Earn up to 1,500 Bonus United Miles Via MileagePlus Shopping (Targeted)

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The last month or so has been pretty lucrative in the online shopping portal world, which is quite exciting for online shopping families like mine!  Today United has a new apparently targeted MileagePlus Shopping bonus that awards up to 1,500 United miles for making some purchases via their online shopping portal.  As to whether it will work or not via the link if you aren’t actually targeted, I can’t say for sure.

United promo

To qualify for the first 500 bonus mile offer, you must make a single purchase of $25 or more with any MileagePlus Shopping online retailer. To qualify for the additional 1,000 bonus miles, you must make two additional purchases with any participating online retailer, for a cumulative amount of $50 or more.  You have from 10/22/13 (today) – 11/11/13 to make the qualifying purchases, so that should be super easy for most of us who shop online.  Remember, you can even buy things like toothpaste, toothbruses, etc from Walmart.com with in-store pick-up to qualify.  In other words, you don’t have to buy anything beyond what you would normally buy in the next few weeks, you just need to be more strategic about how you do it.

Here are a few additional terms: The maximum number of bonus miles that can be awarded to each qualifying member through this promotion is 1,500 bonus miles with at least 3 purchases and a total spend of $75 through MileagePlus Shopping. This bonus offer is only available for members who received an email from MileagePlus Shopping. Returns, shipping, taxes, gift card purchases, and certain products are not eligible for bonus; please see site for details on any coupon code details or usage restrictions. Please allow 8-10 weeks for bonus miles to post to your account.

If you are looking to take advantage of this bonus, here are a few retailers with pretty good payouts via the United MileagePlus portal.  Note that the highest payouts are only available to those who have co-branded United cards.

Shoes.com: 21 miles per dollar through 10/28/13
OfficeMax.com 8 miles per dollar through 10/25/13
LandsEnd.com 8 miles per dollar
Kmart.com 4 miles per dollar

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  1. I’ve received several of these Cartera bonus offers in the
    past, and I’ve always clicked through the emails and made the
    required purchases. Never, ever, not once, either through
    MileagePlusShopping or AAdvantageEshopping, has the bonus posted.
    When I’ve had the time, I’ve complained and waited and complained
    some more and waited some more, and eventually, after a period of
    months and many email exchanges, the points will post. But people
    should know that, at least if my experience is any indication,
    trying to get these bonus miles will require significant effort
    over a period of months.

    • Andrew, yuck! My batting average with these isn’t perfect, but it is infinitely better than yours it sounds. Glad you get your points in the end though.

  2. When my miles didn’t post, I once sent a note by snail mail to their center in Rapid City, SD (at the address shown in the email offering the bonus miles); they emailed a response and the miles were deposited right away.

  3. I did this promo last Christmas through United MileagePlus Shopping Portal. I purchased $50 shoes from JC Penney after Thanksgiving and my bonus miles posted on 02/20/13…so about 3 months later.

  4. Wow, doesn’t sound like its worth your /our time if we have to fight to get the miles posted.
    That’s not fun wt will. Hopefully United follows your blog and can correct this.

  5. Regarding exclusion of Gift card purchases, i know buying them doesn’t count. would I get miles if I make purchases with a gift cards? Need to get rid of the ones from aa mall bonus promo.

  6. Catera is not reliable like Chase UR mall. Their customer service won’t answer any email I sent them for 3 transactions that never posted. I wouls stay away from Catera.

  7. I made a purchase on 9/11/13 to take advantage of AA
    Shopping’s 2000 point bonus (I was not targeted but used FM’s link)
    and no bonus points for me thus far. I got the points for the
    actual purchase about a week after my transaction.

  8. My bonus points from this offer posted as of 24 Dec. Both the 500 and 1000 miles entries were listed as “MP Shopping October Bonus”.

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