4x Fuel Points on Fixed Value Gift Cards at Kroger Through Today

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I was at my local Kroger’s Grocery Store very briefly yesterday and saw a sign indicating that you can earn 4x fuel points on all gift cards that are fixed value (ie not variable load cards where you pick the amount that goes on the gift card).  My Kroger’s has gift cards to a huge number of retailers, so if you wanted to get some gift cards for holiday presents today may be a good time to do so, if your local Kroger’s family grocery store is offering the same promotion.


The cashier I talked to said it was valid for any gift card with a fixed value, and I planned to go back today and test that statement to be sure, but caught the “winter crud” so am likely home-bound for the day…and today is the last day of the deal.  By earning 4x fuel points you are earning 100 fuel points for every $25 in eligible gift cards you purchase, which is pretty good (the normal gift card rate is 2x).  If you max out 35 gallons when you fill up, that means that you are saving $3.50 in gas for every $25 in gift cards you purchase.  You can use up to 1,000 fuel points when filling up at a Kroger gas stations, which would mean you are saving $1.00 per gallon, or up to $35 on a 35 gallon fill-up.  You would need to purchase $250 in eligible gift cards to earn 1,000 fuel points.

You can of course take this up a notch with rewards credit cards that give cash-back or bonus points at grocery stores.  I wrote more about this concept in a previous post.

If you have been taking advantage of this promo I’d love to hear your experience!

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  1. It’s been going on since mid-November. I’ve bought Target, Sports Authority, Starbucks, iTunes, Chipolte. They run that promotion a few times a year. I buy all kinds of gift cards under it each time. And many stack on top of store loyalty programs – I get points at Sports Authority for purchases paid with the gift card. And I load Starbucks on my app and get credit spending those cards. Also, earlier Kroger had eCoupons that actually discounted some gift cards but gave full fuel points. Just the other day I bought a $25 Chipolte for $18. That’s a free burrito. Still got 100 fuel points.
    But don’t forget to enter your Kroger loyalty number!!

  2. The only caveat is this: By buying gift cards it becomes very easy, too easy, to spend those on the merchants/restaurants. In fact it’s a two headed monster in that by using those gift cards faster, it allows you to buy more gift cards and get more points. I always have to ask myself the question, if there were no promotion, would I really spend $100 at Chipotle in 1 month, like I might with the gift card? You have to be careful that in the quest to save a $1.00 a gallon it doesn’t end up costing you $1.01 on the other end.

    I buy lots of Amazon gift cards at Staples and sometimes wonder if I really needed that last Amazon order.

    The good thing about your gas cards is that it’s probably unlikely you’re going to drive an extra 100 miles because of the gift cards.

  3. I didn’t do this promo because the Shells in California that I frequent don’t allow fuel points to be used all the time. Sometimes you can use your fuel points, sometimes you can’t – there’s no set schedule, rhyme or reason.

    So it wasn’t worth buying gift cards through them as opposed to other sources like Staples, Office Depot/Office Max, Amazon, etc.

  4. I always do this when Kroger has this promotion

    I`ll buy $100 Visa or MC , get the 4 X to use for gas, then use those cards to buy groceries, or whatever from Kroger, thereby allowing me 4X for what I normally get only 1 X, and of course , I buy almost all my gift cards during the promotion , unless I find a better card at the Office Supply stores for my Chase Ink

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