Hyatt Regency Toronto: Great Location, But Needs Renovation

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During Star MegaDo 5, I left the official host hotel (Ritz Carlton Toronto) after one night, and tried out the Hyatt Regency Toronto for a brief one-night stay.  It was less expensive than the host hotel, and I needed a Hyatt stay credit to help me re-qualify for Diamond status, so I tried it out even though everyone I mentioned my plans to warned me that it isn’t the greatest Hyatt.  I picked this Hyatt over the Park Hyatt Toronto even though they were similar prices when I booked purely because the location was better for my needs.  The location is indeed great and very walkable to many downtown Toronto destinations, but as it stands location is probably the highlight of this hotel.

Hotel Overview:

The Hyatt Regency Toronto has 394 rooms, including 32 suites.  It was converted from a Holiday Inn in 2009.  It is actually a really good Hyatt Gold Passport redemption option from a point valuation perspective as a Category 2 hotel that costs just 8,000 points per night.  You will regularly be getting well over 2 cents per point when redeeming at this property.


Suite Upgrade:

I checked in relatively late in the day for my one night stay, but found out at check-in that as a Diamond I was upgraded to a suite (which is relatively unusual for me in my travels with Hyatt), and I immediately felt a little bad I wasn’t hosting a MegaDo after-party, since there was plenty of room in the living room to do so!



The suite actually felt a bit empty and lonely with just me in it, but it was still very nice of the hotel to upgrade me.  Since I was there on such a short stay, I pretty much just used the bedroom and slept as much as possible.


The bed was comfortable and the TV worked fine for the 30 minutes that I had it on.  There were some issues I had with sleeping, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

The bathroom was one area that really just struck me as funky looking and in need of a renovation.  It wasn’t terrible by any stretch, but the red, white, and black theme just was not one I am accustomed to in Hyatt hotels.  In fact, it kind of summed up the whole hotel for me – almost nice, but sort of odd…sometimes in an intangible way.

20131113-152722.jpgThe biggest problem I had with the hotel was a high pitched noise that happened frequently, but intermittently, all throughout the night.  It was loud enough to wake me up from time to time, and it was just the right pitch to make me go a little bit nuts.  I was able to record the noise right before I left in the morning (mostly to prove I wasn’t crazy).  The video was taken from the living area of the suite, but it sounded essentially the same in the sleeping portion.


I’d love to hear if I’m truly crazy, or if that would likely bother you as well.

To end with a positive, they did offer Diamond breakfast either in the restaurant or via room service, but it did not start until after I had to leave for an early flight, so I didn’t get a chance to try it out on this visit.  At just 8,000 points per night, this is the perfect hotel from a location perspective to use some Hyatt Gold Passport Points, or Ultimate Reward points transferred in from cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Ink Plus Business Card.  I think it will be great when this hotel does a renovation, but in the meantime it is a nice points value, and I would stay here again for a short stay as long as I had a room minus the weird high-pitched noise!


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  1. No, you are not crazy at all with the noise! I had the same problem with the Le Meridien in Bangkok. I couldn’t sleep it was so loud. The hotel claimed that it was bugs outside (on the 20th floor!?) and told me basically to deal with it (SPG Plat and got no upgrade).. It was a mechancial issue. Anyway, great review and I have done the same thing with recording the noise too.

  2. I tend to stay at this Hyatt a few times per year as I have a nearby customer and agree, it needs some sprucing up. Have been upgraded to a similar suite a few times, nice and all. Breakfast is pretty good downstairs, staff is very attentive and welcoming.

    For my most recent Toronto stay (and Diamond requal stay) I picked the Park Hyatt and OMG did they go all out. They upgraded me to one of their named (Trillium) 2-floor suites and provided Champagne for the first night and wine for the 2nd. I think I’ll be staying there in the future 😉

  3. A, glad to know I’m not (too) crazy. 😉 That wouldn’t sound like any bugs I’ve ever heard. Ha!
    GFB, I agree the staff was good (at least during my limited interactions) and glad to hear the breakfast is pretty good. Awesome about the Park Hyatt – I hope to try that one out on a future visit!

  4. MP: I have a question I’m hoping you can help me answer. I live in Africa, and we have a 6 mo old baby. As I understand it, all children – regardless of age – need their own seat for international flights. If we were to get award tickets for our family back to the US, do you think it would be workable to redeem for 2 business class seats and 1 economy seat? Our child is too young to sit by himself, so obviously he’ll be spending the entire flight sitting with myself or my husband. It seems like a waste to get a 6 mo old their own business class seat when it will just sit empty. Do you think the airline – either Turkish/United or Air France – would have an issue letting all three of us sit in the business class cabin with two business class tickets (and one unused economy ticket)? Thanks for any thoughts.

    • MJ, you do not have to have a seat for a child under 2, but they do have to have a ticket. They can get a lap infant ticket for usually 10% of the price of a ticket. You will need to ticket the child in the cabin you want them to sit with you (since they are on your lap). Some airlines allow you to pay 10% miles instead of 10% fare (10% fare is going to often be a decent amount of a premium cabin ticket). I can’t find my post on that topic right this second for some reason, but here is a good list by The Points Guy.

  5. Thank you! What a mess… Given that premium cabin tickets from Africa are so expensive, seems like it might be a better deal to just redeem miles for a third ticket. I really appreciate the help!

    • MJ, sometimes that is the best. Or three coach seats instead of two biz class. Of course, if you can book via Aeroplan on United you avoid fuel surcharges and can pay a plat low miles fee for the infant.

  6. I stayed here for a month back in Sept/Oct. You are paying exactly for location given it is in the heart of Toronto’s restaurants and nightlife scene. I will say what they lack in room quality, they more than make up in service with their staff.

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