US Bank FlexPerks Card Promos Keep Coming!

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The US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa Signature is the card that keeps on rolling out some pretty decent promos in the last few months!  First, there was a 3,500 point bonus for spending $50 at Neiman Marcus, then I was targeted for another 3,500 bonus points by spending $750 on the card in September and October, and now my account has yet another promo for 2,000 bonus points if I spend $1,250 on the card from November 1–December 31, 2013.  You can check your eligibility for promos by going to the promos site.  From what I can tell from reading online, it seems others are having similar experiences with offers on this card.
FlexPerks Promo
Assuming that I complete all the promos, that is 9,000 bonus points worth up to $180 toward airfare in the last 6 months or so for virtually no work on my part.  That is on top of all the regular points I earn on the card.  These promos have been consistent enough over the past year that I am keeping this card beyond the first fee-free year even though that wasn’t necessarily my initial plan.  If you aren’t familiar with this card, the sign-up bonus is 20,000 FlexPoints after the first $3,500 in spending in the first 4 months  There is an introductory fee of $0 in the first year, and then $49 in subsequent years.
In addition to the promos, I use this card for all of my grocery purchases as it earns 2x in that category (2x on gas, grocery, or airline purchases – whichever you use it for the most in a month).   Since the points are worth close to 2 cents each, that means I am earning close to 4 cents in value for every dollar I spend on groceries.  I also use this card for all my charitable donations, including Kiva loans, as it earns 3x on those expenses.
With FlexPerks points, the trick is to redeem them when your airline ticket is just below one of the redemption thresholds of $400, $600, $800, etc.  For example, a $250 airline ticket would cost 20,000 points and a $399 ticket would cost 20,000 points.

I love it when a rewards credit card becomes even more valuable then I expected, and so far the FlexPerks Visa has been a very pleasant and rewarding surprise in my rewards card collection!  If you have this card, were you also recently targeted for some of these promos?


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  1. Can you use the points to book a hotel as well, meaning for a $400 hotel bill, use 20,000 points, as it’s much easier to get the hotel price closer to where your points are, than it is to get an airline fare. You can change the number of nights in the reservation, and there are usually more hotel options than airfare options. I applied for the card using your link.

  2. Mark, thanks for your support! When I look at hotels, a $400 hotel is 30,000 points so the return doesn’t seem as good. Honestly, I can’t quite tell what the point redemption structure is exactly for hotels but I can tell it is worse than for airlines…at least in my account.
    Elena, interesting. I hadn’t heard any update.
    trajan81, I think ThankYou points are complicated! This is actually pretty simple, I think, but perhaps there is a small learning curve at first.

  3. No dice here. Then again, I’ve bought over 6 figures of groceries this year so perhaps they don’t feel I need any more spend incentives.

    • HikerT, yeah I guess there isn’t much reason to encourage you to use the card. Sounds like you have a family who is very hungry…for little plastic cards. 😉

    • Smitty, it was 17,500 until a couple months ago. They did a larger sign-up for Denver folks based on the Broncos last year and for everyone during the 2012 Olympics.

  4. Aha. I just checked and I too have the 3500 for $750 spend Sept – Oct. Cool. They’re really trying to get a share of the spend…

  5. This card is one of the worse cards out there, mainly because US Bank is horrific to deal with. They closed my account with 21,000 points because it was not used for 12 months, no chance of getting points back. They provided no notice, just cancelled card and confiscated points…BEWARE

  6. the only problem is if the tkt costs $400.40 like 1 I was eyeing it requires 30k in Flex pts and not 20k.The 20k is good up to $399.99 At least with TY you can use pts and cash as you can with Barclays Arrival.If the tkt is $301 it still costs you 20k with Flex.

    That said it still is a decent CC as long as you use it for only 1 of the 2x items and nothing else , since then youd earn only max 1% instead of 2%

  7. Hi MP,

    Disregarding the sign up bonus, I’m wondering which you think is a better card for fixed value travel — the Barclays or Flex Perks? How would you advise each be used (ie. for everyday spend or for category bonuses only)? Lastly, do you see them re-running the Olympics sign up bonus for the winter 2014 games?

    Thnx for a great post!

  8. What does that mean that you can’t transfer points to other cards? It looks like you can still pool your points under a household account, is that right? I just spent $1500 to get 3500 points in Sept/Oct and my new offer is 2500 point for $2k spend in Nov/Dec. I got in on the olympic deal and I’m up to 55k points, mostly on charitable donations and grocery. If my wife gets the card, I’ll shoot for 90k household points, then we can get three $600 tickets to go somewhere with our daughter and son (who can be a lap child for another year).

    • Paul, I’m going to be looking closer into what you still can and can’t do soon. I’ve been traveling and hadn’t heard anything official from US Bank so I need to do some research.

  9. This is unpleasant news, to say the least! I too don’t recall seeing any communication about this change. Any update on the situation with the household accounts, mommypoints?

  10. braffy, I just looked in my account and don’t see any changed terms relating to transferring points. That said, I’ve never done it myself, so I can’t tell you if the process has changed, but it is still permissible via the terms and the FAQs.

  11. Thanks MP,
    Do your comments refer specifically to the household accounts? Or were there also no changes to the general T&C? If the latter, I wonder if we might be able to request transfers manually until such time that they do getting around to making that change?

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