Small Business Saturday Registration is Open – Free Money!

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Registration is open for American Express Small Business Saturday!  That means that you need to collect all the American Express cards that you have – including those issued by American Express, the authorized user cards with their own unique card numbers, and co-branded American Express cards issued by other banks (like some of the Citi AAdvantage cards and even some Macy’s cards are Amex co-branded cards).  This isn’t cheating; the FAQ’s actually state that you can register each card on an account, so go for it!  Corporate cards and prepaid cards (other than Serve) are not eligible, so no love for the BlueBird.  This promotion is open to those in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Once you register, you can use the cards on Small Business Saturday which is Saturday November 30, 2013 and you will get a $10 statement credit for any single in-store transaction at an eligible small business on that day for $10 or more.  There is a map available that lists participating small businesses that accept American Express cards.  Historically that map was more of a guide than an all-inclusive list, but the terms are written this time in a way that seems to indicate the business really should be on the map.  All of the small businesses I have used in the past are on the map this year, though that is admittedly a small sample.

Small Business Saturday Map

Registration is open from November 24 (today) – 11:59PM MST on November 30th, but there is a max number of registrations accepted so I would do it sooner rather than later just to be safe.  If for some reason you want to register by phone (or have a distant relative who would only want to register by phone), you can do that at 1-866-515-4134.

The last few years I have taken all of my Amex cards to a local restaurant and bought gift cards one at a time on each card.  Last year we were able to do $25 gift cards since the Small Business Saturday limit was $25, but this year we will just buy $10 gift cards on each card with the new lower limit.  We will go during a slower time for the restaurant so we don’t get in the way of normal customers who aren’t doing 10 small transactions, and then we will have gift cards to use throughout the year.  Sure I wish that $25 was still the target amount, but I’m not going to shake a stick at $10 credits!

Small Business Saturday Confirmation

After you register, you will receive a confirmation on the screen, as well as a confirmation email.  Make sure to register and use all of your eligible Amex cards to maximize this awesome promotion!

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  1. I am surprizedShow much time and effort bloggers have dedicated to tthis $10 freebie. Same when the 30k starwood offer comes out – it’s only 5k more than the standard. Huge numbers of posts I am curious, is there a ‘push’ from Amex to encourage bloggers to publicize these occastional but minor promos? Or is it competition between bloggers for content and use of link sign ups. While I don’t really mind too much they do fill up my FB threat so I am thinking of unliking Baordingarea, and the important blogs. like the UA fares yesterday can get lost. Anyway, just a comment. LF.

    • Levy, I received no info directly from Amex regarding small biz Saturday, so not push I know of. If you read multiple blogs stuff like this does get repetitive, but I personally think that free money is pretty exciting, and this crowd has more Amex cards than the average person so it is even bigger. Obviously this year the $10 isn’t as good as $25 last year, but I still think worth mentioning, but I do hear where you are coming from. I personally only follow a couple blogs in my own personal FB to avoid over-clogging. 😉

  2. Most of these bloggers have dozens of AMEX cards so for them it amounts to hundreds of dollars in credits. And their readers tend to have 6-12 themselves.

  3. Hi Summer, I just registered -hey, why not? BUT the terms and agreements say that each Amex Card can only get ONE $10 credit. Does that mean one TOTAL, or one per each small business you visit that day? It seemed like one total. But I got the impression from you that in the past, you’ve gotten multiple credits? Thanks! I love following your blog. 🙂

  4. MP, thanks for the insights. Yup, all free money is good money. Pehaps what I should do is defriend Boardingarea. – which is getting far to quick fire- and pick 4 or 5 specific bloggers. Not wishing to show favorites, but perhaps you, Seth, Ben, and Chai, plus another. Happy Sundays.

    • Levy, not a bad plan. That feed would likely be too much for me as well. However miles and points is all my twitter is for so I load that one up.

  5. Summer: Am missing something and can’t find answer.
    Understand that additional cardholders on the same account are eligible (husband has a card on my account), but do I register the card that has my husband’s name on it in HIS name,or MINE ??? I worked around this last night by doing the phone registration on those additional cardholders, but that took FOREVER as you had to listen to all the T&C every time before you agreed and registered the card. On the cards that were in my name and on my account I could do fast on line.

    Do you have the answer to this question, or can you get it? Thank you.

  6. @ Chirpchirp
    Oh, I wish it was $10 per business, but no, it’s $10 total per card. The “multiple” part is only if someone has lots of different cards.

  7. Anne, use the name and account number printed on the physical card.
    Chirpchirp, sorry for any confusion. It is $10 transaction one per card.

  8. I only have 2 amex cards. The Amex Hilton and Premier Rewards Gold card. So that means I can only take advantage of the promotion twice that day right?

    I plan to eat at a participating restaurant and split payment on both my amex cards. After that, I can’t use the cards at any other small business shop I’m assuming.

  9. I’ve got my 13 cards registered. Some in my name, some in my wife’sname and several as authorized card users with their own account numbers. Each one gets $10!

  10. After registering my cards, I tried to use the map on the Shop Small website to locate businesses participating in the promotion. I used the tool a few days ago and I see that you have a screen shot of the map in this article. Anyway, after trying the map several different ways and googling any other way possible to see a list of participating businesses, I called customer service. After much waiting and back and forth, she told me that the map would not be available until Saturday because businesses are still registering. I explained that didn’t make sense since how can one plan where they want to go, that the map was available a few days ago, etc etc. She agreed that it didn’t make sense, but couldn’t provide any other information. Have you heard from anyone else that the map is not available until Saturday. For all the advertising and social media efforts into this it would be quite disappointing for the businesses and customers trying to take advantage of the promotion. Do you know of any other way to locate a list of participating businesses? Thanks.

  11. Summer, I’m concerned that the list of participating merchants this year is limited to the Small Business Saturday map which is very sparse.

    This is from the SBS FAQ’s:

    If I am a qualifying American Express Card accepting small merchant, how do I become a part of the
    Unfortunately, the deadline to include your business location on the Small Business Saturday Map and
    the American Express Card Member Offer for Small Business Saturday has passed. However, you can still
    take advantage of free merchant resources to help promote your business and make the most of Small
    Business Saturday. Visit the Merchant Shop Small Page to learn how you can get your business ready for
    Small Business Saturday.

  12. From the offer terms:

    Qualifying small business locations appear on the Small Business Saturday® Map, available beginning on November 21, 2013 at

    I’ve done several AU’s for the past 2 years, but I’m wondering if locations not on the map will count this year.

    • baxterboy12, the safest play is to stick to merchants on the map. The list is not sparse in my area, but maybe I’m just lucky. I would personally just fine a spot that you know will work and use that if it was me.

  13. @kijo, @mommypoints

    I checked the map for Nashville again today and there are 20x more businesses listed from when I looked earlier this week. Maybe different areas of the country get loaded on different dates. Anyhow, much ado about nothing. I’ll be able to purchase at the same tried and true establishments from the past couple of years.

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