What To Do If Shopping Portal Points Don’t Automatically Post

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I know lots of us, myself included, have been taking advantage of several online shopping portal bonus payouts recently (and there are some pretty great ones out right now!).  I have been thrilled to see some pretty great payouts (several at 20x and more!) return, especially around the holidays.  However, it is inevitable that not all purchases and bonuses will post automatically as they should to the various online shopping portals such as American Airlines AAdvantage e-Shopping or United MileagePlus Shopping, so I wanted to talk about what to do when something goes wrong.

In order to make sure that your miles and points post, you need to have cookies enabled and be very careful about how you make your purchase by clicking directly from the shopping portal to the retailer website of your choice.  I would then immediately make the purchase.  If you wait you may forget what window or browser you were using and make it from a place that wasn’t recorded.  However, assuming you made the purchase correctly, it is still possible for something to go wrong along the way.  I would guess that at least 85 – 90% of my purchases post just fine without intervention, and that about 70% of the bonuses I participate in post automatically.  Obviously that means that there are some times when I need to follow-up in order to get all the points and miles that I earned.

How long does it take for miles to post normally?

The AAdvantage Shopping portal states that you need to allow 2-3 weeks for a transaction to be posted in a pending status, with an additional 1-3 weeks to confirm your transaction.  I would say that is a little on the long side, and it more often takes about 1-2 weeks for transactions to post in a pending status.  The MileagePlus Shopping portal states that some transactions can take 60 – 90 days to post, but in my experience that is typically only the case for bonus promos and not routine purchases.  I would say that if a month has gone by and regular purchase hasn’t shown up, it probably isn’t going to without some action on your part.

How do I check and see if points have posted?

Each shopping portal looks a bit different, but click on the option that says something like “My Shopping Account” and it should list out all of your pending and posted transactions.

AAdvantage Shopping Account

How do I follow-up to get points to post if they don’t automatically?

Again, each portal is a little different, but I would look for something that says “Contact Us”.  This should lead to the option of filling out an online form that will provide a space for you to describe the problem you are experiencing with your missing points.  You will need to provide the following information:

  • Merchant Name
  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Amount
  • Order or Confirmation Number
  • Any additional information that may be helpful

Missing Miles Form Mommy Points

You should receive an automatic confirmation that your message was received in your email inbox.  This auto reply will have an inquiry number and a copy of the information you submitted.

Then what?

After a little while (a few days or so) you should get an email back that says something like it is being researched and please allow 4-8 weeks for it to be resolved, or we see that you are eligible, or whatever.

I’m currently in the middle of waiting for one missing 16x Sears transaction via the MileagePlus Shopping portal to be researched and I just reached out to AAdvantage Shopping about the promo that awarded 2,000 miles after a $35 purchase that hasn’t yet posted.  Though, in fairness, it has not yet been the full 8-10 weeks since that promo ended (just now coming up on the 8th week), so I really shouldn’t expect the miles to have posted quite yet.

I have very good success in getting the miles or bonus miles to eventually post if I pay attention and reach out when things go wrong, but that is a little bit of a pain so I’m sure I miss some miles here and there.  Those who have gone BIG with some of these promos and have hundreds of transactions (or more) to keep up with have a more complicated issue on their hand when things don’t quite work out and the process to get things like that resolved often gets more complex than just a simple online form.  However, for most of us this process will suffice in getting the majority of our missing miles issues solved.

I will also point out that the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal has really great customer service that can give you a “goodwill adjustment” of some points in the event that there is an undetermined error in points automatically posting.  They seem the most willing to give you the benefit of the doubt in the event something goes wrong, so I know some people that exclusively use that shopping portal even when others have higher payouts.

If you have other tips or experiences to share regarding getting miles to post from shopping portals, please feel free to share!

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  1. So are you recommending that we contact the shopping portal prior to the allotted time in which the portal says to wait? I was hesitant to do that because I figured they’d just give me a stock response of ‘wait such and such number of days and then re-contact us’. Is that not necessarily true?

  2. I’m waiting on 15 $100 Sears physical GCs to post from the 16X promo United had awhile back. No dice so far, but really don’t want to miss out on 24k United miles. The other thing I’m worried about is for them to come back and say the order was fulfilled by Kmart and thus not available for the promo (even though FM has shown repeatedly that it will count…I assume that is for when it posts automatically).

  3. My purchase at nautical.com via the aadvantage portal was not reported either. I sent a message to the aadvantage customer service with the transaction information, but never heard back from them.

  4. I just sent you an email about some United Club passes I’m willing to share with your readers. Please let me know what you want me to do. Thanks!

  5. The worst one I can think of is Rapid Rewards – when you buy something through them. The RR’s never seem to post and you have to go through hell to get them to give you what was originally promised. I don’t bother with them anymore, given them 3 chances in the past and they failed each and every time!

  6. I know this is elementary, but… what is the contact info for the UR portal? I’ve searched and searched that site, but every “Contact Us” link takes me to a Chase Contact page which wants to answer questions about my APR, not shopping points.

  7. I also did not receive the 2000 bonus AA miles, but the miles on purchase was posted few weeks ago. Thanks for the tip about contacting them, I will do that this weekend.

    I made a Marriott reservation thru the UR portal back in August for a stay in September but the points were never posted. Do you know how long it takes hotel booking points to post? Thanks!

  8. Your post is incomplete. What do Ie do if Ie submit a request for follow-up, using the Contact link and then am ignored? Or am told the issue has been resolved in my favor but the points still don’t show up?

    Cartera, the company who runs most of these shopping portals, does not appear to have a customer phone number that enables us to talk to a human.

  9. Have you had any experience with chase freedom points not posting. I only use that card when there is an quarter bonus (say macys or kohls this quarter). With CSP I have never had any issues with the customer service. However with the Freedom I have had terrible luck. The customer service seems to be based abroad and there is often a language barrier. Further they have clearly been reading for a script. I am offered the chance to file a written complaint but have not done that yet, instead I just return the item and buy it again. I have only had this happen with Kohls purchases and it has happened twice.

  10. I made a $2400 Staples order at 4X pts thru AA back in Aug of this year. I waited the traditional amount of time but no points were even pending. I sent Cartera & AA a tweet and was told to reach out to Cartera only. It has been over 3 months and I have received emails every now and then that we are in the research phase of the investigation. Somehow I think I’m going to lose this one since its been so long, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Any other suggestions as to what to do or just keep waiting?

  11. I am so fed up with the aashopping portal. My wife and I are missing over ten thousand miles after taking advantage of numerous bonuses and incentives the portal has offered over the last two years. Their customer service is horrible and they rarely payout on bonuses. All attempts to obtain bonus fall on deaf ears. Anyone else share my misery?

  12. The only stores that actually have posted quickly for me were Drugstore.com, McAfee, and Magazines.com. I have had to contact customer support for both Home Depot and Lowes, and I haven’t had all of my purchases for MileagePlusShopping post, weeks after I made them. I just take a screenshot of the miles page, the lauching page that lists the miles you are to receive, and all confirmed transactions on the websites. Just keep emailing customer service and hopefully you will receive your points.

  13. I have just about had it with AAdavantage portal as well. The little 150 points from Macys show up quickly and routinely. However, I always have issues with larger payments. I recently got a 2 year cell phone agreement with ATT&T thinking the 6500 miles bonus was good. Got nada, weeks, months went by and I got was the runaround. Clicks, cookies, yada yada….come on guys, I know how to use a computer. Now I am patiently waiting for 7k miles from Rosetta Stone. More stress I’m sure and i’m not holding my breath I will get them.

  14. I find the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal infuriating. The only points that regularly post quickly, without intercession, are those from Drugstore.com and maybe, if I’m lucky, IHG. The rest require me to go beg customer service, only to receive a very cool response that I did not purchase the product through their Ultimate Rewards Mall… which I did, and I have and offer them screen shots. I work in IT, so I’m no stranger to user error (!), and I’ve verified my settings over and over again. Nothing changes on my end, yet the points don’t post.

    It’s to the point where I don’t want to use the Ultimate Rewards Mall any longer, or my Chase card. I’m not getting the value from the Chase Sapphire Preferred that others see, especially with the recent United devaluation. C’est la vie.

    I’ll go play my first-world problems on the world’s smallest violin now 😉

    • Jennifer, that stinks. I have no clue why that would happen. Most seem to have the greatest success with the UR portal in terms of reliable posting and customer service. Sorry to hear that!

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