beds looked low to the ground and just as comfortable as the king bed in the suite.  However, I will absolutely admit that coming in to the room it seemed small.  In part this was because it is not very large, and in part it is because I had gotten spoiled in the suite.  If you were to book this room with a family, I would highly recommend being very organized with your belongings and putting things away when you come into the room, otherwise it could get kind of crazy with the limited space in a hurry!
The bathroom was the same modern style as the suite with the shallow sink, a shower, and soaking tub.  The only difference was everything was “miniaturized”, or perhaps everything was enlarged in the suite.  Either way, it is the same concept and style, just in a smaller package.
Andaz Suite:
We had room 540, which was the Andaz Suite.  This is the suite that you could get if you spend 33,000 Hyatt points per night, or used a confirmed Hyatt upgrade certificate.  We got the suite thanks to some good luck, asking nicely, saying it was our 5th anniversary (it was), and being fortunate that the suites weren’t actually for sale yet.  I don’t expect a “pretty please” to work very well once the hotel gets up to full capacity!  Though it never hurts to ask…
The suite has a good sized living space and one and a half bathrooms.  There are also two patios so that you can sit outside and take advantage of the view!  I will say that the patio furniture was not quite as comfortable as I wish that it was.  However, the view was everything I hoped for.
Neither the couch nor the bench was not a pull-out that could be used for additional sleeping space.  I think the furniture in the living room was functional in the sense that it was built for folks to come in from the beach, but it was not all that comfortable for sitting for long periods of time.  It certainly was not comfortable if you tried to sleep on it.  If you need additional sleeping space in the suite, the hotel does provide a rollaway bed for suites free of charge.
There is also a small desk for working…if you are inclined to do such a crazy thing in Hawaii.  I personally think it was built so that sad mainlanders could huddle around their computer to watch non-nationally televised football games at 7AM!
Also located on the small desk was a little pot to make hot tea or coffee.  We didn’t use the in-room options as we preferred to just have it done for us as part of the breakfast in the restaurant, but if you can’t wait until they open then there is this option.
The bedroom was located just off from the living room and was very comfortable and could close off from the living room with a real door.
The chair in the living room was actually pretty comfortable, moreso than the living room furniture.  If you had a young child who wanted their own “little bed”, I think that chair could work for that purpose.  I can speak from personal experience that it is perfect for reading with the breeze coming in from the balcony!
Behind the bed is the shower with some shutters that can open so you can look out at the bedroom and onto the ocean while taking a shower.  They can also shut if showering with open shutters doesn’t work for your situation.
The shower itself is very long and somewhat narrow.  The water pressure and temperature were both very good.  I wished there was a small ledge to put things like soap that was within arms reach of the nozzle, because as it was set up you have to leave the water stream to go retrieve a different soap from the set-up against the wall.  Not a big deal though.
Here is the view from the shower out into the room and beyond.
20130915-201641.jpgThe soaps in the shower were a very generous size and made by a local company.  I thought they smelled delicious!

20130915-201841.jpgThe rest of the bathroom was just as stylish as the shower.  There was a soaking tub that we ended up using to lay out our wet swimsuits.  The two sinks are quite shallow, so keep that in mind.  They really are just designed for things like brushing teeth or washing your face.  Don’t expect to wash your swimsuits or similar without making a mess, just do that in the bathtub.


There were some Andaz Suites that walk out into their own little pool area that is next to the adult pool.


If you want an even better look at the suite and the rest of the resort, then take a look at our video overview below!

To us, the biggest drawback to the suite was that some of the furniture in the living area and on the balcony really wasn’t all that comfortable.  It wasn’t terrible, but I would have liked a more comfortable option to sit out on the balcony and enjoy the view.  Overall, it was a very beautiful space that was quite comfortable for sleeping!  We didn’t hear anything from outside the room, though the resort was certainly not fully booked while we were there.  In upcoming posts on the hotel, I will cover things like on-site food options, the spa, the pools, a “secret” kid’s activity, beach activities, Diamond perks, how this stacks up to other Hyatt options on the islands, and more.

If you are already dreaming of a trip to the Andaz Maui at Wailea, then here is a post on how to rack up Hyatt points so you can be on your way without breaking the bank!  I can tell you that without a doubt we hope to save up enough points to return to this hotel in the not-too-distant future.

If you’ve already been to the resort, or if you have just been anticipating it’s opening, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. We were also lucky enough to stay in the Andaz this week for our anniversary trip (though not lucky enough for a suite…our “pretty please” didn’t work). We were just so glad not to have our kids on this trip that a regular room seemed perfect.

    My husband, a points guy, pointed you guys out to me from afar at the hotel but was too shy (or maybe…normal and respectful) to go up and say hi. I wish he would have told me sooner, though, because I would have loved to thank you for helping us get to Paris and Maui in back-to-back years! Only a couple of years into this points game and it is so fun 🙂 I want to go back to Wailea NOW!

  2. As usual great review MP.
    They do, in fact, have a “Resort Fee”. It’s called $30 to valet a car.
    Other than that, this place goes wayyyyyy up the list to visit for upcoming milestone b’day.
    Thanks and hope you had a blast.

  3. Clay, so glad you liked the video! We are still getting used to that process, but it is fun.
    Kristin, Happy Anniversary! So true that a trip sans kids can be so relaxing that the room almost doesn’t matter! Wish you guys would have said hi, always so much fun to meet other points fans!
    Geoff, that is one way to look at it for sure. Glad to hear you hope to visit for your upcoming milestone b’day – I don’t think you will regret the choice!
    Dave, glad you liked the review. There is a small fridge that the free drinks our stored in. There is no microwave that we noticed.

  4. Stephen, I’m right there with ya. I’m sure it is lovely and an amazing place to stay, but it doesn’t reach out and grab me, especially those regular rooms which is where we would probably be staying. I do appreciate the review, though.

    Glad you had such a wonderful time with your hubby, Summer!!

  5. Stephan, I will say that the suite was nice, but it is not the rooms that sold me on the hotel. It is was the pools, service, beach, etc. It may not be the hotel for you, but I would wait until you see those posts to decide for sure.
    Carrie, we did have a great trip, but I will agree that it wasn’t the rooms that made it that way…probably even more so if we were in the regular room. It was the beach, the pools, the drinks, the service, etc. 😉

  6. That is one beautiful hotel! I am glad to see that there is only one charge for the parking/resort fee 🙂 We will visit Maui in the next couple of months and look forward to read the rest of the trip report. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the review! Is there any free activities that are served by the hotel? for example, fairmont kei lani has a free outrigger canoe activity for the hotel guest.

    • ed, yes they have something very similar to that in the mornings, but I can’t remember exactly what time. I talked to a couple guests that did that and enjoyed it! There best free activity though that I know of is actually for kids…I plan to do a whole post on the “freebies” here. 😉

  8. I hear you Stephan and kind of thought the same thing based on looking at the rooms themselves. However the pool looks incredible as does the view of the beach. I’m sure the service is also great. So seems like it’d be a great place to honeymoon/vacation…the key question and perhaps Summer can chime in, are there any better Hyatt properties in Hawaii for honeymooners? I think it’d be between this and the Grand Hyatt Kauai…

  9. For the standard room, would you choose this hotel or the older Hyatt on Maui. Are there any resort fees or parking charges at the older Hyatt. Thanks.

  10. I love how many pictures you include in your reviews. It’s much better than looking at a travel site. I am anxious to see how this resort compares to similar category ones on the island and against ones like the Grand Hyatt Kauai. We just booked our stay there in Kauai for next summer with points. Even though it’s a while out, it seems real now, and I am so excited!

  11. It really was the whole hotel and not just the room that made it. One other thing that changed after you guys left – the last day we were there they started to hand out an “activities” pamphlet, which they claimed they were not going to do when we checked in. We didn’t do any of the activities, so I’m not sure how they were.

    And the service! When we mentioned we were going to the crater to see the sunrise the next day (a bust, thanks weather), we came back to our room to find extra blankets waiting for us with a handwritten note wishing us a great morning. We had directions printed for us when they knew where we were going (granted there weren’t many of us in that hotel, it seemed) They were just so happy to see us all the time. We went to another hotel in West Maui for the last two nights, and we just MISSED the overall feeling of being at the Andaz.

  12. Summer, totally get what you are saying. I adoooooore amazing customer service and it can leave you feeling bonded to a certain resort. We feel that way about Aulani, everyone was SO NICE to us on both of our stays there. Now, whenever I think about it, I truly can’t wait to return. The blanket story is unbelievable! WOW! That is really something! Talk about “anticipating your needs”, they sure were on point with that one. Sooo happy for you guys!

  13. Was this the Andaz Suite with full ocean view? Or the Andaz Suite with Partial Ocean View? Seems like Diamond Suite Upgrade confirms into the Partial room, but if I don’t use it, the hotel would upgrade me to a Deluxe Ocean View room anyway… Trying to get a glimpse at the view of a Partial room…

  14. The Andaz is luxurious, just as described above. And, for those who enjoy a little in-room food prep, to save calories as well as money, an additional mini-fridge (mini, but much larger than the little mini bar) with a tiny freezer is available on request– no additional charge. The bellman volunteered this information when we arrived, and also stated that microwave ovens were also available on request. We did request the mini-fridge and it was delivered to our room almost immediately. Of course, you might want to verify this information with the Andaz prior to your arrival as things can change.

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