5 Reasons to Consider Buying US Airways Miles By Tomorrow

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Tomorrow (Tuesday October 15th) is the deadline to essential buy US Airways miles at 1.135 cents per mile via their 100% bonus share miles promo.  Even if you don’t normally participate in promotions to buy miles, this is still one to think about since it is the lowest price I have seen come around for US Airways miles, and if the potential merger with American Airlines gains steam again then it could be the last time we see these miles for this low of a price.

US Airways Share Promo

Sometimes families need more miles at one time then you can easily get via credit cards or similar earning methods, so with this promo you can potentially beef up your account to the level needed for the awards you want.  This promotion requires a little bit more of a process than just making the purchase since you get the deal when you share miles with a friend for family member.  Here are the details:

For a limited time, when you share miles, the recipient will get a 100% bonus – up to 50,000 miles. Just share your miles by October 15, 2013.  Share miles from October 1 to October 15, 2013 and your friend or family member will get 100% MORE in bonus miles – up to ​50,000 miles.

  • Share 10,000 miles, give 20,000 miles
  • Share 30,000 miles, give 60,000 miles
  • Share 50,000 miles, give 100,000 miles

For example, if I shared 50,000 miles with my husband’s US Airways account, then he receive not only the 50,000 I transferred to him, but a 50,000 mile bonus for a total of 100,000 miles. I would be left with 50,000 fewer miles than I had before.  Of course, he could then share back with me.  I have never had a problem doing it that way, but some like to go through a third account instead of just back and forth.  I would then get the 50,000 back I just transferred, plus an additional 50,000 from the share miles promo.  The cost to make each one of these 50,000 mile transfers would come to $567.50 including all taxes and fees.  That means that those bonus 50,000 miles are basically coming at a cost of 1.135 cents each.  I think that is a very good value, but how good of a deal it is for you depends on a variety of factors, most importantly how and when you plan to redeem.  Here are five good redemptions that make it worth doing today, and a few reasons that may make it not such a great deal in some cases.

Five Reasons to Buy US Airways Miles Today:
  • Domestic round trip coach ticket of 25,000 miles for $275 at 1.135 cents per mile.   You can fly round trip in the lower 48, Alaska, and Canada for 25,000 miles at the saver level.  You aren’t just limited to US availability, but can take advantage of partner availability on United as well.  However, if you can find availability at the lower level with US Airways operated flights, and have the US Airways credit card, then you only need 20,000 miles per round trip which essentially comes to just $227 per round trip (plus taxes, fees, etc).  These prices aren’t amazing, but are lower than the average going rates on many routes.
  • Round trip economy ticket to Europe during the off-peak time-frame for 30,000 miles, which comes to as low as $340 in purchased miles + taxes/fees.  If you don’t have the US Airways card, it will be 35k miles, but either way this is a tremendous deal for a flight to Europe!  You do have to fly on US Airways operated flights for this deal, and fly during the off-peak time of January 15 – February 28.
  • Round trip business class to Australia for 110,000 miles, which comes to $1,248.  Of course you can’t actually purchase 110,000 miles in one account during this promo, but if you could at this price it is the equivalent of getting a business class round trip ticket to Australia for just $1,248.  Obviously that is a lot of money, but way cheaper than buying that ticket outright.
  • Round trip business class to North Asia with a stop in Europe for 90,000 miles, which comes to $1012 and gets you to both Europe and North Asia in comfort!  Probably cheaper than buying a coach ticket, but you get business class.
  • Move miles around, get closer to award threshold, clear out accounts, and more!  For families with multiple accounts in play, this deal can be a good way to move miles out of one account and into another in order to get closer to an award threshold.  Ideally you would already have some miles in various accounts, so this deal can get you over the number needed to make the redemption(s) you are after while clearing miles out of accounts that you don’t use as frequently.

Three Reasons Not to Buy Miles:

  • You simply don’t have the available cash right now.  No matter how good the deal, if you don’t have the available cash in your budget right now then it doesn’t matter.  Don’t put your family in a tight financial position just to jump on a good deal.  Pass on the deal and focus on the less expensive ways to get miles (ahem, credit cards).
  • You don’t have plans to redeem in the near or mid-term future.  If you don’t have any plans, or even potential plans, to redeem the miles in the next year or so then I would pass at is is totally possible the award chart can change and the miles are devalued to a point where this wasn’t as good of a deal as it may seem right now.
  • You would rather earn your miles without spending cash.  A third reason to not buy miles is if you simply prefer to just earn miles without having to really pay for them.  Of course, you could argue that because of the opportunity cost of not earning cash-back, that you are buying them by using rewards credit cards for purchases, but that’s a story for another day.

Here are a few terms to be aware of:

  • Please note that Dividend Miles accounts less than 12 days old are not permitted to Buy, Share or Gift miles
  • Offer valid for Share miles transactions made between September ​30​, 2013 00:00:01 PT and October 15, 2013 23:59:59 PT.
  • Members may receive a maximum of ​ ​50,000 bonus miles during the offer period.
  • This bonus is only applicable for Share Miles and the offer does not apply to Buy or Gift Miles transactions. Bonus miles will be awarded to the recipient of the Share. Offer is subject to change.
  • Only purchases made online are eligible. All US Airways Dividend Miles terms and conditions apply. Visit usairways.com/dividendmiles for details.
  • Transactions are executed by points.com and not US Airways itself, so don’t worry about using a credit card that pays a bonus on airfare.

Are you buying miles via the share program by tomorrow?  If so, what are your plans for the miles?

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  1. I did this last year for x4 used for bus class to Japan. It was a great deal. Didn’t have any plans this time around so I only did x1 and will take a chance that the merger won’t happen and the share promo will come around next year and I can go ahead and stock up the rest of the family.

  2. keep in mind that unlike others, usairways charges fees for booking award reservation online or on phone from 35$ to $75. it is a rip off.

  3. if my sister has 58k miles, she can only transfer up to 50k right? transferring 25k to me & 25k to wife’s account will cost her more in fees?
    My sister has 58,049 miles, I have 64,203 miles, wife has 58,571 miles.
    They think I can have all their miles.

  4. I was all set to pay the full $1,135 for 100,000 bonus miles until the 60,000 mile bonus Citi Aadvantage Executive Card offer. I can obtain 60,000 Aadvantage miles for 0.8 cents per mile via the $495 annual fee vs 1.135 cpm for direct purchase of US miles. I gain an Admiral’s club membership which is useful because I live in Dallas and I also value Aadvantage miles over US miles. I still might top up my US miles account with a 40,000 miles purchase.

  5. Thanks for this great summary and reminder. I’ve seen the admonition “we’re due for a devaluation” in a few places, but this seems to me not a real reason to avoid buying US miles at 1.13 cpm. How much would the award chart have to devalue for this to be a bad deal? 25%? 50%? 100%? At 50% I’d likely still be a buyer. $1550 or so for business class to Asia would still be a very good deal.

  6. Posting this question here since I never received a response when it it was posted, but really need an answer.

    I was targeted for 50% back on US Airways miles redeemed by Nov 30 for travel through Mar 31, and booked 2 United tickets today for 25,000 each, so I should get back 25,000 after our flights in February. My question is, the offer is tied to my Barclays card, which is up for renewal in a month. What happens if I cancel my card? Do I have to keep the card and pay the Your original post – http://mommypoints.boardingarea.com/2013/10/02/europe-as-low-as-15k-us-airways-miles-round-trip-with-targeted-promo

  7. -To my knowledge the restriction is on how many you can receive and get the 100% bonus. I haven’t noticed a max on transferring out.
    -I think the devaluation piece is important because if/when it happens I have a feeling that some sweet-er spots on the award chart may change a lot more than others, so it really just depends on how you were planning to redeem.
    -Joe, my guess based on the terms is yes you have to still have the card to get the miles back.

  8. I dont have much points on US Airways. Is the promo still good if I purchase 50,000 points from US Airways and share it with a family member?

    • You wouldn’t get the bonus on the purchased miles, only once you share them so doesn’t really work well if you don’t have access to an account that already has miles in it

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