Europe As Low As 15K US Airways Miles Round-Trip With Targeted Promo

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As you may have already heard, some US Airways MasterCard holders have received a very nice surprise in their inbox in the form of a targeted promotion that awards as many as 50% of redeemed miles back, up to 30,000 miles.  I have seen versions that award 10%, 25%, or 50% of your Dividend Miles back when you redeem at least 20,000 miles for an award trip.  You need to redeem between October 1 and November 30, 2013 for travel before March 31, 2014 and you can get up to 30,000 miles back.

 US Airways promo

Of course, as with all targeted promotions, some folks get left out of all the fun.  In this case, I was one of those that were not targeted for the promotion, but that isn’t stopping me from having fun brainstorming about what I would do if I was targeted for the 50% back version (what else are you going to do while watching cartoons with a sick kiddo?!).  To check and see if perhaps you overlooked this promo in your own inbox, the subject line was “Get More for your Miles: Limited- time Offer”.  Thanks to the Mommy Points readers who sent me a copy of their targeted offer!

Here are a few ideas that I would have to consider if I had been targeted:

North America – Europe Off-Peak for 15,000 miles RT:

During the off-peak time of January 15 – February 28, you can fly on US operated flights for 35,000 miles RT in economy.  When you knock off 5k miles for using a US Airways credit card on a US operated flight, you are down to 30,000 points.  Once you get 50% of those miles back you are down to 15,000 miles to fly round trip to Europe!  That is a crazy price to experience such a great part of the world.

North America – North Asia in Business Class (with free stopover in Europe) 60k miles RT:

You can fly in business class all the way to North Asia (with a stopover in Europe) for just a few more miles than a RT domestic first class award normally costs.  Since this promotion is also valid with US Airways partners, there should be pretty good availability on a variety of good carriers for this journey.

North America – South America Off-Peak in Envoy Suites (Business Class) for 27,500 miles RT:

Going all the way to South America and back in an Envoy Suite on the off-peak times of February 3 – 13 & March 17 – April 3 for just 27,500 miles is absolutely spectacular!  The normal price is 60,000 miles during the off-peak times, then subtract 5,000 miles for having the US Airways card (since it has to be on US metal anyway for the off-peak price), then take into account the 50% rebate you will get on your miles and it is just 27,500 miles for a lie-flat bed to South America!  Note that the regular low price for this route is 100,000 miles!

North America – Hawaii 20,000 miles RT:

You can fly round trip on US Airways partners from North American to Hawaii and back for just 20,000 miles in coach!  If you can find availability at the low level on US operated flights then you can knock that total down to 17,500 round trip!  If you want to fly in first it will cost you 50,000 miles on US Airways partners or 45,000 on US operated flights.

Between the continental US, Alaska, and Canada for 10,000 miles RT:

If you find availability at the lowest level on US operated flights, you can fly RT around the US (other than Hawaii) and Canada for just 10,000 miles round trip for each ticket.  That is insane, and super helpful for many families.  If you fly on US partners like United, then it will cost you just 12,500 miles for each ticket.

Those are a few of my ideas, but I would love to hear from anyone who was targeted for this promo to know how you plan to maximize its value!


If you are curious, here are the terms and conditions:

Offer is valid for select US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard cardmembers and is not transferable. You will receive 25% of all miles redeemed during the promotional period back in your Dividend Miles account, for a maximum bonus of 30,000 bonus miles. You must redeem a minimum of 20,000 miles for award travelbetween October 1, 2013 and November 30, 2013 for travel completed before March 31, 2014. Award travel on US Airways, US Airways Express and any other partner airlines qualify for bonus. Miles used for mileage upgrades also qualify. If you do not redeem at least 20,000 miles you will not be eligible for this offer. Miles must be redeemed from eligible primary cardmember’s Dividend Miles account in order to receive bonus. Your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard account must be in good standing. Miles used during periods when your account is delinquent, your balance exceeds your credit line or your account is otherwise not in good standing as defined in your Credit Card Cardmember Agreement do not qualify for this offer. Your 25% miles back award will appear on your Dividend Miles account 3-4 weeks after travel has been completed. Offer expires November 30, 2013. Travel must be completed before March 31, 2014. Bonus miles do not count towards Preferred status.

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  1. Bummer. I missed out on this one too. Hopefully that just means that they have something even BIGGER in store for those of us that were left out in the coming months. (smile) A girl can dream!

  2. Oh my goodness, thanks so much! I totally missed this e-mail in my inbox yesterday and my offer was for 50% of my miles back!

  3. My wife and I each have 2 US Airways accounts and 2 Barclays credit cards. I got a 50% offer, she got a 25% offer. I emailed them on both of the cards which I got no offer, just to ask if we qualified (in case it was deleted by mistake). My question is, if I’m trying to book a United flight with US Airways miles for 3 people, what is my best way to go about this. I see the maximum is 30,000 miles back. Does that mean I should maybe book 2 tickets with the 50% account, and 1 with the 25% account? Also, do you know the total fees charged by US Airways (I’ve never booked an award ticket with them before). US Airways seems to have very limited availability from NYC at the lowest level for the couple places I’ve looked, so I think I’m stuck booking a United flight. I know a US Airways flight would be better since it’d only be 10K each instead of 12.5K, but doesn’t seem like I have any options. We’re not very flexible for the days we need.

  4. @mommypoints, I received the 50% offer too. I do not have any incoming trip until April. Do you think i can be eligible for this offer if i book ticket for someone else using my account? I do not see any exclusion in T&C. Thanks.

  5. Joe, RT for 12.5k is still awesome and UA does generally have better award availability. US Airways charges $25 for award redemption fee for domestic tickets. They also charge a $30 call center fee, though you should push to get that waived if you cannot possibly book your award online.

  6. Not so sure the 27,500 miles for off-peak envoy in a lie-flat is accurate. At the time of year when the off-peak envoy seats are available (off season), I believe both flights (GIG and GRU) out of CLT are on a 767, which still has the recliner seats. Nothing shabby about those though.

    • Bob, you may well be right. My research on what type of aircraft were flown on the routes didn’t go much past the award chart that showed First Class/Envoy at 60k off peak for that route…though it is possible Envoy isn’t available then, in which case they should not get anyone’s hopes up with that wording. Still a great deal though!

  7. It’s still called Envoy, but on the 767 the product is an older recliner seat instead of the new suites where the seat goes flat, which is now on all the A330s. At that price to South America, though, it’s still a steal.

    • Bob, makes sense. I’ve flown the new version and it was good, but haven’t flown the older version yet. Would do it for that price for sure though!

  8. Wouldn’t North America to North Asia be 45k RT in Business if you got the 50% offer? It looks like you grabbed the number for First (which is also an awesome deal for 60k RT).

  9. Thanks for the great post, I received the 50% offer but never use the us airways award tool. It seems it doesn’t show partner award availability. Is it best to search using United and then calling US airways to book reward flights? Thanks for your help.

  10. How can you know how much miles a United flight will cost on US Airways – Do you just have to call US Airways after you see the United award availability?

  11. For those that didn’t receive an email, don’t give up hope. I didn’t get any emails, but a 50% back offer arrived in the mail today.

  12. I agree. I’m fairly new at booking award travel, but did also receive the 50% offer. I’m trying to find flights from SAN to HND (hopefully with a stop over in Europe) on US Air’s website and coming up with nothing?? Any tips, as I’d really like to take advantage of this offer?? Also, pardon my incompetence.. Love your blog – I learn something new everyday and turn all of my friends over to your site.

  13. I was targeted for 50%, and booked 2 United tickets today for 25,000 each, so I should get back 25,000 after our flights in February. My question is, the offer is tied to my Barclays card, which is up for renewal in a month. What happens if I cancel my card? Do I have to keep the card and pay the annual fee, or should I be ok even if I cancel. Thanks!

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