Most Lucrative Rental Car Promo: National One Two Free

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I’ll admit that I’m primarily a Hertz girl (mostly just out of habit, but I also get great value from the points), but there is no question that the National One Two Free promo that has been going on since September is the most lucrative current promo for earning free car rental days.  I have mentioned it before, but realized that I haven’t dedicated a post to describing how easy it can be to rack up some free National rentals using this promo.

National Promo

Earning bonus points by renting cars:

The promotion this year is points based, so you need to get to 600 points to get a free day via this promo.  You also still earn your normal points for National rentals separate from the One Two Free promo points.  You will receive 300 points per qualifying rental of two days or longer or 300 points every four consecutive rental days, whichever is greater.  A qualifying rental is the paid rental, via the Emerald Club, of a midsize or larger vehicle at participating National Car Rental locations in the 50 United States, including the District of Columbia, for a period of two or more consecutive days during the promotion.  As an example, a rental lasting two days = 300 points and a rental lasting eight days = 600 points. A long-term rental of 24 days will receive 1,800 points.  Points will be awarded for each qualifying rental made after the date on which the member registered and which occurs from September 9, 2013, through January 31, 2014.  Though I haven’t found it in the terms, it seems that Enterprise car rentals are counting for 200 points, and Enterprise rentals can be quite inexpensive!

Earn bonus points without even renting cars:

One of the cool things about One, Two, Free is that you can earn some points without even renting a car.  Here are some ways to do that.

  • 300 points for each friend he/she refers who successfully enrolls in One Two Free and completes a qualifying rental by January 31, 2014. Earn up to 3,000 bonus points via this method.
  • 75 points for renting via the mobile app
  • 25 points for downloading the mobile app
  • 50 points for connecting Facebook and One Two Free accounts
  • 50 points for receiving membership kits electronically

There are also some extra ways to earn points when you rent such as 200 bonus points if you rent for a week or more.

Redeeming free days:

Once you earn 600 points, a coupon will automatically be generated within 48 hours and will be displayed on your My Activity page.  Coupons associated with the One Two Free promotion will expire on June 17, 2014.

Earning a free day after every two rentals (two days or longer) is pretty great and absolutely better than any other car rental promo that is out there right now.  If you can refer some friends, family members, or coworkers to make some car rentals via this promo then you can even rack up free rentals without having to rent yourself.  I’m not going to put my own referral link in the post, but feel free to put yours in the comments section!

Have you been taking advantage of One Two Free for your car rentals?  If you had some rentals you needed to make anyway, I could see this being pretty fun and very lucrative!  Earn rentals for making car rentals you needed anyway, and redeem them when cars would otherwise be rather expensive.

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  1. I’m not sure if it will work, but I’d love to give my
    referral link: Check out National Car Rental’s ONE TWO FREE(R)
    promo 9/9-1/31. Get 1 Free Rental Day with every 600pts earned.
    Folks, the Emerald Club is the single best loyalty program in the
    travel industry. Sorry MommyPoints, but you are CRAZY to rent from
    Hertz. Hertz cars are WAY worse than what you get picking your own
    car from the Emerald Aisle (just join for free and reserve a
    midsize). And the Emerald Club loyalty program is far more
    generous. You get a free day for every seven rentals, and you earn
    faster free days if you keep the car longer or have more rentals
    (like you move up to the Executive level). And, yes, you can use
    those free days for expensive one way rentals. So you can earn free
    days on cheap rentals (like on the weekend) and use them to pay for
    expensive rentals (like one-ways). And with the one-two-free promo,
    you get to double dip: a free day for every two two-day rentals,
    along with another free day for every 7 rentals (or less). Sorry,
    KBR, you can’t use your Alamo certs with National because while
    both companies are owned by the same corporation, their rates and
    programs are separate (even though they sometimes share staff and
    cars). But those Alamo certs are still useful; sometimes Alamo is
    significantly cheaper than National, particularly with mid-week

  2. iahphx, ha ha. You may well be right though I have generally had good experience with Hertz which is more than I can say for back in the day when I just went exclusively with whoever was cheapest. If I need to rent during this promo I will likely give National a try.

  3. Mommypoints — I GUARANTEE that if you sign up with the Emerald Club, you’ll rarely (if ever) rent from Hertz again. It’s like night and day: National is MUCH better than Hertz. Better cars, better service, better rewards and better rates (usually).

    And if you’re willing to take a few minutes to fiddle with the codes (there’s a good Flyertalk thread on this) you can usually get a very competitive rate with National. And even if the rate is a couple dollars higher, the loyalty bonus is worth about $20/rental now, so it generally works out to be cheaper. And it is so convenient. Try it. As I said, I guarantee you’ll like them. They are my favorite travel provider.

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