3,000 Mile Bonus Coming to American Airlines Shopping Portal

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Via View From the Wing and Flyertalk, it looks like the American Airlines AAdvantage e-Shopping portal has another good bonus coming our way from December 8th – December 22nd with a tiered shopping bonus that awards up to 3,000 bonus points for $250 in purchases.

  • Spend $75 earn a bonus 1,000 miles
  • Spend $150 earn a bonus 2,000 miles
  • Spend $250 earn a bonus 3,000 miles

AA miles bonus Mommy Points

This bonus is not yet displayed on the main American Airlines shopping portal page, but can be accessed here.  If you spend a cumulative $250 during the promotion this amounts to a bonus 12 miles per dollar on top of whatever other bonus is available via the portal for the retailer(s) you are utilizing.  That is a very good bonus!

The downside is a spotty payout history that this portal seems to have for mileage bonuses, at least for some people.  I have not yet received the 2,000 mile bonus for spending $35 via the AA portal from September.  The terms say the bonus miles will take 8-10 weeks, and by my count the 10th week from when that promo ended will be this coming Monday.  So, technically the bonus is not yet late, and some are reporting it appearing in their accounts, but I am sure that some people will have to follow-up to get the bonus miles to pay out.  I will be following up next week if my bonus 2,000 miles from that promo don’t post, and I fully expect that to resolve the issue just as it has in the past.  Ultimately even if I forgot to do that it wouldn’t be a huge loss since I only buy things I would have bought regardless of whether or not the promo existed.


Terms: From 12/08/13 through 12/22/13 11:59 PM EST receive a one-time additional bonus of up to 3,000 miles when you spend a cumulative amount of $250 or more with the AAdvantage eShopping mall. Spend a cumulative amount of $75-149.99 to earn 1,000 miles; spend a cumulative amount of $150 – $249.99 to earn 2,000 bonus miles; or spend a cumulative amount of $250 or more to earn 3,000 bonus miles. Purchases made at FTD.com through the AAdvantage eShopping mall, returns, shipping, taxes, gift card purchases, and certain products are not eligible for bonus; please see site for coupon code or usage restrictions. Please allow 8-10 weeks from end of promotional period for bonus miles to post to your account. Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. I’m totally unclear on whether nor not this applies to those that used the 2,500 bonus for $250 that was online a few weeks ago. I definitely took advantage of that and I want to aadvantage of this too.

  2. I don’t quite trust the aadvantage shopping site. It seems that their transaction tracking system is troublesome. I have two orders never showed up, one showed credit but later was withdrawn.

  3. I’m still waiting for my 2K AA miles for the last “promo.” They make you wait so long, that you become disgusted with the company (American Airlines) and no longer want to take part in this type activity.

    That is also what happened to me with WN – will never use Southwest portal ever again.

  4. It seems the shopping portal (Cartera Commerce) is improving its customer service. I now see a year to date mileage total and also had points post (to pending) in only 3 days. I hope this indicates an improvement overall.

  5. When I check my shopping mall account I see the 2000 bonus miles. It just hasn’t been transferred into the AA account yet.

  6. This has nothing to do with AA.
    AA contracts with Cartera, then when you don’t get the miles, they say “not our problem, contact Cartera”.
    Which, by the way, has no phone number, so when you don’t get the miles, and they don’t answer your emails, you are totally screwed.
    I agree with Nick above, just say no.
    Use US Air, Chase, or Hawaiian, who may promise you fewer miles, but will actually post them to your account.

  7. For anyone still thinking this might be worth the risk, check out the comments on View From the Wing, where person after person who did not ever get their points chimes in. 🙁

  8. If your recent purchases through the AAdvantage portal aren’t showing when you view your recent transactions, try hitting the “Refresh” button. 2 of my 3 purchases were showing before I hit it, and after I did, the 3rd showed up. Not sure why I had to hit the button, but it worked. Now I just need the bonus to show up.

  9. Too lazy and early to confirm exact dates, but sometime last week, my AA bonus showed up. Instead of 2000, I was only 1000. I am not going to complain, because although I used the 2k link MP posted here, my targeted offer email only offered 1k.

    I have a feeling all the negative posts over Gary’s site do not accurately represent the how well/bad the portal is paying out this bonus. Maybe there are just a bunch of ppl like myself who has gotten the bonus and this do not feel compelled to voice a complain on a blog?

  10. My experience is more consistent with those who have regular purchases pay out relatively quickly and accurately the majority of the time (though there is always a percentage that doesn’t). The bonuses are notoriously very slow, but I can’t think of one that I didn’t eventually get. To my knowledge, pretty much all the portals are run by Cartera, so I’m not sure why one would be better than another from that standpoint.

    Bottom line, I earn tens of thousands of easy miles this way each year, and the majority post just fine. I have to follow up to get a few to post, and I probably have a handful that slip through the cracks. Certainly still worth the extra effort for me.

  11. I’ve gotten every point I was owed, but the 2000 bonus took 2 full months or more.

    Is there any reason someone wouldn’t qualify for this 3000 bonus if we already got the 2000 bonus from Sept?

  12. Also, do we know if this promo is targeted in any way? When I log in through the home page, I don’t see the promo. But if I log in through the promo page, it’s there.

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