Big Improvement to British Airways Household Accounts for Families

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I know many in the miles and points world loved the concept of the British Airways Household accounts as you could pool earned points with others in the household.  This meant that your kids’ points, your spouse’s, yours, etc. could all be combined into one pool in order to maximize the value of those points.  This was especially relevant for families with children, as you can’t have a British Airways Executive Account without being a member of a Household Account, until you are 18 years old.

However, I was never remotely interested in having a Household Account for my own family both because my daughter didn’t really need a BA account since we have plenty of frequent flyer accounts in the US for her, and most importantly because if you had a household account, you could then only redeem the Avios for those who were members of the household.  You could have up to seven members of the household account, provided they all resided at the same address.  However, I often redeem my points for other family members who don’t live at my address.  I do this so they can visit us without having to use their own points or money, and also I have done it a few times in emergency situations to get them where they needed to be.  Avios are perfect for those last minute flights on partners Alaska and American as there are no last minute booking fees.

If you never used your Avios for those outside your household that was a non-issue, but for me it was a total deal breaker since I frequently use my Avios for others.  However, as Head For Points points out, British Airways has rather quietly made a real improvement to their terms, and now in addition to the seven household members, you can have a list of five “friends and family” who you can also redeem Avios for.  Those persons do not need to reside at your household, and you can delete them from your list after six months, thus opening up another slot if needed.

While I redeem for others frequently, it is a pretty small number of people I redeem for, and that number has never exceeded five non-household members in any given six month period.  This solution still won’t work for everyone, but it will open up Household Accounts to more people who still liked to redeem for a few other select people.

Will this change impact your use of British Airways Household accounts?


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  1. @mommypoints

    How did you redeem avios for others? I have my wife as household account and I have been unable to redeem avios for my sister who lives at different address.

    Did you call to do this?

  2. Jim, I can do it easily because I don’t have a Household Account…for that exact reason. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. That is why the household account was a no-go for me in the past.

  3. @mommy

    How can I fix this so I can book avios flights for my sister and relatives who don’t live with me?

    Right now I have my account and my wife has hers but when I log on her account, i see that we are in one household account. ONLY 2 persons name shows up when we search a flight= me and wife. Can I open a separate Avios account for myself only and transfer some UR points to it so I can use it however I want?

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