Amex Platinum Holders Access Centurion Lounge in Vegas Free

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I have been itching to visit the American Express Centurion Lounge in the D Concourse at the Las Vegas McCarran airport ever since I read this review on The Points Guy’s site.  There is a United Club in McCarran that I usually visit when passing through Vegas, but it is a pretty basic space with pretty basic offerings.  To contrast, the Centurion Lounge has real food, fresh squeezed juice, cocktails designed by a mixologist, etc.  Amex describes it as a “lounge designed as a destination”.  I certainly wouldn’t fly normally somewhere just to go to the lounge, but I would make a point of visiting a lounge while I was there if it was truly worth visiting.  However, I have balked at visiting this lounge in the past as I was too cheap to shell out the $50 per person it would have cost me as an Amex cardholder who does not have a Centurion card.

Centurion Lounge

However, as per an Amex rep on the American Express Community forum, it looks like this recently changed and now Platinum Amex cardholders will also have access to the Centurion Lounge without a fee!  Cardholders may bring their spouse or domestic partner and children under 18 or 2 traveling companions as complimentary guests. I don’t have a Platinum card right this second, but my husband currently has the Mercedes Benz Platinum Amex, so when we are in Vegas next month we will absolutely make a stop by this lounge and have some breakfast before flying home!  Those with the regular Platinum Amex or the Business Platinum Amex should also be able to access the lounge for no fee.

Centurion Lounge VegasHere is the list of amenities taken from the Amex website.

  • Gourmet Buffet and Snacks
  • Premium Bar
  • Member Services Desk
  • TVs, Tablets, and Headphones
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Workspaces
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Printer/Fax/Copier
  • Computer Bar
  • Conference Room*
  • Shower Suite*
  • Family Room*

What I love about this is that they not only allow children under 18 to accompany you at no additional charge, but they also offer a separate family room.  Family rooms in lounges are so valuable for families and non-families alike!  If you’ve been to this lounge, feel free to share your thoughts!  If you haven’t yet been (and you have a Platinum Amex) then enjoy your free visit on the next trip to Vegas!  I’ll be sure to share details after my visit next month.  Also note that their website says additional Centurion Lounges are coming soon.

Thanks to SuperKirby for sharing the great news on MilePoint.


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  1. I have been to the lounge in late August. The lounge is probably one of the best lounges I have been to in the uS. The food offerings, though limited, were very good. You could make a nice meals from the offerings.

  2. Is this located in departure gate area, not arrival area, right? I don’t fly from LAS much but wonder if I could experience this lounge when I rent a car from the LAS airport.


  3. Damn.

    Now I feel maybe I shouldn’t have cancelled my card.

    Though I still have the card lying in a file somewhere…Maybe they’ll let me in if I just waved it at them from afar? Haha.

  4. I will be in Vegas this weekend and might check this out, depending upon how early I feel like heading to the airport for a 7 am flight. Lounge appears to open at 5. Hopefully Platinum access is a go right now and I get in without incident.

  5. Centurion Lounge is near the US Air and American Airlines “D” Gates and is easily access via tram from Terminal 1 or 3. If you’re flying Southwest or Airtran, your in the B or C gates. It would still be possible to make your way out to the D gates, but it would take some time and 2 tram rides.
    I live in Las Vegas and fly out of the D gates all the time, so I’m really looking forward to the Centurion Lounge. I’ll be there on Saturday.

  6. Have been twice, can confirm awesomeness. Cocktail service is amazing, food is delicious. We went back to the airport early just to enjoy.

  7. Sweet, will be in Vegas in November and flying Delta out of D. Too bad flight is at 6:45 am. So 20 min to eat breakfast, slam few drinks (jk) and head out to the gate.

  8. Awesome! I’ll be traveling to LAS later this month. So glad I found out about this in time for my trip. Since I’m on a redeye to BWI (United) when I leave, this will be a welcome final moment in Vegas before the dreadful overnight flight.

  9. Are the L’Occtaine products free for everyone who visits the lounge? I only have a Gold AMEX but if they were willing to give me a full bag of product I’d gladly put up the $50.

  10. So would ANY Amex platinum card give you access? For exapmple I have the Delta Platinum AmEx card. Probably a dumb questions, but I’d like clear answer.

  11. Kyle, TPG’s review is from March, so not sure how current this is. I was just at the lounge last week and didn’t see any showers like his review mentions. Possible I just missed them, but I did visit the restroom and didn’t see any of this going on.

  12. Levi, was just there last week and was expressly told by front desk staff that Plat card holders get in free now. Was able to get in free and guest my wife in with my card as well. It’s fine to go.

    • mommy and Free TravelGuys – thanks – good to hear! (you never know, would be nice to see some “in fine print” update).. will be checking that out next month!

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