Insanely Crazy Fares To Almost Everywhere Right Now on United Operated Flights

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I’m on a family trip right now so haven’t had much time to play with this, much less blog about it, but I wouldn’t be worth my weight it miles if I didn’t tell you to read up on how to fly on United operated flights to Europe, Middle East, Australia, and beyond for literally just a couple hundred dollars round trip.  Essentially, when you book via Wideroe, the fuel surcharges aren’t being collected.  This won’t last long, so don’t waste time thinking too hard if you want in.

I priced my family of three from Houston to Dublin for $780 round trip all-in for the three of us.  Yes, it is coach.  No, that wouldn’t be much fun.  However, that is $780 for three round trip tickets, and that isn’t even near the best deal out there.  Newark to Milan round trip can be found for around $150 USD.  From what I know, the dates seem to be good through the end of March 2014.  There is a risk these won’t be honored, but may be worth it.   Roughly divide by 6 to convert NOK (Norwegian Krone) to USD.

Crazy Cheap Fares Mommy Points

Read up before deciding if this is for you, but if you want to fly on a United operated flight and are okay with coach, then this is as cheap as it is going to get.  If only vacation days weren’t limited.  I’m likely just window shopping and not booking, but even browsing is pretty fun.  One last tip is to make sure to use the my dates are flexible option so you can easily spot some of the lowest prices.

Anyone get in on this?

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  1. In case you decide to pull the trigger on that Dublin fare, it requires a change of airport from EWR to LGA 😉

  2. I’ve been window shopping, too. I can’t stand knowing about these while they are valid and not booking, but with a trip to Jamaica and a trip to Rio already booked next year, fitting another something between school and work schedules is probably not going to work.

    The one mistake fare I ever booked – the United deal to Hong Kong a couple of summers ago – wasn’t honored. Oh well….

    @Kiki, click on the Norwegian flag in the top right hand corner and you’ll have the option to change to English and USD.

  3. Amol, yeah I’m not pulling the trigger on it, but still good to note. 😉
    Kiki, weird. Try the Norwegian flag on the upper right.
    Up & Away, agree. It would make the trips I have and and excited about feel like too much in the end…I’ve made this mistake before and am not making it this time, but my is it tempting!

  4. We pulled the trigger on this. We got to Milan for 6 days for ~250 pp. I hope it works! DH and I hestitated for a second if we should do it. But we did! No tickets issued yet.

  5. Just pulled the trigger, EWR-GVA for $330 round trip on the United non-stop for our winter ski trip. I booked this same trip to MXP on a Delta award, but GVA is much more convenient. I can cancel the Delta award without penalty (as a PM) if this is honored, so this was a no brainer. Thank you SO MUCH for passing this on. Fingers crossed this works.

  6. “I wouldn’t be worth my weight in miles”??? I don’t think you want to say that – if you weigh 120 pounds, that’s 120 miles, which is putting your worth at between $1.20 and $2.40 depending on the program!

  7. It seems obvious to me that this is a “mistake” fare by the travel agency. I know that the points, miles, and “free money” crowd like to jump on things like this but to me it just seems a little “wrong”. If it were United’s website that was giving out these fares that would be one thing – but this is the website of a small Norwegian airline that also acts as a travel agency. Hundreds (thousands) of people booking mistake fares through them will be a huge financial hit for them, especially if United trys to get them to cough up the difference between what was booked and the “real” fare.

    There are an assortment of things that could happen here, the least legitimate being that all those people get to fly on their cheap tickets.

    I’d also not be surprised if Wideroe asked United to cancel all those tickets and issue refunds.

    Most amusing to me would be if United demanded the fare difference at check-in. Perhaps check-in for the return leg of the flight.

  8. Well I was actually issued the ticket for my first purchase to Milan in late February but cancelled that one for a same priced RT ticket to Milan in late March (figure the weather will be much better). So, let’s see if I get issued another ticket. From what I have heard they have not cancelled any tickets yet.

  9. Rob, Wideroe has responded that the problem was with the ticketing system (Amadeus) and not their website. They were actually quite happy, as noted in a recent article, because they make 30 NOK ($5) off each reservation as a booking fee and sales were unusually brisk over the weekend:…e-7384370.html

  10. We bought two tickets from PDX-CDG in March and hope we can pay to upgrade the seats to Economy plus without a hitch. It will be a long flight in the back for us (via SFO), otherwise.

  11. @Max:

    Well, that makes me happier. I notice in the Norwegian article that it’s still not clear whether United will honor the tickets.


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