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Almost every time I post about a mileage bonus from the AAdvantage e-Shopping portal there will be a comment (or dozen) about how they don’t pay out bonuses, so don’t waste your time.  There is no arguing that sometimes you do have to follow-up to get your bonus points, but sending an email to get 2,000 – 3,000 bonus points when they don’t automatically post ranks in the category of “mildly annoying” for me, but certainly not in the category of “don’t waste your time”.  That said, it can be hard to remember to even ask for the missing bonus miles unless you keep much better records than I do.

However, this week I got something from the AA shopping portal that I have never received before, and I view it as a pretty nice improvement.  I got an email that said:

Thank you for shopping with AAdvantage eShopping during the Go Over And Above Holiday Bonus. The promotional period has now ended and our records indicate that your recent purchases may qualify you for bonus miles!*

The email went on to say expect to wait 8-10 weeks for the miles and outlined the terms and conditions of the offer.  You can see the screen shot of the email below for full details.

AAdvantage eShopping Mommy Points

This email encourages me on two levels.  First, perhaps the 2,500 bonus miles will actually post correctly since I’m clearly on some list for participating in the promo.  Second, it at least serves as a reminder to be on the lookout for the miles in case they don’t show up within 8-10 weeks from when the promo ended.

The 2,000 miles I was due from participating in a similar promotion in September didn’t post on their own, but a simple online complaint that they were still missing resulted in their manual posting within a couple of days.  Here is a post on how to follow-up on missing shopping portal miles It is mildly annoying to have to chase the miles for sure, but worth it for 2,000 bonus miles that were earned so easily via a $35 purchase in the portal.  My toes are crossed that this next bonus posts without my lifting a finger.

AAdvantage Bonus Mommy Points

Also remember that there is currently a promotion that will award up to 3,000 bonus AA miles for purchases made via the AAdvantage portal totaling $250 or more through 12/22/13.  For those who don’t have that much holiday shopping left to do, you can also get 1,000 bonus miles for cumulative purchases totaling $75.

Did you get a similar email recently from the AAdvantage portal about the last bonus?

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  1. I went in 3 times. My AA, my wife’s AA, and my daughter’s AA. All for $250.

    ME: Walgreens (nope, not showing up in my account history), Sears (nope), FTD (nope), and $5.49 at at 3X (yup). Emailed them. No email about the bonus.

    WIFE: Most things posted. 60X only shows $41.00 of $61.96, so only Kiplinger’s Finance and Consumer Reports, not Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle or Family Fun. Very odd. Also one Buy Buy Baby $29 purchase at 2X didn’t post, which I need to send email about. She got the email.

    DAUGHTER: Over $250 at Neiman Marcus at 12X (yup). Got the email.

    I think you got the email if you crossed ANY of the $75/$150/$250 thresholds. Doesn’t mean you’ll see 2,500 miles, but you will see at least 750. Check your shopping history and bitch about anything that isn’t there.

    One VERY VERY ODD thing. In their response to my inquiry about the missing FTD transaction I got:

    “It seems that the purchase from was made through a direct offer that American Airlines has made available to its members.

    We are aware that you may have seen this offer advertised on the AAdvantage eShoppingSM site. However, we do advertise offers on behalf of AAdvantage eShoppingSM and this is one of those offers. We are very sorry for the frustration and confusion this has caused.”

    So: there are things on the AAdvantage shopping site that don’t count. Looking back at the screen shot I grabbed of the FTD offer it says:

    “Please note these terms & conditions: Please allow 6-8 weeks for posting of AAdvantage miles to your AAdvantage program account by FTD. These purhcases will post directly to your AAdvantage account, and will not appear as an eShopping purchase in your eShopping account.”

    Guess I’ll have to be much more careful with such things in the future. This hobby is a major pain in the a** sometimes.

    So of the 7,500 miles I expected to post so far I think I’ll see 1,500 + 2,500 = 4,000 without any emails. Another 1,500 may be attainable with some back and forth. We’ll see.

  2. “there will be a comment (or dozen) about how they don’t pay out bonuses, so don’t waste your time”

    There is a reason for that, hopefully no longer relevant. A couple of years ago, I was due 2,500 bonus miles from the AA portal. I ended up sending something like 30 or 40 emails. Most were never even acknowledged, but several times I got a response that the miles would post “soon”. They never did post, and eventually they just stopped answering my emails all together. 🙁

    I was disgusted with them, and refused to buy thru them anymore. Lately my wife has been ordering thru them due to the high bonus offers, and while I don’t know if everything is posting, I can see a number of purchases have already posted on her AA account. So maybe they have cleaned up their act after all.

  3. Annoying it is. I stopped using AA and went to cash back portals which work almost all the time.

    Due to recent AA web portal promotions, I went back, made legitimate purchases and then found out that my purchases were excluded due to lengthy T&C.

    Back to cash back portals. Too much headaches, I would rather spend my time with MS.

  4. Got it as well.

    And today my $668.00 purchase posted as confirmed so should be getting the 3000 bonus too. I found that tons of retailers plus ShopRunner thru Amex plat offered free shipping. This alone made it a very comfortable experience.

    But I miss the decorations, Santa and carols so tomorrow afternoon I am hitting the mall !

  5. I also got the email from AAdvantage portal.

    The 2000 AA miles showed up on my AA FF account this week for the promotion of $35 purchase. That is about 10 weeks as they promised.

    When I sent email re: missing miles, they responded most of the time but not quickly. However, the last one I sent in November went no where. They simply ignored my status follow-up email. A company rep PM’d me after I made a comment on FT and asked me for the inquiry number. I provided it but still no feedback. Busy holiday season could be the reason.

    I also ordered from for the x60 deal. Only 1 out of 5 got posted. I can only guess it was because the one posted was $18 while the others were $6 – $9. Perhaps they are too cheap and not eligible to earn miles. People said they received this note from the AA portal about missing x60 miles : “We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. we are currently experiencing ongoing technical issues. Please know that we have a team dedicated on making sure that this is fixed in a timely manner and your miles should be posted within the next few weeks.”

  6. I envy you. I have sent 4 emails about the 2000 promotion from September. The latest response follows:
    Dear Joanna

    Thank you for contacting AAdvantage eShoppingSM.

    You asked:
    In September 2013 I made 2 purchases which posted to my AAdvantage account. According to AADvantage e-shopping promotion at that time i should have received 2000 bonus miles for spending $35.00 or more. I have never received bonus points. This is my second inquiry
    see below copy of my September transactions:
    Barnes and Noble Nook ORDER # 656849272 09/12/2013 09/13/2013 $12.99 26 Confirmed
    ORDER # 9243970890 09/11/2013 09/12/2013 $50.00 100 Confirmed

    I apologize for the inconvenience that you have been through, this 2000 Bonus Miles can now be sent to be credited to your account. Please allow a few weeks for miles to post.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us If you have any other concerns or need additional information.

    Thank you for your patience, it is appreciated.


    AAdvantage eShoppingSM Customer Care

  7. My gripe is not so much with the portal itself, but with merchants who use every trick to avoid payment of the miles. 123 inkjets is a classic, always responding to inquiries from the portals with “this purchase used a non-portal discount code” when you used no code, and Best Buy almost never posts without follow up. has always worked for me (but I undo their auto-renewal service every time, as the follow up renewals are unwanted. Most of the office supply miles post properly. Gift is also a reliable poster.

  8. I purchased $1,148 of clothes from Jos A Bank when they were offering 15 miles per dollar on December 4th. There is still no record of it on my AAdvantage portal account. It concerns me, because that is a significant amount of miles (17,220). Do you think I should contact them or just keep waiting since it’s only been 2 1/2 weeks.

  9. I also received the email and all of my purchases are accurate. Must be one of the lucky ones as I haven’t ever had any problems with the AA portal.

  10. The entire site is a joke. I made a $275 purchase for 6 miles/dollar. There was an initial problem with it being back ordered, but it was fixed within a few minutes. AA never awarded me my miles and I have contacted then and complied with the paperwork they needed me send in many different times. At one point I did request for a way to speak with a representative, and the QUICKLY responded that they do not have that service. It was within the same emails as with my prior issue and they never addressed it. Apparently AA only feels the need to correct problems that would directly affect them. They have terrible representation to their customers and no sense of responsibility. THIS ENTIRE PROGRAM IS A SCAM AND DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU OVERSPEND ON PRODUCTS THAT YOU CAN FIND ELSEWHERE FOR CHEAPER!!!!!!!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS FRAUDULENT SITE!!!!!!!!!!!

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