Easily See Where You Are and Aren’t Earning 2x on the Sapphire Preferred!

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Like many of you, I love to see my points earning strategies pay off in black and white, so this new feature on the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card that allows you to quickly and easily tell if a dining or travel expense paid at 2x Ultimate Reward points is awesome…and a little addictive if I do say so myself.

You can now go to your online account and click the blue box next to a transaction to see how many points you earned for that transaction.

Points Tracker Mommy PointsJust click the blue box that I circled above and quickly see all the points you earned for that transaction!

Sapphire Preferred Points Mommy Points

I just went back through months of statements online to see if all travel (hotel, airline, subway, taxi, rental car, etc) expenses were paying out at 2x, and to see if all restaurant charges were paying out at 2x.  It will even tell you if your “First Friday” restaurant charges are paying off at 3x!

Here’s a spot check on how things looked in my account…

Food/drinks at a football game counted as dining for 2x.

Football Concession Mommy Points

Cab ride counted as travel for 2x.

Sapphire Taxi Mommy Points

Very expensive First Friday 5th anniversary counted at 3x!

Anniversary Restaurant Mommy Points

Starbucks in Vegas rang in at 2x for dining.

Starbucks Points Mommy Points

Dinner and drinks at a movie theater that serves food only counted at 1x even though it really was dining.  This has to do with how the business is coded with Chase.

Cinema Grill Mommy Points

I also saw some transactions at a juice/smoothie store that didn’t code as dining, but for the most part about 98% of transactions that should have been dining or travel indeed counted that way!  As a busy mom, there is no chance that I will ever go through a statement and do the math with lots of little transactions to make sure they all paid out correctly, however I will absolutely take a look online when all I have to do is click a box.

It would not surprise me if this feature made its way to the Freedom and Ink Bold/Ink Plus cards, and that would be a very helpful way to track those 5x bonuses!  Thumbs up to Chase for making life a little easier for us point-a-holics!

Do you see yourself using a feature like this to track your Ultimate Reward points?  Thanks to the Hustle Blog for sharing news of this feature!

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  1. Maury, sometimes it sure seems that way, though the only big expense on here (other than potentially taking friends to a movie) is a 5th anniversary dinner, which I think is pretty justified. 😉

  2. Seeing this on my account and being waaayyy too excited about it is one of those moments that affirms that I’m a points geek (points addict?…nah). I’m waiting for a charge to go through to see if it also shows bonuses from the UR mall. It was also reassuring to see that most of my spending has been in travel and dining.

  3. How do fractional points work if my account only always show my points balance in whole points? Do they round? If so, do they round each transaction individually or add up all your points and then round at the end?

  4. I agree with GeekAbroad that I would like to see this with the UR mall although I doubt that will happen since it is a completely different system. Buying something from Kohl’s this quarter I don’t know whether to use CSP or Freedom. Freedom gives 5 extra points per dollar but if something goes wrong having to talk to someone on the subcontinent who is not authorized to do a courtesy adjustment is terrible.

  5. I agree – very nice feature. I had noticed that I was not receiving credit for Groupons, but it was good to be able to go back and confirm. Chase Sapphire is now reviewing all of my groupon purchases over the last year because none were credited.

    And I would say I was doing something wrong, except I received Groupon credit twice on my Freedom card.

  6. Great post of very useful tool………

    Chase team is inside frequent flyers head and it really shows up in their products…………one can only hope as USAir team takes over AA that they will kick Citi into shape and provide “real” Competition to the market.

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