Turn $250 Purchase Into Up To 6,750 Miles With Shopping Portal Bonuses!

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Holiday Shopping is heating up online, and shopping portals want you to use them for all your online shopping!  There are a couple of bonus promos out right now that can help you turn an everyday purchase into some serious miles and points!

United MileagePlus Shopping:

500 bonus United miles for every $250 spend online via United MileagePlus Shopping, up to 2,500 bonus miles. 

Current good payouts (amounts may be lower for those without a co-branded United card): 21x Shoes.com, 9x drugstore.com, 30x magazines.com.

Holiday Offer Terms: Now through 12/31/12 11:59 PM EST receive 500 bonus miles with every $250 spent online through MileagePlus Shopping; up to 2,500 bonus miles. Returns, shipping and taxes are not eligible for bonus. Please allow 8-10 weeks for bonus miles to post to your account. The maximum number of bonus miles that can be awarded to each qualifying member through this promotion is 2,500 bonus miles. This offer cannot be combined with other bonus offers. Increased earning opportunities are for a limited time only and at the discretion of each individual merchant. Please check site daily for updates to increased earning opportunities.

United Bonus Miles Mommy Points

American AAdvantage Shopping:

Earn up to 10x bonus miles: Spend $75, earn 750 bonus miles, Spend $150, earn 1,500 bonus miles; Spend $250, earn 2,500 bonus miles.

Current good payouts: Nordstrom 12x and Sephora 12x

Terms and conditions: From 11/12/13 through 12/02/13 11:59 PM EST receive a one-time additional bonus of up to 2,500 miles when you spend a cumulative amount of $250 or more with the AAdvantage eShoppingSM mall. Spend a cumulative amount of $75-149.99 to earn 750 miles; spend a cumulative amount of $150 – $249.99 to earn 1,500 bonus miles; or spend a cumulative amount of $250 or more to earn 2,500 bonus miles. Returns, shipping, taxes, gift card purchases, and certain products are not eligible for bonus; please see site for coupon code or usage restrictions. Please allow 8-10 weeks from end of promotional period for bonus miles to post to your account. Void where prohibited by law.

Thanks to View From the Wing for sharing details about this deal!

Bonus AAdvantage Miles Mommy Points

Delta SkyMiles Shopping:

Earn 250 bonus miles for ever $115 you spend, up to 2,500 bonus miles

Delta Bonus Miles Mommy Points

Example of Earning Power:

Obviously of the three, the AAdvantage shopping bonus will be the best one to start with as it can pay out as high as 10x in bonus miles!  Let’s say that you made a $250 purchase at Nordstrom via the AAdvantage portal using these proms.  That would result in 3,000 miles via the current 12x earning, plus an additional 2,500 bonus miles via the shopping promo, for a total of 5,500 miles through the portal.  Those miles are pretty easily worth close to $100.  If you use a registered Chase Freedom – $200 Bonus Cash Back card for the purchase you get an extra 5x on the department store charge at Nordstrom as one of the 4th quarter 5x bonus categories (up to $1,500) for another 1,250 Ultimate Reward points.  That brings you up to 6,750 valuable miles and points for a $250 purchase, instead of earning just 250 points on most points earning credit cards if you didn’t shop through a portal.  That is a huge difference that can really add up quickly over the course of a year for free travel.  So, do your holiday shopping strategically and reap the benefits!

I’d love to hear about it if you find any other online shopping portal bonuses!

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  1. Odd… That Skymiles Shopping bonus is what shows on their main page, but just this morning I got an email that says 500 bonus miles for every $125 in cumulative spending, up to 5500 bonus miles. That’s 4x bonus points above the normal store-based bonuses.

  2. Ok, figured it out. My better offer is because I have an Amex Skymiles CC. Offer t&c doesn’t specify that the purchase has to be made with that card though.

  3. I take it the “2012” expiration date on the United deal is a typo on their part and would not hinder anything if you had to fight for your shopping portal points (which I often do as many don’t post)?

  4. MP,

    I notice they say “Please allow 8-10 weeks from end of promotional period for bonus miles to post to your account.” Do you ever go through them with a fine comb to make sure the points post since most of us would forget what we bought 8-10 weeks ago…

    • Leo, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Before I had a blog I did a much better job doing that! I am currently having them look into a missing Sears transaction that didn’t post. I would guess that at least 2/3 of these type of promos post without incident eventually…for me. When I protest one that is missing I have always been successful, but I’m sure I miss some along the way.

  5. Leo, I know your question wasn’t intended for me, but I’ll say that, in my experience, the bonus miles never post before 10 weeks after the end of the promotional period, and rarely then. I’ve always had to keep track and then email Cartera 10 weeks later, requesting my miles with supporting documentation, after which, within another month or so, they’ll post. YMMV.

    • Andrew, I agree it often takes a while for the bonus miles (though regular miles typically show up within a week or so). My posting odds are better than rarely on bonus miles, but certainly not near as good as always.

  6. I would advise against buying through airline shopping portals, even with lucrative bonuses. In my experience, as often as not the miles do not post. It’s not worth the hassle. Whereas purchases made through Ultimate Rewards Mall and ShopDiscover almost always post.

  7. Hi, for the United mileage plus shopping mall offer, does each transaction have to be atleast $250 OR total of multiple transactions can be above $250 to get the bonus miles? Please advise.

  8. i bought gift cards for holiday gifts at a mercian eagle at staples using my ink bold (5X rewards) and bought 250 dollars wrath of gifts through american airline portal (2X) –assuming this is 17x return on my dollar. easy!

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