How to Save Money at Amazon and More With Amex Sync

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Quick Tips: If Twitter really isn’t for you, you can get in on the $25 off $75 at Amazon deal with your Amex card here.  Two quick tips, you can register multiple cards just like you did for Small Business Saturday, and if you don’t need a $75 purchase right now you can simply buy an Amex gift card to use later.

Update: This promo has ended for new registrants, you can still use the Amex cards you registered through the end of the year!

American Express wants you to use their cards when shopping this holiday season, and they are giving you incentives not just via $10 statement credits on Small Business Saturday yesterday, but also via their Amex Sync offers.  I’ve written about these many times, but a very lucrative offer today that awards a one-time $25 statement credit when you spend a total of $75 or more online at Amazon by 12/31/13 has prompted me to post a refresher on how to use Amex Sync and how to re-Sync if you have forgotten what card you have attached to your Twitter profile.

If you have been ignoring these sort of deals because you aren’t on Twitter, I strongly encourage you to get a Twitter account even if you only use it for miles, points, and deals.  It is worth having so you don’t get left out of deals like this one.

To sign-up for and use Amex Sync the first time:

1. Sign up for a Twitter account, if you don’t already have one.  Feel free to follow @mommy_points while you are at it!

2.  Go to and follow the instructions to sync an Amex card to Twitter.  You will need to allow the Amex Sync app to view your tweets and who you follow.  Again, if you just use Twitter for deals purposes, I can’t see why that would be an issue.

3.  You will need to select one of our Amex cards to sync.  Pick the one that earns points you want the most.  I use an Amex SPG card.  The hard part is remembering which one you selected!

4.  View some current offers.  You can look at them on this Twitter page.  Some current offers as of the writing of this post on December 1st include:

Tweet #AmexAmazon, get $25 back 1x on $75+ online purchs at Amazon w/synced Amex Card! (RegLtd Exp 12/31) Terms:

Tweet #AmexPFChangs, get $10 back 1x on $40+ in-rest purch at P.F. Chang’s w/synced Amex Card RegLtd Exp12/31 Terms:

Tweet #AmexAmtrak, get $30 back 1x on $150+ purchs at Amtrak w/synced Amex Card RegLtd Exp 2/15/14 Terms: 

Tweet #AmexJCP, get $10 back 1x on $50+ qual purchs at JCPenney w/synced Amex Card! (RegLtd Exp 12/31) Terms:

Tweet #AmexBP, get $5 back each time on single qual $25+ pump purch at BP w/synced Amex Card! (RegLtdExp12/31)Terms:

Tweet #AmexExxonMobil, get $5 back 1x on $30+ pump purch at Exxon or Mobil w/synced Amex Card! RegLtdExp12/31 Terms:

 5.  Once you see an offer, or offers, that appeal to you then you need to tweet the hashtag associated with the offer(s).  For example, with the Amazon offer you would need to tweet #AmexAmazon in order to register the card you synced for that offer.  You will type that in the compose new tweet box on twitter.
Compose Tweet Mommy Points
6.  Verify that you are registered by looking to see if Amex responded in your @ connect section of Twitter.
Twitter Connect Mommy Points
Amex Sync Mommy Points
7.  Use the registered and sycned Amex to make the purchase and then receive your associated statement credit!
If you can’t remember what card you synced
If you can’t remember what Amex you synced, the easiest thing to do is simply unsync and then re-sync your card.  You can do this by going to and scrolling to the bottom where there should be a “Unsync my card” option in the lower right-hand corner.  I’m sure there are ways to find out what card is synched, but un-syncing and re-syncing takes virtually no time and is guaranteed to work.
UnSync Mommy Points
resync mommy points

The Amazon offer I mentioned has limited registration, so be sure to register for it now by syncing your Amex and tweeting #AmexAmazon, and you then have until December 31st to take advantage of the offer.

If you don’t want to do any of this, you can get many of the same offers via the “My Offers” tab when you are logged into your American Express account online, however I didn’t have the Amazon offer there, so I accessed it by Syncing and Tweeting.  However, you can also likely access the deal here (tip – register more than one Amex if you want to take advantage more than once!).

At least in my house, $25 off a $75 Amazon purchase is basically just free money as I was going to spend that amount in a purchase by 12/31 anyway.  Just remember to switch your default Amazon payment back to the card of your choice after you make this purchase.  Personally, mine is set on the Chase Freedom since it pays 5x until December 31st, but I’ll switch off it it for one $75 purchase to save $25!

Happy deal hunting!

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  1. You can also use it to buy a $75 GC and then apply that to your Amazon account. That way, you can make a bunch of smaller purchases or purchase after 12/31

  2. Gift card option is very good if you aren’t already looking to make larger orders right now!
    Elle, I suspect yes, but haven’t tried it myself.

  3. I just logged into my amex account and under my offers there was an option to click on that and accept the offer, so you do not need to go through twitter to get this offer. This still involves having it as an offer for your card, however.

  4. How do i get it for multiple amex cards. My amex cards are all accessible via same account login and once I add it for one of them it does not show up for others. any ideas?

    • Brooks, I have read multiple reports that it indeed works. I have not done it myself yet though as I have needed actual purchases. 😉

  5. Gift cards do work. I have ordered 4 $75 gift cards. I have just received the fourth email for my $25 back.

    I ordered a physical card in a tin with free 1 day shipping on all four cards.

  6. MP,

    U said we can buy AMEX GIFT CARDS on amazon, did u mean AMAZON gift cards? I searched for amex GC at amazon but nothing comes up. Am i missing something? I do see other store GC’s.

    • Dino, I’m likely on too much cold medicine and may have missed it, but I can’t find where it says Amex gift cards… Though sorry if it does, it is amazon gift cards. 😉

  7. I hate syncing cards, so the fact that there is an online offer page has made this much more appealing. I don’t think I would have gone through the effort of syncing 12+ cards via Twitter even for $25 off Amazon.

  8. I synched up through twitter and got the message “thx for enrolling…” but I did not receive an email from American Express saying that the card was registered. I also didn’t receive an email after I did the $75 amazon gift card purchase. Does anyone know if the emails from AX are to be expected if the card was registered straight through AX and not done through twitter?

  9. Follow up to my previous question..

    I just received this email from AX. No mention of the $25 statement credit though but hoping this means it will work!

    “Dear: ..
    Thank you for using your synced American Express® Card ending in … at AMAZON.COM LLC!”

  10. I have 4 amex’s (combined with authorized users, we have 19 amex cards) & we have registered 12 of them so far & bought 12 $75 gift cards. Great deal!

  11. this twitter syncing nonsense is rather complex… youd think they make it easier. feel like a need a degree from MIT to jump through all the hoops

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