Use American Miles to Book US Airways Operated Flights and Vice Versa

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Today marks another big step in the American Airlines and US Airways merger for miles and points junkies as you can now book American Airlines operated flights with US Airways miles via the US Airways site, and book US Airways operated flights with American Airlines miles via the American Airlines site (at least at the saver levels).

As a very simplistic example, here you can see the option to use 12,500 American Airlines miles to fly the US Airways operated flight one-way from Houston to Charlotte.

US and AA miles

In a somewhat more interesting example, you can fly US Airways operated flights during the American Airways off-peak times and rates such as this example below that is 20,000 American Airlines miles one-way from Houston to Rome in April.  In this case, you can choose from the British Airways operated flights which will hit you with large fuel surcharges, or the US operated flights that won’t.

Us aAir nd AA miles

If you booked the same flights via US Airways it would cost you 30,000 miles each way, and you would not be able to book just a one-way for half the price of a round trip.  Your final RT price would drop to 55,000 US Airways miles if you have the US card via the US site, but your final price with AA miles for the same trip price effectively drops from 40,000 to 36,000 American miles RT if you have the co-branded AA card and get 10% of your redeemed miles back as a result.

I couldn’t personally find examples of American operated flights coming up as options at the US Airways off-peak times via the US site, but it is possible I just did not search extensively enough.  There will be many examples where it pays to book via one site or the other until the programs align their award charts and/or operate as one program.

I expect many more developments to unfold today, such as details on reciprocal elite benefits, and more!

Thanks to this Flyertalk thread for the head’s up!

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  1. I found sample award flights DFW-LHR for around 60k rt on economy on AA metal. However Dividend Select Miles wont apply 🙁

  2. Glad the US Airways flights are showing up on AA. Now I just need them to show up on BA. I was able to find DSM->PHX on AA via US Airways, but I can’t find the same direct flight on BA. Since it is 1147 miles according to what I’ve found, I should be able to book that for 7,500 Avios each way once it shows up, right?

  3. I found some USAir flights showing up on the American Airlines site but when I went to the the USAir website to search for the very same trips, US air didn’t show AA Flights. I am not a fan of USAir at all so I will be glad when the merger is complete.

  4. USAir’s website doesn’t display partner awards so I doubt it will start showing AA flights. Probably have to call.

    Can we combine US and other airlines? For example fly US from DCA to PHL and then BA from PHL to LHR?

  5. Interesting. I have a gazillion American points and need a few for a USAir award. I await the day when I can transfer points between programs. Maybe that day is today 🙂

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