United MileagePlus Shopping Sears 16x Posting Update

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Hi from the Chicago Seminars (where miles and points junkies come to learn about all things related to miles, points, airline programs, etc)!  I’m going to be away from the computer much of the weekend due to presenting, learning, and just hanging out at the Chicago Seminars, but I wanted to drop a quick note to say that my Sears purchases made during the United 16x (that stacked with the Freedom 5x) promo from earlier this week have started posting in my United MileagePlus Shopping account.

When I made my purchases on 10/8 it expressly stated that gift cards were included, though in subsequent days that changed to no mention of gift cards in the terms, all the way to it now saying that gift cards are excluded (quick spike in gift card orders?!).

Sears 16x Mommy PointsI only bought one $50 e-gift card, but it did indeed earn 800 MileagePlus miles shown below.  Another order of mine has posted too, but that amount appears to be just a part of a larger order, so it will likely be a few more days before I know how it all has posted.  I can absolutely report that I did earn miles for my e-gift card purchase, which is great!  I didn’t go in heavy on the gift cards, but I know many others did.

Sears 16x

Are your Sears orders starting to post?  What do they look like so far?

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  1. 16x United miles posted for both e-gift and physical gift card purchases during “gift cards valid from 10/4” period- various denominations. Nothing posted yet for merchandise purchases or for e-gift/physical gift card redemptions, all purchased/redeemed during the “gift card valid message-disappearance” period.

  2. My purchase of an item and a separate purchase of an e-gift card are both posted to the shopping account – but not to the miles account yet.

  3. I received my 16x for a $50 e-gift card that I purchased on 10/9. I ended up purchasing another $2500 on that same day with some HIGCs that I had to buy a W/D that I’ve been waiting to buy. I hope that they rest of them come through, too!

  4. I had 3 transactions on 10/9…and oddly enough, only the LAST one has posted ($269 order). My other $1070 order for merchandise didn’t post, neither has my $1500 gift card order yet. I definitely ordered before they changed the language and have the screen shots to prove it.

  5. I did 12 transactions 10/9: 1 eGC and 1 physical GC early in the day, then 10 Print GCs later in the day. The 10 Print GCs didn’t process till 10/11. I called the fraud line after placing the orders, then I talked to customer service the next day when they said all would process same day but didn’t. Nothing on the shopping site. I’m not holding my breath.

  6. I ordered after they changed the language, but still posted a 200 egc order on 10/10/ I ordered tires ($702) on 10/9 and that one hasn’t posted. I’d rather it were the other way around.

  7. Miles at 16x posted for my fridge water filter I purchased, but my ipad mini and accessories from marketplace sellers with “add to cart” have not posted yet. Strange because I ordered those before the water filter.

    • Scott–anyone
      the miles posted where? on your UA mileage acct ?

      or you see them listed on your united shopping mall and not sent over to UA

      I too ordered E. GC , did when t/c said GC ok , not posted yet!

      if I and others did not have so many problems with untd mall in past , I would not be concerned

  8. Stan, the miles are showing in my “shopping account” on the United MileagePlus website. They are not yet in my United account.

  9. I bought 8 orders of $50 Sears e-gift cards on Wednesday 10/8, then used those gift cards to make 2 purchases a few hours later. My points for those 2 purchases posted last night, but nothing for the e-gift cards. I placed my order for the cards in the late afternoon; I think this was right before the wording on the portal was changed.

  10. I got a $350 e-card on 10/9, and used it for a purchase the same day. Both sets of bonus points are showing up in my shopping account, but not in my mileage plus account yet.

  11. I placed an order of 19 x $100 plastic GCs on my UA Biz card and then 1x $500 plus 15 x$100
    GCs for a $2k total on my UA MPE personal

    Almost all were the sears starburst cards and I received two confirms at 349 PM Oct 9th and 439 PM respectively .

    I called the security line after each order, and the second time she said I see you have been busy shopping.

    Both charges went from pending to posted and I have received shipping confirmation emails dated 10/10 at 909 PM for both via USPS. The shipping numbers can’t be tracked and bring me to a ” file or page requested not found error ”

    My main concern is receipt says thanks for shopping at Sear.com but the breakdown of cards shipped says ” sold by Kmart”

    There is a email address of an Imran at customer service at Sears . Should I email him ?

  12. how does one redeem these? is there a thread somewhere i should be reading. i’m familiar with gc and vr’s via bluebird, but the sears ones escape me. thx

  13. Purchased $2300 worth of GC’s and none have posted yet.
    Called security, verified order the same day, as long as the order
    was placed before they did the bait and switch arruu routine, you
    will be good. I too took a screen shot the day i placed the orders
    as i knew they may try and wiggle out. I suspect someone screwed up
    with that 16 miles gift cards valid deal, but what can they do,
    they have to honor them. As of this posting Friday 18th nothing has
    shown up in my account.

      • My larger orders still having posted either. That seems to be the norm with Sears. I think we have to all be a bit more patient…which is not fun.

      • The history of the UA mall is SLIMY, only way to get what they promised is to keep this thread alive so know if they are honoring as the t/c or enforcing another t/c that we did not purchase under

        if anyone knows of a thread on FT on the 16pt sears —-please post a link

  14. Update for 10/20. ALL transactions have posted. This includes $1500 in e-gift cards, as well as 2 transactions for Google Nexus 7 tablets (5 total). Also positive is that I’ve already sold and shipped all 5 Nexus 7″ tablets through Amazon…thus I’m DONE. Final tally = 53,100 points for $238 in losses. 0.448 cents/pt. I can also think of it as a one way business class ticket on United for $238. Not too shabby, huh?

  15. My e-gift card purchases posted. Did 3 $500 transactions. 24k miles posted today. Will use the gift cards the next time they have a mega bonus as I didn’t have the time to shop the last time unfortunately. We need a new mattress and a new PC so I have plenty of time to do some research and make sure I don’t buy anything that is overpriced.

    Best of luck everyone!

  16. another weeks gone by, still nothing showed up, looks like i’ll be fighting Cartera again for missing miles.

    Im a glut for punishment so got in on the Landsend deal yesterday too where they were giving 8 miles per $, lets see if they post any time soon

  17. Sears gift card exclusions —- This is why you need to keep quiet and enjoy the deal without blurting it to the entire world.

  18. I ordered $9500 worth of gc nothing posted. I emailed them numerous times with a copy of my receipt with no reply.

    As well as it seems there is no contact number to them, you must leave a message and they call you back.

    Any ideas?

  19. Gift cards were clearly allowed and it clearly stated “Gift Cards eligible as of Oct 4th”. I took screen shots of the date and time i purchased, my orders all went in Oct. 9th, i received emails from sears with confirmations. The orders were placed between 11 am & 2pm est. They “sears” finished the orders to ship Oct 10th, that is irrelevant though as long as the order is placed before 11:59 pm est i was good.

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