IHG Rewards Big Win Promotion Clarifies Some Details

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When the IHG Rewards Big Win 2014 website rolled out over the weekend, there was a question about one of the actions that said you could “Stay Smart” and earn bonus points for staying at two Holiday Inns.  However, many IHG Rewards junkies immediately knew that the “Stay Smart” campaign is attached to Holiday Inn Express brand, not Holiday Inn.  I reached out to IHG Rewards yesterday and was told they would be clarifying that offer as it indeed had an error in it.  I was told it would be changing to say Holiday Inn Express, not Holiday Inn.  However, it seems that how it changed just depends on what your specific offer was intended to be.

My own Big Win offer simply dropped the “Stay Smart” descriptor for that action and changed it to “Change Your View”, and the action remains stay at two different Holiday Inn hotels.  So, check your individual offer again to see how that specific action got clarified.  Hopefully at least you will now have clarity one way or the other about which type of hotel you need to stay at to get those bonus points!

Big Win IHG Mommy PointsYou can check your individual IHG Rewards Big Win offer here, or read about mine and others offers (in the comments section) in this post.

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  1. Does it specifically say that it has to be 2 DIFFERENT Holiday Inns? I get that it needs to be 2 different stays (not consecutive nights), but “Stay at 2 Holiday Inn Hotels” IMO sounds like it could be the same hotel on 2 different stays. I got this offer, plus a similar one to “Stay at 2 Holiday Inn Express Hotels”. Thanks!

  2. And yet – the picture shown still shows Holiday Inn 😉

    btw – do you know if we’re required to stay in 2 different HIex’s? Or can it be the same?

  3. Mommypoints – Thanks for the clarification!

    Any news on if there will be a flash sale again this month? FTG mentioned it in a semi related post a couple of days back, but I have yet to see any details on it.

  4. I’m still confused. Mine still says to stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotels, not Express. What should I do?

    Also, about the 2 Holiday Inn (Express) hotels, that means that of the 4 stays required of me, 2 have to be at 2 *different* HIX?

  5. It’s like this:
    “CHANGE YOUR VIEW” = Holiday Inn, which means you have to stay at a Holiday Inn, like in the picture. Terms have been updated to reflect same.
    “STAY SMART” = Holiday Inn Express which means you have to stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Terms have been updated to reflect same.

    I believe you can stay at the same hotel more than once (but not for consecutive nights) and get the credit. Maybe MommyP. can clarify more on that point.

    • Nick, that is my understanding re HIE and HI so thanks for stating it in a clear way. 😉 I don’t have a good answer on whether you can stay in the hotel more than once yet.

  6. One of my challenges is to book 2 stays with the “mobile app.” Do you know if I would meet the criteria if I book using the mobile website? There is not an app for the Blackberry (which I use). Thanks!

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