50,000 Point Southwest Credit Cards Available

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This offer has expired.  Please go here to see current offer.

The 50,000 point sign-up bonus after spending $2,000 on the Southwest credit cards seems to come and go every few months.  The good news is it has now returned!  There are four different versions of the Southwest credit cards.  This includes a business and a personal version of the Plus and Premier cards.  The cards are very similar, but they are considered unique products by Chase.  The main difference is that the Plus cards have a $69 annual fee and the Premier cards have a $99 annual fee.  This FT thread has links to the Plus cards.  I have the official link to the Premier card shown below.  If you are just starting out, the Plus cards likely make more sense due to the lower annual fee, but if you have already had that card and now need a different one to keep expenses separate or similar, then the Premier would be good for you.

Use the Southwest Credit Cards to Obtain Companion Pass:

As you may have heard me say before, the best deal in family travel (at least for those who can fly Southwest conveniently) is the Companion Pass.  You need 110,000 qualifying points to earn the Companion Pass so that your designated companion can fly free with you on any Southwest operated flight whether your ticket was purchased with cash or points.  The 50,000 credit card sign-up bonus have been counting for years toward the Companion Pass, so this can give you a quick jolt toward getting to 110k.  This is a very good time of the year to get the credit cards and work toward the pass as quickly as possible as it is good the year you earn it and the next year.

Southwest Devaluation Coming:

Do be aware that effective March 31st Southwest will be devaluing their points by 15%, so while the 50,000 sign-up bonus points are worth over $835 toward “Wanna Get Away” right now, if you get them and/or use them after March 31st they will be worth $710 toward “Wanna Get Away” fares.  That is still a bunch of travel for one sign-up bonus, but it is something to be aware of.

I don’t see an expiration date for this offer yet, but I will share one if it becomes available.  Good luck if you decide to go for one of these cards!


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    • Victoria, that has also worked for many people. I think explaining need for a biz card is easier but personal works often too.

  1. I used to love Southwest but lately all my flights with them have been on AirTran, which I absolutely despise! So despite the big bonus I’m gonna pass, and use up the SW miles I already have.

  2. Between me and my husband, who do you think has a better chance of being approved for 2 cards (our goal is the companion pass)? My husband has more recent inquiries than I do and more recently applied for a Chase card (about 6 months ago), but he has a business and could apply for one personal card and one business card. I have fewer recent inquiries and haven’t gotten a new chase card in about 2 years, but I would have to apply for 2 personal cards since I don’t have a business. We both have great credit and about 5 other Chase cards each. Thanks for any suggestions!

  3. If I already have a southwest personal credit card, can I apply for another one in order to get the 50,000 points. Will a second card be granted if I already have one.

  4. I just got the personal Premier card 2 weeks ago (along with an SPG Biz card). Normally I wouldn’t apply for another card for at least 90 days but I’m just now reading about the companion pass strategy of getting 2 SW cards so I’m thinking it’s worth the hard inquiry to go for the SW biz card now rather than waiting. Will applying for the biz card put a hard inquiry on my personal credit report?

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