Club Carlson Brings Back Decent Promotion for 2014!

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Club Carlson was on fire with hotel promotions back in 2012, but they were pretty quiet through 2013 on the promotion front.  Club Carlson may not sound like an overly exciting or familiar hotel program to some, but trust me these are points you want to have.  I’m just about out of Club Carlson points after redeeming for some pretty good hotels in Europe (for trips that will be happening soon), so am happy to report a promotion is back that can result in a fair number of bonus Club Carlson points.

It is advertised as “Stay 3 Nights, Get 1 Free”, but your free night you earn is points, not a night certificate (and that’s a good thing).  After you register and complete three eligible nights between January 6, 2014 and April 13, 2014 at any of their 1,000+ participating hotels worldwide, you earn 38,000 bonus points.  As a point of reference, their lowest category hotels go for 9,000 points per night, and their top end hotels go for 50,000 points per night.  Only one bonus per member will be awarded, so I would move on to a different chain’s promo after three nights. Stays or nights paid for using Points + Cash are not eligible for this promotion. Registration must be received before checkout of the first eligible stay to qualify.

Club Carlson Promotion 2014 Mommy Points

I have two nights during the promotion period that I’m pretty sure will be paid nights at a Club Carlson hotel, so now I just have to decide if I will have a third that will trigger the bonus 38,000 points.  This may not sound like an overwhelming number of points, but keep in mind that it only takes 50,000 points to stay at a top end Club Carlson hotel, and when you have the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature like I do, then your last award night is free.  That means that this promo almost gives me enough bonus points for two free nights in a top end Club Carlson hotel like the May Fair in London.


I think a promo that essentially gives me almost enough points for two award nights in a top tier hotel for three paid stays isn’t too shabby compared to the other offers out there.

Thanks to Deals We Like for sharing news of this promo.


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  1. If you have the card you would be receiving a minimum of 44k points as gold elites earn 2000 points per booking. Throw in the hotel spend at 10 points per $ and you are almost at 50k.

  2. Saying a promo essentially gives you enough points for a free stay of two nights, when you have to have a specific credit card to make it work (ie, it is a function of the credit card not the promo) is in poor taste.

    It is a promo that gives you 75% of a free night after 3 nights. Nothing more, nothing less.

    That said, I’m happy you shared it.

  3. Agree with everything here, except I have to add my 2 cents about The May Fair. Just stayed there 4 days in December and it was a disaster. We got put on the side of the hotel with the night clubs and the music didn’t end til 1am on Friday and Saturday. At 1:40am on Friday night, some overly drunk person from the club started pulling fire alarms for 20 minutes. I learned the hard way the next morning (Saturday) that Club Carlson has no operators or anyone that can help you until Monday morning.

  4. TTF: 38,000 points will get you at least one free night at most Club Carlson properties, as very few actually require 50,000 points. In fact it would give you more than four free nights at the cheapest Club Carlson properties, even without the credit card.

  5. Sky, exactly. Thanks for spelling out what I was thinking. 😉
    Lively, you’re welcome. I’m pretty excited about it, too (relative to other options).
    TTF, sorry you feel that way. Much of what happens in the miles and points world doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is maximized by having certain things and doing things a certain way. My “job” is to help point out some of those easy ways to take something that is okay and make it much better. Thanks for sharing.
    Tom, yuck! We didn’t have that experience, but good to know.
    Chris, indeed. 😉
    meghanb904, good question that I plan to ask them. I didn’t see a list of excluded properties, so it may just be language that means nothing, but I will try and verify.
    TTF, hmmm. It still seems to be working on this end, though I can’t apply for it and test it all the way through as I already have the card. If anyone else has that issue let me know!
    Travis, thanks for sharing. 😉

  6. My partner and I and 8 year old daughter will be in London for 6 nights in July. I wanted to stay at the Mayfair but I have read such mixed reviews. Can you suggest other top Club Carlson properties in London? I have the credit card as well. Best

  7. Nkk, May Fair is the only one I have stayed at and I have recommended it to family members who are also going to stay there, so that is my #1 pick for London. Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London is in a good location, but I can’t speak personally to any but May Fair.

  8. soo many choices….. Should I work my Marriott points or Club Carlson? I’m staying a Radisson Blu Champs Elysees in March 2 rooms/ 2 cards on points. Thanks for the info. I am a new points enthusiast, but we have recently enjoyed IHG status and Marriott. …..I’m really low level, but it’s fun to get a little freebie when you check in.

  9. TTF–I don’t understand how that is in “poor taste.” If one has the Club Carlson card then it does in fact almost give that person two free nights at a top CC property, just as her second to the last paragraph states:

    This may not sound like an overwhelming number of points, but keep in mind that it only takes 50,000 points to stay at a top end Club Carlson hotel, and when you have the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature like I do, then your last award night is free. That means that this promo almost gives me enough bonus points for two free nights in a top end Club Carlson hotel like the May Fair in London.

    She does then reiterate that point in her final paragraph without specifying the credit card–but applying it to herself–she does in fact “essentially” give her almost enough points for two free nights b/c she also has the cobranded credit card.

    I did notice in your later post that you are now trying to get the credit card–that is a great idea. That last night free benefit is amazing. But caution–Club Carlson sent me the “wrong” card (apparently because I had opened up a couple of credit cards prior to that one to close together). I still get the last night free benefit, but I didn’t get the full amount of points for the signup bonus. The card you want is black, not gray. If Club Carlson sends you the wrong card, call them immediately. I’m contemplating cancelling my card due to this frustration and then having my wife get a card instead so we have the “premier” card rather than the “rewards” card.

  10. @mommypoints: what would you say is the break even point for booking mattress runs on this? My wife told me yesterday that she doesn’t want to travel for a few months (part of me died when said that, but I digress). That being said, assuming we have the “Premier” card (which as I noted above I need to get), that would effectively be 50K points after on-line booking. I have found a hotel not to far away for about $60-$70 a night–around $200 for 3 nights. I’m seriously contemplating 3 mattress runs at that property as booking those three nights with the CC credit card would effectively give 50K points, meaning two free nights in NYC or London or even Chicago Radisson Blu. For example, the NYC Martinique can go for anywhere from low $200s into the $400 a night range. So, two paid nights in NYC would cost you $400-$800. But, with this promo combined with the credit card, the cost is effectively only $200-$300 for the weekend, or $100-$150 a night.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but assuming one has the Club Carlson card and will use the points, this seems to be the best hotel promo of any chain I have seen since the good old days of the Club Carlson major points bonanza in the summer of 2012. In fact, this is potentially better than even those promos, because the Club Carlson credit card last night free benefit didn’t exist at the time.

  11. Any idea if this is applicable to previously booked reservations? I registered today and already have a 4 night (paid) stay booked later this month. I don’t see anything in the terms on this either way.

  12. Max–is the 4 night stay nonrefundable? Has the price gone up since you booked? If the promo doesn’t apply, the room is refundable and the price is the same, you could just rebook the room.

  13. J, awesome! I’ll be right behind you there in April.
    G, it all depends on when and where you will use the points. Club Carlson is ripe for a devaluation, so I wouldn’t spend an extra dime without at least a rough plan of how you will use the points. However, if you are pretty certain you will use the points relatively soon (or at least make the booking relatively soon) at some of the places you describe then spending $200 – $250ish can be worth it if you have the card and need points.
    Max, it should be. The terms just say that registration must be received before checkout of the first eligible stay to qualify.

  14. MP, I’m also very interested in which properties are “participating”, and whether stays booked prior to promotion start qualify. Thanks for all your help!!

    • UAPhil, I have asked. Waiting for an answer on participating properties. I don’t see any reason to think that stays already booked won’t qualify.

  15. @NKK I’d recommend the Radisson Blu Mercer Street for a London property it was the fourth highest rated CC property with 4.5 stars on tripadvisor when I booked for my 7/13 stay. Amazing location and overall very good hotel. Other top ones were park plaza Westminster bridge or county hall and plaza on the river. Debated those for but knew from prior trips to London that mercer street had best location and I was definitely more than happy.

    Anyone who books the Mayfair is doing it based on reputation of the name and price. It’s certainly not the best property there and overall gets pretty average reviews.

    • Jeremy, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try to check that one out next time I’m using Club Carlson points in London, though I will say that May Fair was better than average for my stay and in a good location. Of course, I can’t compare to the Mercer St location as I have yet to stay there, but sounds like there are lots of good options on Carlson points in London!

  16. When I first saw this I too wondered if it was mattress run worthy as it seems pretty good. However when one has the credit card and can earn 38k points on $7600 in spend which if manufactured 100% using VRs would cost about $60. Adding in a couple more to get the points earned for online booking bonus and hotel rate and you’re still at prob $85 tops. Even factoring in any spend that could have been spent on a diff card I still think it’s not mattress run worthy. Great promo if you need the stays anyway.

  17. Nice job by Club Carlson. I completed my third night (and stay) on January 10. Today the 38,000 point bonus posted as part of that stay’s credit. Well done!!

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