Update on Amex Amazon Offer and Other Recent Sync Deals

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I don’t know about you, but from Black Friday to now, I have completed about 90% of my holiday shopping.  A large chunk of that was completed thanks to the incredible offer from American Express that awards a $25 statement credit when spending $75 at Amazon via a registered Amex.  I posted about this deal here, and wanted to follow-up on the status of that and other American Express offers since they have been quite plentiful recently!

$25 statement credit after spending $75 at Amazon has reached capacity:

This was an offer that had a capped enrollment, and that cap was met at some point last night both via the registration page and twitter.  I don’t know if it would still appear in some accounts under the “My Offers” tab or not, but it isn’t available publicly.   If you already registered an Amex card (or 2, or 20) for this deal then you have until December 31st to complete the $75 in spending to trigger the $25 statement credit.  I have received registration emails and emails thanking me for my purchase on all the cards that I have used, but I do not yet see the $25 statement credits on my accounts.  I have read numerous reports online that others have started to see the $25 statement credits, so I expect mine to appear in the next couple of days.

As a reminder, Amazon.com e-gift cards are working just fine to meet the $75 spending requirement, and they are an easy way to load up your Amazon account for future purchases if you don’t need anything right now.  I did this myself on a couple accounts and got the “thank you for using your card” emails from Amex within minutes.

This was a ridiculous deal and congrats to everyone who moved quickly and registered their cards in time!

Small Business Saturday Statement Credits Posting:

I have received the Small Business Saturday statement credits for $10 on my American Express cards, including those issued by other banks like Citibank.  I wouldn’t get too worried yet if your statement credits aren’t there if you followed all the rules of the promo, but do be aware that many people are now seeing those statement credits in their accounts.  Hurray for swift processing!

There are many more sync-type American Express offers still available:

If you didn’t move quickly enough on the Amazon offer, there are still some other offers out there that may help you save a little cash while using your Amex cards.  Check your “My Offers” tab on your online account, or head here on Twitter to see a more comprehensive list, but here are a few of my favorites.

Tweet #AmexToysRUs get $5 back 1x on $25+ purchs at Toys R Us or Babies R Us w/synced Amex Card RegLtdExp12/31 Terms: http://amex.co/1gf7w19

Tweet #AmexPFChangs, get $10 back 1x on $40+ in-rest purch at P.F. Chang’s w/synced Amex Card RegLtd Exp12/31 Terms:http://amex.co/HS7EYT

Tweet #AmexAmtrak, get $30 back 1x on $150+ purchs at Amtrak w/synced Amex Card RegLtd Exp 2/15/14 Terms: http://amex.co/HSbPUD 

Tweet #AmexJCP, get $10 back 1x on $50+ qual purchs at JCPenney w/synced Amex Card! (RegLtd Exp 12/31) Terms: http://amex.co/1bslRGm

Tweet #AmexBP, get $5 back each time on single qual $25+ pump purch at BP w/synced Amex Card! (RegLtdExp12/31)Terms: http://amex.co/17CluYU

Tweet #AmexExxonMobil, get $5 back 1x on $30+ pump purch at Exxon or Mobil w/synced Amex Card! RegLtdExp12/31 Terms: http://amex.co/1aPfRDQ

Tweet #AmexLandsEnd, get $25 back 1x on $100+ online purchs at landsend.comw/synced Amex Card! RegLtdExp12/31Terms:http://amex.co/17RLaDc

Tweet #AmexMaggianos, get $15 back 1x on $50+ in-rest purch at Maggiano’s w/synced Amex Card! (RegLtdExp12/30) Terms:http://amex.co/17NHQTM

If you aren’t sure how to take advantage of Amex Sync, then check out this post.  Let’s hope that these great offers from Amex keep rolling in as it makes it easy to get even more value out of our rewards credit cards!


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  1. this is a new costco.com offer: spend $115 and get $15 back. I spent $2000 on costco cash cards ($125×16 cards) yesterday, and it saved me $240. The amazon offer saved me $400 ($25×16), and small biz $160 ($10×16). All amazon and small biz credits already showed up in my accounts. Not bad to earn $800 in two days!

  2. In the past I could only use one offer per card. Did that change? I have 3 cards but only registered the amazon offer on one card, did not check to see if it was available on my others.

  3. I registered and used all my amex cards. I used each for gift cards and was only missing one email that thanked me for using the offer. This morning, all cards show the credit (including the one that did not get the email for using the offer). Just to give you a long-winded metric 😉

  4. bostonwalker, that costco one is also good! You went big time!
    Jon, yes you could register that one on all cards using a link that was available (link is now dead). I suspect that there is often/usually a direct link to register for the promos in addition to the twitter, fb, and my offers routes. You can only do it once per card, but authorized users and other amex cards can all also be used.
    Charlie, awesome!

  5. @mommypoints & @bostonwalker

    I get that there was a website for activating the deal for the amazon $25 back, but are there such websites for other sync deals? It is my understanding that if you get the offer on the Amex website you will only have the offer on one card. You may be able to add a second card with the sync via twitter.

    Is there a website to activate several cards for the costco.com, bestbuy, or walmart.com deal?

  6. ToysRUs sells Amazon GCs (according to Amazon website…haven’t confirmed myself), so that could be another way to get 20% off at Amazon.

  7. Like Brent says, I know when you sync through your AE account, you can only sync one card per on-line account so if you have 3 AE cards on one account, once you sync one card, the offer will disappear from the other cards. I know there are ways around this like removing a card and opening a new account with that removed card and certainly the latest $25 Amazon credit had a workaround with the registration page. Now I’m wondering if this “one card only” rule applies if you try to sync multiple cards through Twitter or Facebook or Foursquare. I use none of them but might just sign up for Twitter if multiple card syncs were possible. Does anyone know the answer? Thanks.

  8. @Curtis, wondering how many of these 19 are AU cards if you don’t mind me asking. You must have a lot of brothers and sisters or that special dog with a social security number. Kudos to you though. I like the way you think.

  9. Ok, I am in shock that people have 19 Amex cards. Do you just hold Amex cards for this purpose? Are you charged an annual fee? Seems like the gains in this situation are great! I want to learn more!

  10. I wonder if I am going to have an issue getting my credit. I purchased 2 items in my transaction but when Amazon shipped only 1 item first they charged for the items separately being under $75. Anyone have similar issue & received credit?

  11. Vicki, I had the same thought. But, I checked the terms and unlike some offers that specify it must be a single purchase, this one just says $75 total by 12/31/2013. I’m waiting on a split purchase credit, myself. But I believe it will go through.

  12. Kent C wrote: “…when you sync through your AE account, you can only sync one card per on-line account so if you have 3 AE cards on one account, once you sync one card, the offer will disappear from the other cards.

    I think this depends on the offer…I went to Amazon.com and was able to link each of my 4 cards to the Amazon offer. I had the Costco offer listed with each of my cards listed on AmericanExpress.com However, once I synced my Gold card to the Costco offer the offers disappeared from the other three. i was able to sync my delta AmEx card with the same offer on Facebook.com However, I was unable to sync my remaining 2 cards (both Costco cards via the other participating social networks..ie Twitter, Foursquare or TravelAdvisor..So I netted 4 amazon offers, and only 2 Costco offers. Incidentally, once you purchase Amazon gift cards you can transfer the balance to a Amazon credit card.

  13. I synced my AE Blue sky CC for the Amex Amazon $25 offer, and now I received this email from Blue Sky,

    Blue Sky® Rewards

    Introducing new gift card partners

    Enjoy holiday shopping now that you can redeem for Amazon.com,* Starbucks, and Zappos gift cards.**
    It offers Amazon.com Gift Card
    Starting at
    3,250 Blue Sky Points for $25 Amazon GC purchase. Do you think if I buy 3 cards totaling $75 on Amex site, it would trigger the $25 credit too?

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