The Pools at the Andaz Maui at Wailea

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Our experience at the Andaz Maui at Wailea was fantastic overall, but even though the suite we were in was nice, that is not what made the experience. Everything else at and near the resort make the visit special. These are things like the spa, the service, the beach, the snorkeling, the food, and the pools. I think many of those elements of the resort deserve more than a passing mention, and so this post is dedicated to the pools. To play catch-up, here are other posts in my series on our recent anniversary trip to Hawaii.

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The Andaz Maui at Wailea by my count has six different pools plus a couple of hot tubs. These are divided into the three cascading infinity pools that you frequently see in photos of the resort.


A zero entry pool at the ground level closest to the ocean.


An adult “tranquility” pool located near the spa area, and away from the larger pools.


And a small pool across from the tranquility pool that is accessible via the patios of some of the Andaz Suites (though not the one we stayed in).


There is not a specifically dedicated children’s play pool or a slide area similar to what you find at the Grand Hyatt Kauai or the Hyatt Regency Maui, but that doesn’t mean that some of these pools aren’t good for young kids.  Here were my thoughts on the pools based on our recent stay.  I do want to mention that we were there the first week the hotel was opened.  The occupancy rate was very low, and we stayed on days that school was in session so we literally didn’t see a single school-aged child at the resort.  We did see several younger kids in the 1-3 year old range, but I think there will be a larger presence of kids here during holiday times.  However, I doubt there will be as many kids as there are at the other Hawaiian Hyatt resorts.

  • The three cascading infinity pools are absolutely gorgeous and relaxing.  They are all too deep for young kids to be able to walk around in, but were perfect for adults who wanted to get in up to their mid sections and enjoy a drink while staring at the ocean.  In my case, I was entranced by the sunset views from these pools.


  • There are plenty of chairs around the pools for lounging, and plenty of attentive servers to help you get drinks, towels, etc.  I do not think this will be a resort where you have to wake up at 8AM to stake out your pool chair.



  • There is a bar at the top pool and one at the bottom zero-entry pool.  You can order drinks or snacks that can be eaten at the bar, or delivered to your pool chair.  The drinks are delicious!  I didn’t get a chance to try the food, but it also looked pretty exotic and yummy for pool food!





  • There are several cabanas around the lower pool area that could provide a good respite from the sun.  These come with a charge of $200 per day.


  • You can get complimentary chairs and umbrellas arranged for you on the beach – this is a huge perk in my view, especially since the beach is so nice and swim-able!



    Most of the pools close at a specific time (I think they said 10PM?), but the infinity pool with the hot tub is 24 hours.


  • There is music played in the pool area.  We found the Hawaiian themed music to help set the mood and enhance the experience, but if you are looking for total silence, you won’t find it around the main pools.
  • There are towels available around the pool area for you to use with no “checkout out” or key card required.  There were also pitchers of water and cups available around the pool.
  • The hike from the lower pool to the top pool is significant.  Something like 70-80 steep stairs to climb, so be ready for a good workout if you are going up and down frequently.  There is also a ramp and elevators if you back-track into the hotel and take a circuitous route.

I think that the lower zero-entry pool would be where I would spend most of the time at this pool complex with my daughter.  Even at (a tall) three years old, she could walk around 80% of the pool safely without having to swim.  This would allow me some time to sit on the sideline and supervise with a cool beverage.  At her age, she would have a blast with this, just like she did at the saltwater lagoon at the Grand Hyatt Kauai.  However, in a few years when she is a more adventurous and advanced swimmer, I think she would enjoy the slides and lazy river at the Grand Hyatt Kauai more than just playing in this zero-entry pool.  Even now, she would probably like the kid’s pool play area at the Hyatt Regency Maui better.


Kid’s pool area at Hyatt Regency Maui


Salt Water Lagoon at the Grand Hyatt Kauai

The pool complex at the Andaz Maui at Wailea is absolutely beautiful, and should be large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone even at full-capacity.  The on-site beach is fantastic, but it is nice having a solid pool option as well.  If you are looking for the “best” Hyatt pool complex for kids in Hawaii, this is not the best for kids in my view.  However, that doesn’t mean that kids couldn’t have fun here.  In fact, that likely sums up much of the situation for families looking for the best Hyatt in Hawaii.  The Andaz is amazing, and has lots to offer everyone (more on a “secret” kid amenity soon), but for kids over the age of about 4 or 5, there may be better Hyatts in Hawaii for their desires.  That said, I won’t be surprised at all if we return to this hotel with my daughter next summer and have a blast together in the pools!

I know this is my own personal favorite pool complex for adults without a question – heck the drinks alone could have won it that distinction!  What are your thoughts on the pools at this hotel?

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    • Tyler, I am very big on disclosure, but they didn’t give me any incentives, so there isn’t anything to disclose. We just went here as a regular trip and are sharing the details since I know many others are curious about this new property. We used Hyatt points for our stay and spent a fair amount of cash to experience the spa and restaurants. We were granted a suite upgrade after letting them know it was our anniversary, but I think that was more dumb luck that they weren’t for sale yet than anything.

  1. I know you stayed on your own dime and didn’t ask for any special treatment, but another couple posted that they recognized you at the resort during the same week. They were also celebrating their anniversary and had status yet didn’t get upgraded. Couldn’t it be possible that the hotel or Hilton has your profile flagged as a blogger – hence the better than normal treatment? Not your doing, I understand, but I think it is kind of naive to think otherwise.

  2. Dianne, yes anything is possible, but I have often asked for upgrades from hotels for one reason or another (including way before blogging) and sometimes have success, and sometimes don’t. I have no way of knowing what comes into play there on any given interaction, but I try to be as detailed as possible on how I book my stay, upgrade, etc. I don’t recall that poster who was also there on their anniversary mentioning if they had status with Hyatt, though it is possible. I have read at least one other report of a Diamond lucking into a suite shortly after opening on Flyertalk. It certainly is not unheard of for hotels to try to make “special trips” as special as they can when they know about the occasion. I also think that on the whole most people I interact with at hotels have no clue about this blog, or could care less if they do. That isn’t always the case, but it is the case way more often than not.

    I don’t expect complimentary upgrades to suites to be the norm here once they are up and rolling. That said, I don’t think the room I was in had any impact on a post about the pools. 😉

    I’m not sure what else I can disclose. Glad you like the trip report though!

  3. Mommypoints,

    It’s a double-edged sword: The more popular your blog becomes, the better chance of special treatment. What I don’t get is the logic: special treatment is the norm for those with name recognition in any business. I work in Hollywood and if you are a name, you get handed a suite. If you are Joe Schmo, not so much.

    That doesn’t mean I begrudge you one bit. You always disclose how you book your trips and you pay for them on your own dime so if they upgrade you, so be it. We all want to be upgraded! As long as you are honest about your evaluations, since we rely on them often for whether we will be staying where you just stayed, then I see no conflict whatsoever. When I bumped into you and your husband at the Andaz Liverpool Street, you were eating at the same buffet breakfast as I was: there were no servants with gold trays hovering over your table. So keep it real and know that I love your blog and its advice.

    Which brings me to an upcoming Christmas vacation for my 10 year old twins. They love the Grand Hyatt Kauai and haven’t been to the Andaz. Which property would you recommend for them? (I love how the Kauai property is pretty much enclosed so that they can be off exploring, having fun yet it’s self-contained so I don’t have to worry about their whereabouts.)

    • Michael, well we just told the folks with gold trays to hide under the table when we saw you coming! Truthfully, I really hardly ever get things like free suite upgrades. I got it this time after asking no less than 3 or 4 times both way in advance, by phone before arriving the day of, and then again at check-in. It wasn’t secured until the actual check-in and didn’t just fall down from the heavens because of some alert on their computer the way it would if I was Cameron Diaz in LA…though that would be pretty cool. 😉 I love both properties very much, but with ten year old twins I would personally give the slight edge to Kauai for the reasons you describe. However, the beach itself is better at the Andaz, so that is something to take into consideration if your girls like beach activities since the on-site beach at the Grand Hyatt Kauai isn’t really swimable for most. Also weigh whether you prefer lounge access or a full breakfast included (I think you are Diamond, right?) since that differs at both resorts. Final things to consider are just which island you want to go to, and if you want to go to the Andaz simply because you haven’t before. Hope to run into you again!

  4. Dianne – I was one half of the other couple at the Andaz Maui when Mommy Points was there and we did in fact get upgraded! We were upgraded to an oceanview room due to mentioning that it was our anniversary. All I did was email the hotel prior to our visit – so you can try that too. I think the upgrade had more to do with the fact that the hotel appeared to only be half full during our stay (it was the first week of operation).

    • Mark, thanks for sharing some more about your experience. So glad you were able to have an oceanview room – that was my favorite part of our room! Can’t get that view at home. It really is amazing what reaching out to a property and communicating with them can sometimes do. Also loved the story about the blankets they provided in your room for your sunrise trip.

  5. TJ, glad you like the look of the menu – I loved the taste! I am actually having a Ginger Buck in that photo as I had way too many of the real drinks the night before, but the Upcountry Buck looks just like the Ginger Buck. Both are delicious!

  6. Is there an arrivals/departure lounge at the Andaz? A place to take a shower or relax after checking out of your room when you may have a much later flight departure?
    thanks so much for your reports!

  7. Thanks for the informative post, as usual. I’m thinking of using points/certs to take my son to Maui in January. He will have just turned 3. Would you recommend the Andaz or the Hyatt Regency? They’re both Category 6, so they cost the same # of points. Based on your post, it sounds like you may find the Andaz to be “nicer” but the Regency to be more kid friendly. Maybe 2 nights at one location and 3 nights at the other, to try both? Thanks again.

  8. @ Tyler and Dianne. Nitpicking others just comes across as jealousy. Especially when you are wrong after making accusations. Just my 2 cents. I know everybody else is trying to play nice here. Sad the posts became more about the blogger and not the experience she presented so thoughtfully.

  9. calflygirl, I think your assessment is somewhat accurate, though a three year old can have fun at both. Sometimes the Regency can be had on a good cash rate, so I would probably look to that before spending 22,000 Hyatt points there. I think your plan of a few nights at both is likely would I would consider in your shoes. They are both great in their own rights!
    Kent, thanks for your support. I totally understand people being interested in full disclosure as I would want the same, just don’t think there is smoke or fire in this instance. Glad you liked the post!

  10. Dying to know the “secret kid amenity” as we are arriving at anda-maui in one week with my 3yo. Your posts have been very helpful!!
    Also, I’m not a blogger or anyone famous (but I am a diamond trial member & paid with points) and the hotel has also upgraded me to a suite… They asked if we were celebrating anything & we are (baby on the way).

  11. Living on the east coast with young kids. I don’t quite understand why many prefer going to Hawaii rather than the Caribbean. 1 time-zone is about the same. 2 ur not in the US => truely get to experience a different culture and perhaps different languages if you pick the right place. 3. WI are closer. 4 the beaches are nicer (especially if u like snorkling) in WI. Perhaps the major hotels have greater coverage in Hawaii. Why don’t you travel more often to the Caribbean (w/ your daughter) than Hawaii? Both are great destinations.

  12. @calflygirl & mommypoints – we’ve just booked a few nights at Hyatt Regency Maui due to the pools / activities for our kids (who are 6 + 9). We’re using points. We were considering, however, to move to the Andaz since they are now running a promo for Passport members (stay 4 nights, get 2 free plus resort credit). More for our money, so to speak. In any case, we’re a little stumped as to which way to go since our kiddos are older and while I’m an event planner, I haven’t visited either property. Any additional information you can give us would be helpful! And thanks so much for the pics of the pools too… That was a tough one to see from the hotel photos online.

  13. Any information on use of the pools for non hotel guests? We usually stay across the street in a condo but the pools were really nice when we went and looked at the hotel when it was new last year. I didn’t see wristbands or anything… any info?

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