US Airways Miles for 1.135 Cents Each – Limited Time

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To celebrate “Cyber Week” (aka the week where people spend lots of money shopping online), US Airways is offering a limited time 100% bonus on shared miles from December 2nd – December 6th.  Most of the time buying miles directly from a hotel or airline is a bad to mediocre deal, but this is actually a pretty good deal, especially if you have a specific and swift redemption plan in mind.

Up to 100% Bonus on Shared US Airways Miles:

US Airways will be offering up to 100% bonus on shared US Airways miles, up to 50,000 miles, at the following rates:

Share 10,000-19,000 Dividend Miles 50% bonus miles

Share 20,000-29,000 Dividend Miles 75% bonus miles

Share 30,000-50,000 Dividend Miles 100% bonus miles

US Airways Share Miles PromoIf you want to do this, I would transfer at least 30,000 miles to get the full 100% bonus.  If you do,  you are effectively buying the bonus miles at 1.135 cents per mile after the processing fee of $30, $0.01 per mile cost, plus tax recovery charge of 7.5%.  If you share 50,000 miles to get the full 50,000 mile bonus, the cost will be $567.50.

Your account will then have 50,000 miles fewer and the account you transferred the miles into will be 100,000 miles richer.  The transaction is processed by so don’t worry about using a US Airways card to get 2x miles, just pay with any card that earns miles or points you want the most.

Risks of Buying:

The American Airlines and US Airways merger means that it is a certainty the US Airways award chart will be changing at some point, and many estimate it will be changing to be more in sync with the American Airlines chart sooner rather than later.  This means that if you have a specific redemption in mind, such as 110,000 miles for business class round trip to Australia, I would only buy these miles to book that award if you are booking soon.  They also will be exiting Star Alliance around the end of the first quarter of 2014, so if you are hoping to redeem on Star Alliance partners, your time is limited.  Of course, you may be buying and holding to redeem on OneWorld partners.

At this price, you will likely not really lose too much value no matter what since even if you redeem for a domestic round trip ticket at 25,000 miles, that is roughly paying the equivalent of $284 for that flight, which isn’t bad on many routes.  However, I would still not buy and hold unless you are very aware of the risk and the likelihood of award chart changes and devaluations.

Buying airline miles at this price has it’s risks, but it also can be leveraged to get to award ticket thresholds much faster so that you can take advantage of the current Star Alliance partners and US Airways award chart.

I’ll update other Cyber Monday/Cyber week deals that I come across!

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  1. I want to participate and buy the miles, but I don’t know anybody that has an account to share with. Any chance you could recommend someone? Thanks

  2. I was excited to purchase these miles to use for a wedding we are attending in the summer. But I checked availability first and it is horrible in the summer months. 🙁 Oh well….

    • Laura, don’t forget star alliance partners like United. If you book now you can book US Airways flights on United if they have availability at the low levels.

  3. Hey Chris, I’m in the same boat. My significant other didn’t have a US Airways FF account (just created one for her).

    If you’re interested, fire off an email to my username at I have a couple of references, if you’re interested.

  4. I am new to the mileage game, so I apologize if my question sounds a little basic. I signed up for the FF program with USAir a few weeks back so I have 0 (zero) miles. If I am reading the article correctly this would be a great deal only if you already have some miles on your account that you want to transfer (e.g.: miles that you have accumulated or gotten as a credit card sign on bonus perhaps). But you don’t have any miles (like it is my case), it really wouldn’t benefit me at all to buy and share the miles right? As I explored buying miles, I saw this find print at the bottom of the buy miles pages “Please note that Dividend Miles accounts less than 12 days old are not permitted to Buy, Share or Gift Miles. All purchases are non-refundable.”. Is my thinking above correct that I can’t really take advantage of this promo (which is a good deal!)

  5. Hi,
    I have been following the points game for around a year now and with the introduction of my now eight month old daughter, your blog has become ever more important. I appreciate all your work and content and have been using your cc links to support.
    While i understand how to earn miles, i still do have questions regarding redemption. I want to book business class to TLV from BNA using 120,000 us airways miles in april. US airways shows no availability at low level. Star alliance partnet United shows no availability from nashville either. However united shows availability from NYC and IAH. So my question is can i call US airways and have them book that NYC/IAH to TLV roundtrip and have them add on the BNA to NYC/IAH leg? Does that cost extra miles or can that be part of the 120,000?
    Thanks, in advance.

  6. Monax, no apologies needed! If your account is not yet 12 days old and/or you have no miles and/or no one to share with who has miles the short answer is the deal probably isn’t the best for you. The longer answer is if you could network and strike a deal with someone who does already have miles and create and network of sharing, it could work. However, there is some risk involved there if you don’t really know those you are sharing with.

    Law, first, thanks for your support and congrats on your 8 month old! The short answer is yes what you state can be done, but you will most likely incur a fee if you add the first segment on later. If you could book from Nashville to NYC to TLV all at the same time then there would not be an extra fee, but if you added that first leg later there would be. Hope that helps a little.

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