Big Southwest Sale Today $49/$99/$129/$149 – Watch for Matches!

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A couple of times per year, Southwest has sales where the price of the flight is discounted and tied to the length of the flight, and today kicks off one of those sales.  This sale is pretty cool as not only are the fares discounted, but the lower fares typically apply to Rapid Rewards points reservations as well, whereas many of their sales that involved promo codes do not work with points reservations.  That said, I can’t figure out what is going on with points reservations right now as they are acting quite strange for me with flights listed at all the same points price for a given day on a route regardless of the prices of the individual flights.  Another great thing about this sales is that it is pretty common for others airlines to match the Southwest fares on some competing routes.  This sometimes takes a half day or more to get going, but watch for it if you prefer another carrier.

This sale is valid for travel from  December 4 – 18, 2013 and January 7 – February 12, 2014. The sale ends on Thursday, October 10th.  Not valid for travel on Fridays or Sundays.  Only non-stop flights are included in the sale.

  • Starting at $49 for flights up to 500 miles in duration
  • Starting at $99 for flights up to 501 – 1,000 miles in duration
  • Starting at $129 for flights 1,001 – 1,500 miles in duration
  • Starting at $149 for flights 1,501 miles +

Low Fares? Check! One-way fares as low as $49 (0 to 500 miles); $99 (501 to 1,000 miles); $129 (1,001 to 1,500 miles); $149 (1,501+ miles) - 14-day advance purchase required. Exclusions and restrictions apply.

For those interested in historical trends, last fall the sale was a little different as it was a 40% off code.  When they ran a similar sale for fall travel in June the prices were the same, but the $99 fares were for distances up to 1,250 miles, the $129 fares were for distances up to 1,750 miles, and the $149 fares were reserved for flights over 1,750 miles.  This means that the sale is a tad less generous this time around, but it still is worth a look to see if the prices for routes you are interested in have gone down.  Remember that with Southwest you can rebook and get a credit for a future flight (or some of your points back) if the prices have gone down. 

Here are a few examples prices for some routes thanks to this sale (prices each way):


Houston – Dallas

Atlanta – Orlando

Los Angeles – Phoenix

Wichita – Dallas


Las Vegas – Oklahoma City

New York – Chicago

Norfolk – Orlando


Denver – New Orleans

Houston – Las Vegas

San Antonio – Los Angeles


Philadelphia – Phoenix

Seattle – Chicago

I’ll be doing some airfare browsing/shopping today, so have fun if you plan to do the same!  Keep in mind that not all flights will necessarily be available at the discounted prices, and availability can be limited.  If you see some other airlines starting to match feel free to share!

Thanks to Deals We Like for sharing news about the sale!

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  1. Southwest points can seem a bit confusing, but I think the reason the points are the same and the dollar amounts differ is because there are more taxes when there are connecting flights vs. nonstop and they include that extra tax price in the cash cost, however they don’t add that price to the points because you have to pay it separately with cash.

    • Shara, that may be part of it, however it was weird that the prices were pretty different but the points prices were the same.

  2. I just changed tickets purchased last month form DFW to ABQ and saved 1,380 points and $23 each on two separate tickets, but had to call, because it would not allow me to do it on line with the points purchase. I thought it was strange that all flights were the same point value. I will have to go back and do the math to make sure it all worked out. I love this feature with Southwest!

  3. I was just working on changing all four of us for a flight in January. This is the first time I did it and it was pretty easy. I just clicked on “change” and then selected the exact same flight, but it applied the larger amount of previous points (and $2.50 in taxes) and refunded me the difference. I was working my way one at a time through all four of us in the itinerary (I don’t think you can change all four at once), but by the time I got to the last one the price had gone back up to the original price I booked them at. So, I saved 1800 x 3 RR points, but I’m surprised that the price changed before I could finish the fourth.

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