Amex $25 off $75 Amazon Purchase Even Better Than Originally Thought

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Update: This promo has ended for new registrants, you can still use the Amex cards you registered through the end of the year!

I posted this morning about the Amex offer that gives a $25 statement credit for a $75 purchase, but since I wrote about it, it has been discovered that it really is easier and more lucrative than originally thought.  Read that post for full details, but here are the highlights.

Amazon Amex Offer

  • Get a $25 statement credit when you spend a total of $75 or more on your registered Amex card at by December 31, 2013.
  • Register your Amex cards here – you can register each card and unique authorized user card just like on Small Business Saturday.
  • Register your cards now as this offer does have limited registration, but you have until December 31 to make the purchase.
  • Make your purchase on
  • gift card purchases work – I tried it myself with a $75 e-gift card and instantly received the confirmation email from American Express saying I had made an eligible purchase.
  • You should get a confirmation email both when you register, and again when you make the $75 purchase, but I’m not getting emails for every single one.  I am getting enough to trust that it does work on multiple registered Amex cards and on Amazon gift cards.
  • You can add the e-gift gift card balance to your account with one or two clicks.  This means you can’t lose it – it is already on your account and will automatically be used first on your next purchase.

Amazon has some great deals on many items, and now you can make those deals even cheaper.  Rewards cards sometimes reward us in the most surprising ways!


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  1. I highly recommend going to the Amazon website and looking up the Customer Reviews for Amazon Gift Cards. Many hundreds of one star reviews. 🙁

  2. Worked for me. Did (3) sep. $75 transactions and received 3 e-giftcards within 5 minutes and loaded them into my amazon account. Thanks!

  3. Worked for me on my 2 accounts.

    Robert…after reading a few reviews, I think the people who give 1 star rating to amazon gift cards probably shouldn’t use the Internet anyways.

  4. Strange-in my Amex account online the Amazon offer only showed up for two of my cards but when I used the link that you/we used for Small Business Saturday ithe other cards were accepted/registered as well. I guess time will tell if I get the $25 credit on the ones that didn’t have the Amazon offer listed online in my account. I bought Amazon gift cards, delivered them to myself by email and then loaded them back into my Amazon account. Easy.

  5. Thanks, Summer. I didn’t realize I could do it on all my Amex cards till I read your post. I thought it was only for twitter synced card. You save me money!!! Love it.

  6. Hi! Should I treat this offer similar to Small Business Saturday offer? Register all AMEX cards I have and get $25 off $75 on every card?

    The terms state. “Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels.”

    I take it to mean you cannot claim a sync offer on a card and also get this one.

  7. Just tried to register. If you already sync an AMEX card, you will get message that the card is already registered. Other cards do work! Hello early Christmas!

  8. Do you think this would work on 3rd party gift cards bought through Amazon as well? Since the T&C state you cannot purchase GC’s with a GC was curious if you could actually just purchase to a retail store versus Amazon & still receive the credit?

  9. Awesome. Have already used this with 2 different cards. FYI if you have the card synced through facebook instead of twitter it’s available there as well. One less twitter account to manage.

  10. After reading your first post I logged on to my SPG Amex and saved the Amazon offer. I had to run to Costco so didn’t get on Amazon to purchase anything right away. I just returned home, checked my email and came across an email from AE thanking me for using my registered card at Costco. I’ve always used the same card and have never received that email before. Any idea what this means?

    • Jay, yes, you can use the same Amazon account for all of your Amex cards.
      Claire, or at least get more authorized users on the ones you have. 😉

  11. FWIW, I “registered” by going to my Amex account and selecting that offer in the “offers for you” tab. I then bought a $10 Amazon e-gift card as a test, and while the gift card went through with no problem, I did not receive an e-mail telling me that that purchase qualified for the promotion.

  12. Thanks, Summer! We registered our 13 cards and bought $75 gift cards on each. This is great as my husband wants to buy an expensive chair on Amazon for his bad back, and this is like getting $325 off!

  13. thank you for the heads up….
    Just got 100$ in local gas station gift card yesterday for small biz with all cards.

    Today registered all 12 Amex cards for amazon. Bought five GC so far. Going to save a bit of money this year.

    This is why AMEX is #1 in satisfaction. It was a let down with the small biz deal from last year, but this makes up for it. thanks again for the notice.

    Also @ Barb – you need to purchase $75 as it says. $10 does not count.

    To all others. If you syncd with facebook or twitter you can test with the link above and will give you error, but you can register all cards (-prepaid). So addl card members count as well. I have both verification email on all five purchases so far.

  14. Is it just me or has the last month or so been unusually juicy in terms of Amex offers? Just logged in to pay my Amex bill and saw a bunch of new ones! Some are very practical (for me at least) — Kohl’s, Costco, Chevron. Also a Toys R Us offer, but I’ve finished shopping for all the children I’m getting gifts for this year so maybe another GC for future use is in order.

  15. @Victor and MommyPoints, I misunderstood and thought that the e-mail indicated that that particular purchase qualified for the promotion (regardless of whether the $75 total had been reached). I’m obviously not yet at the $75! Thanks for the clarification.

  16. I did this with two cards yesterday, and haven’t seen any kind of confirmation email. I see the $75 charges listed on my Amex account, though.

  17. More info .. I made a purchase through Amazon and bought another e-gift card, bring the total of my three items to $80. Just received an e-mail from Amex thanking me for using my registered card.

  18. @Shaun So the person who bought a $250 Gift card, had it mailed to them, but got only an empty box with nothing inside, it was their fault because the didn’t “use the internet correctly?”
    And the person who did get their card, but when they went to use it was told by Amazon “it has already been used, but we won’t tell you who used it, when or for what” that was their fault for incompetent use of the internet?
    Have you ever heard the phrase “blaming the victim”?

    • Robert, I have no doubt that a company as big as Amazon has a number of errors that happen. I order from Amazon all the time and can distinctly remember one problem in all the orders, and they were more than fair with their resolution. With e-gift cards the margin for error is likely very low if you get an e-gift card and enter the email address you want it sent to correctly. It should be in that inbox within minutes and you can immediately apply it to your account where it will be the first money used on future transactions. I would not add the postal system into the mix by getting a mailed gift card. No system is perfect, but this seems pretty simple with a low likelihood of errors. Of course, if it doesn’t seem right for you then absolutely pass on it.

  19. I’m a long time Amazon customer, and have never had a problem with them. In fact in a couple of cases I feel they were more than fair with me when I had a problem with an order. I use my full quota with Amazon payments every month, 😉 it’s always worked fine.

    But reading the Customer Reviews on gift cards, both mailed and emailed, some 10% of the reviews are 1 star, with another 5% at two star. That’s way too high. Worst of all most of the people who reported they did not receive their cards, mailed or emailed, or went to use the cards, physical or digital, and were told the cards had “already been used up”, say Amazon basically said “go away, we don’t want to hear about it, and no we will not give you any more information about it”.

    On the email card option alone, there are 817 one star reviews, many about never receiving their purchased cards. Did all of these people put in the wrong email address? I doubt it, especially since many of them would have used the email address Amazon has on their on-going account. And anything sent to a non-valid address would be returned to Amazon as invalid.
    Are they all paid trolls sent by brick and mortar retailers to sabotage Amazon? Perhaps, but I don’t see these sort of complaints on reviews of physical product orders.

    There are a huge number of complaints, and no response by Amazon to them, and it just makes me leery about buying them. Especially since if you dispute the matter with your credit card company, how do you prove you didn’t get something, or aren’t the person who used it? Impossible to prove a negative.

    At any rate, between you, Lucky and Gary, I’m sure hundreds of your combined readers have done this already, and so far I’m not seeing a single complaint. So maybe it’s not a genuine problem after all.

  20. I guess time will tell. I saw the Amazon offer on the “Offers for You” page on only one of our cards, and registered for that card there. When I ordered a $75 eGift card on that card, I almost immediately got an email “Thank You for using your Enrolled Card!” while on the two I registered with your link, I did not.

    In all cases of course I got the eGift Cards almost immediately and applied them to our accounts. No worries. Worst case we don’t get one of the $25 bonuses. We’ll see.

    I took screen shots just in case. 🙂

  21. I ordered the $75 Amazon gift card and got the confirmation email from Amex as well. When does the $25 credit actually post? With the next statement?

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