What Happens When You Hit United 1K Elite Status

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I know this won’t be relevant to that many people, especially in light of the new revenue requirement that will require those in the United States to not only fly 100,000 elite qualifying miles to hit 1K status with United, but also spend $10,000 Premier Qualifying dollars.  However, I have seen questions about the timing of things when you hit 1K status that I wanted to share my experience since I just qualified myself.


I flew 100,100 elite qualifying miles on United in 2013 and crossed the 100,000 mile threshold to attain 1K status on the evening of December 31st – the last day of the year.  I think that was probably cutting things a bit too close for comfort, but it all worked out in the end.  For anyone who might be interested, here was how the timing of things worked once I flew the flight that put me over the 100k mark.

December 31, 2013 flew flight that put me over 100,000 elite qualifying miles

January 2, 2014 flight posted to my United account

January 2, 2014 account updated to reflect 1K status

January 3, 2014 2 Regional Premier Upgrades and 6 Global Premier Upgrades deposited in account

It was also someone interesting to note that the flight that pushed me to 1K posted with 100% redeemable miles bonus instead of the 75% bonus that I would have received as a Platinum.  So, even though I wasn’t 1K when the flight took off, I got the 1K 100% redeemable miles bonus since I did hit that status by the time it landed.  Obviously not a huge difference, but if the flight that brings you from one status level to another is a longer flight, it should result in some decent additional redeemable miles.

I’m sure the exact timing of events will vary some from one person to the next, but that was my experience.  As soon as I saw the Regional upgrades deposited, I promptly applied one that I needed for a flight to Hawaii next summer.  Using a regional upgrade is a much, much better option than 30,000 miles + $500 to secure an upgrade!

Regional Upgrade

I hope everyone who achieved elite status in 2013 is able to make the most of their perks in 2014!

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  1. I’ve used a regional upgrade for a EWR-HNL flight once a few years ago. Best use of a regional premier upgrade!!! Have your UA 1K card arrived yet? I was a 1K the past 2 years (was CO platinum before that) but this year opted to be a free agent for 2014. When I travelled with my 1K card, I feel more people were impressed by the CO platinum card or the gold card since most other frequent flyer programs have no idea what 1K means (other than 1000.) Perhaps if it was called UA 100K it would be more accurate.

  2. CM, are you serious? You have nothing better to say than that? I hope you enjoy your UA first class and your $10k in tickets in 2014, since you don’t seem to value MP but somehow read the blog anyway.

  3. Connie, I honestly hope I don’t make 1K. If I do it means I spent more and flew more on paid tickets quite a bit more than expected.
    Richard, glad you liked it!
    Will, some things baffle me as well. 😉
    Joey, haven’t received anything yet since I just hit the status a day or two ago. 1K is a weird name for sure!
    MP Fan, ha ha. I hope I’m not spending and flying that much and I hope that everyone is enjoys the heck out of it!

  4. @Connie I spit on you you budget first Class flyer……..why are you not in a private jet you WalMart swine……….

  5. @connie,

    I’m not one to be shy about giving negative feedback to bloggers, but your post was mean and not called for. UA will lose revenue from fliers like MP due to their short-sighted revenue requirements.

  6. Summer:

    Congratulations on your 1K status. You clearly earned it BIS and deserve it. I had that goal and just couldn’t bring myself to spend the time sitting in airplanes, so I’ll be happy with my gold status.

    Subhumans like Connie Marble (clearly a fake name as those sorts don’t ever want to expose their actual identity) and it’s comments are why I have more and more trimmed back on the number of blogs I read and seriously pruned the people I see on FB. Life is too short to spent it being negative towards other people.

    Have a wonderful 2014! Life is good!

  7. Is there a good way to trade expiring regional and global upgrades for miles with other people? I have a bunch that are going away at the end of Jan 2014…

  8. just crossed over to 1k and the flight that took me over did not give me 100% bonus, only 75%. it might be a change from last year.

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