Hyatt Gold Passport Redemption Rates for New All-Inclusive Properties!

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First, Happy Halloween!  I made an epic parenting mistake this morning by getting my kid so excited it was Halloween when she woke up only to have to deal with the epic meltdown when she realized she had to get through a whole day first before the real fun began tonight.  Oops.  Who knew that almost four year olds didn’t already know that trick-or-treating was a nighttime activity?!  Let’s see if I can get back today back in the win column by bringing you some redemption rates for the soon to open Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos (family all-inclusive resort) and the Hyatt Zilara Cancun (adults only all-inclusive).

Hyatt All-Inclusive

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

I posted details about these two resorts last week, but the main detail everyone wanted to know, how many Hyatt Gold Passport points the resorts would cost per night, wasn’t yet available.  I thought November 1 would be the date we would find out since that is when I was told (and the websites stated) that you would be able to book Hyatt Gold Passport awards at the Cancun property.  I was told that the properties would be on their own version of an award chart, and not fit into the existing award chart that tops out at 22,000 points per night for top end Hyatt hotels and resorts.  That kind of makes sense since all-inclusive is brand new to the Hyatt brand.  I’d certainly rather that than see existing properties sneak up to a new (higher) award chart level.  They are indeed on their own version of award chart, and here is how much I have been told they will cost.

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos (family all-inclusive resort): 20,000 Gold Passport points per night for double occupancy + an additional 10,000 points per person, per night over 2 persons

Hyatt Zilara Cancun (adults only all-inclusive): 25,000 Gold Passport points per night for double occupancy + an additional 12,500 per extra person, per night over 2 persons.

Remember that that is not just for the room, but it will cover drinks, meals, and activities at the resorts.  There are always some things at all-inclusives that can be an additional charge, but more or less you can now easily budget a pretty full family vacation (or adult getaway) using Hyatt points or Chase Ultimate Reward points transferred into Hyatt!  I was a little worried that the points rate would fluctuate based on the occupancy level of the room (just as cash rates at all-inclusive do), but was told by the Gold Passport Concierge on Flyertalk that “The occupancy level does not effect the cost of points per night but can effect availability.”  Update: I was initially told that occupancy levels would not impact the award pricing, but it turns out my fear was accurate as I am now being told that occupancy level will impact award levels.  This isn’t a huge issue at the Zilara property as I assume most would only have two adults in the room, but for the Ziva property where there will be families this is a big issue since additional kids will also be charged at 10k points per night beyond 2 persons per room.

At least one person on Flyertalk has already made an award reservation at the Cancun property, even though you can’t yet do that online.  You can PM the Hyatt GoldPassport Conceirge on Flyertalk if you need help making an award redemption, or perhaps it is now possible over the phone as well.

There is still some to learn about these properties, but at least this big part of the mystery is now revealed!  I’ll share more details if/when they come online.

What do you think about the Gold Passport rates?  Will you be using points to stay at one of these resorts?

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  1. I am happy with these rates and will be booking a stay. There is just something fantastic about being able to have an all-inclusive experience with points.

  2. Lynn, my guess is whatever the room occupancy limits are will dictate how many you can have on points. I haven’t played with it enough yet to know for sure.
    Kayla, I totally agree!
    Gretchen, I haven’t heard an answer on that yet, but will try to find out.

  3. These rates seem very good. Shhhhh, don’t tell Hyatt.
    I find their values(points vs dollars) to be by far the best use of UR’s.
    The only downside to these point values is that they appear to be above a CAT 4. As such, no go on free night with cc renewal.

    • Geoff, agree that the rates seem fair…which is what I would expect from Hyatt! I think this will be one of the best uses, perhaps not on paper as you may get a higher return per point at a few of the Cat 6 Park Hyatts, but in practice this is going to be a fantastic deal closer to home for many US families and couples!

  4. Wow, that is really a steal. I have never had any interest in going to Cancun for a vaca, but with over 400,000 UR points, I just might reconsider for next year!

  5. My husband recently got the Hyatt card and will be receiving the 2 night certificates for the minimum spend. The terms say that these certificates are valid at any hotel or resort world wide. The Anniversary Free nights are for Category 1-4. So, if I am understand correctly, we could possibly use the 2 nights that we will be receiving for a trip to this resort and then use our hyatt points/UR points transferred to hyatt for any additional nights. Thanks for clarifying. Also, I have never been to an all inclusive. Is everything really all inclusive? What can I expect not to be included? Thanks.

  6. I would rather spend 12,000 Hyatt Gold passport points a night to get a suite at the Hyatt Regency Cancun (lounge access included).

  7. Rates for all-inclusive in Cancun are very reasonable. It’ll be interesting to see the published rates…..will we get at least 2 cents per point?

  8. I’m not happy to see the 22,000 points line crossed. That doesn’t bode well for future devaluation. A room at Park Hyatt Tokyo for 22,000 points is a WAY better deal than 25,00 points for the Hyatt Zilara Cancun.

  9. @Andrew — For the dates I checked in June 2014, the Hyatt Daily Rate at the Zilara Cancun is 424 USD, so you are only getting 1.7 c per point. Not a good use a of Hyatt points in my book. Perhaps using points will make more sense during peak season?

  10. @Geoff — For Diamond members, the PH Tokyo provides full breakfast each day for up to 4 guests in-room or in-restaurant, plus free alcohol in their famous New York Bar for two hours each evening. Not exactly the same as all inclusive, but still pretty generous!

  11. I am just not sure I get the logic. The hotel is pretty reasonable for an AI in Cancun (not the cheapest and not the most luxe either), but they are assigning a high points redemption than the much more expensive PHs. And we cannot say the higher points redemption reflects the new board packages; food and drink averages should be reflected in the cash price, which are still lower than the haute hotels.

    Let’s try this line of thought then: Maybe we are warped in the Points and Miles community into thinking tons and tons of people redeem nights at the oversees luxury Hyatts. Perhaps Hyatt understands that many more folks will redeem points for these nearer properties and that some will pack 4 people into one room, whereas the European hotels often cut occupancy to 2. Anyone thinking the same thing?

  12. @Gene, I thought the same thing. Any indication that other properties will begin to move up to that 25,000 mark? Living in Austin, I may be tempted to go to Cancun now. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I reached out to Gold Passport Concierge on Flyertalk to ask how occupancy affects award pricing:

    “Standard rooms allow for a max of 4 people at Hyatt Zilara Cancun. There are additional points required if you have more than 2 people in the room. It is 25,000 points per night for up to 2 people. Any additional people will require an additional 12,500 per person, per night. At Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, you can have a maximum of 3 adults in the traditional room, or up to 4 people if one or more of them are children. It would be 20,000 points per night for up to 2 people and an additional 10,000 points per extra person, per night.”

  14. Dave, very interesting. I was told the opposite today by the same person when I asked the same question. Of course, I certainly wouldn’t want more than 2 per room at the Hyatt Zilara, but it could impact families at the Los Cabos. I’m going to try to dig deeper now…

    • Dave and all, now there is a different Gold Passport Concierge answering questions from this morning and the story has indeed changed…for the worse. The post is updated accordingly, but as I feared, the points price does depend on occupancy. The stated rates are for double occupancy, but there are additional charges per person beyond 2 in the room. This means that families going to the Los Cabos property just had the deal get worse. I totally expected there to be a tie-in to occupancy, but think it is a shame that a family property set the standard occupancy points level at 2. That makes more sense for the adult property.

  15. So we are talking about 40k per night per room for a family of two adults and 2 children at the Cabos resort? If this is correct, then this is insane!

    • Maury, I agree. Keep in mind now that both the old info and the new info are from Hyatt spokespeople on FT and not a press release or similar from Hyatt, though sadly I think the second answer may be the correct one…and that very much changes the value proposition at that property. Frankly, assuming this is the actual policy, I think that is a real mistake at a family friendly property where many will have 3 or 4 persons in the room, including children.

  16. Any word on whether the 2 free nights with the Hyatt Card can be used here? I’m expecting 4 of them as soon as statements close. That would be a tempting use. (I had planned on using them at the Grand Hyatt Kauai after your glowing review of that property, but flight award availability has been lousy for us to Hawaii lately)

  17. Well, I take back what I just said about the award availability to LIH…I just compared a sample early spring date for Kauai and Cancun and found great flight availability for both. So many options…

  18. Just booked 5 nights with 3 rooms pwr at the cancun property. 375000 points. Want to what u and the readers think about the value of these points seeing that we have 6 people that are gonna drink A LOT. Thanks.

  19. Thank you for keeping us posted on this. I was going to spend $400 plus per night on a three night stay next year. Now we are spending 75k points. Not quite a 2 cent value but way better than paying cash.

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