Effectively Buy American Airlines Miles for 1.43 Cents Each

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‘Tis the season for huge shopping portal payouts and right now American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal has several big payouts – most notably 60 miles per dollar from Magazines.com.  Obviously if you need any magazine subscriptions this is the time to bite, but even if you just want to effectively buy American Airlines miles for 1.43 cents you can do that by earning 60 miles per dollar via Magazines.com + leveraging the current American Airlines e-Shopping bonus of 2,500 miles if you spend $250.

MagazinesSo, if you spend $250 at Magazines.com via the portal, you would earn 15,000 miles from the purchase + 2,500 bonus miles for a total of 17,500 miles for $250…or 1.43 cents each.

The terms say this is eligible on Magazine subscriptions only (automatically renewed subscriptions are not eligible).  Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Journals and International Magazines are not eligible.  This is valid through 11/30/13.  Of course there is always a risk that the miles won’t post easily, but hopefully this is a very lucrative way to earn miles on magazine subscriptions and even a pretty great deal if you take advantage primarily for the miles and just donate the magazines.

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  1. but realistically, nobody buys $250 in magazines for the sake of just points. I did went for the bonus but for something that is useful and on the need list. I get your enthusiasm but need to think clearly when it comes to $$

  2. Great idea, mommypoints. While I probably wont spend $250 on magazines either, I think the 2500 bonus is based on cumulative spending. So for me this is a good way to pick up some Xmas gift subscriptions for friends and family at 60 miles/$ and also get that much closer to the bonus

  3. I disagree. Great for gifts and I easily spent $300. A couple for myself, two for hubby, two for the adult kids, a few for friends. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. There are two ways to look at this deal – either you wanted a few magazines and as an added bonus you get tons of miles or you don’t care about the magazines at all and you are essentially buying miles at a price much lower than is usually available.

    So I agree that most don’t need $250 in magazines, but I think there are a fair number (esp those outside the US who have fewer opportunities) who may be quite interested in buying AA miles for 1.43 cents each. Of course there is a third category that don’t care about either way of looking at this, and as always that is quite alright!

  5. I just spent $289 on magazines with this offer and it’s a good deal for me. Two of the mags I purchased I pick up monthly at Lowes in the checkout line so the subscriptions saved me money. They are also a tax write off as it’s business research. The third one is close enough to be a write-off as I will call it reception area reading material. Not bad for things I already buy monthly and I earned about 20K points for future use!

    Thanks for the tip Mommypoints!

  6. Hate when people come to travel blogs to complain. Pick another venue or reread the purpose of most of these blogs.

    If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    The whole point of this article was “effectively BUY AA miles at 1.43 cents a piece”…it’s less an article on buying magazines, more an article on maximizing AA shopping portal benefits.

    $250 on magazines.com may sound like a lot, but it’s not much when you break it down.

    I just spent $50 on a travel magazine, a yoga magazine, a fashion magazine, and national geographic.

    If you look around, some of the international based magazines are $150+.

    Buying for family, friends, and charities is a great idea. The under 18 crowd loves magazines (Holiday presents, anyone)?

    Before you complain, do a little research. Considering how much it costs to buy AA miles at face value, this ain’t a bad idea

  7. Just as an FYI, if you sign up for any of these subscriptions plan on getting an exponential amount of junk mail and unwanted magazine deliveries to your home.

  8. If you want in on this deal but don’t want/need any magazines, consider sending a few subscriptions to your local nursing home or hospice. I volunteer at a nursing home and they are always thrilled with donations of magazines (current) and books to their recreation room.

  9. Agree with sending unwanted mags to nursing homes or similar! Glad this deal helps some of you. I’ll likely pick up a few myself that I have been wanting.

  10. I’m excited about this deal! I find that magazine subscriptions are great for kids who are starting to read – something new to look forward to each month. Thanks Mommy Points!

  11. Would this include the digital magazine subscriptions? As a digital nomads and non US residents we don’t have a place where we to have them sent nor have space but its always great to have something to read. 🙂

  12. Hi Mommy-points,

    On the AA shopping portal for the Magazines-com 60 points/$ offer, you may want to alert readers that once you place an order you will need to manually go back into your account on their site and change your account settings from “auto-renew” to “manual renew.” This will need to be changed with EACH subscription ordered. The T&C on this offer state that the 60 AA points/$ offer does not apply to subscriptions that auto-renew, however once you place your order(s), Magazines.com’s default settings for these subscriptions is set to “auto-renew.”

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