Think Before Registering for New Hyatt Promotion Today

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Hyatt Gold Passport’s new Endless Possibilities promotion is open for registration, and it is actually a pretty decent promotion compared to some we have seen from Hyatt in the last year or so.  As I pointed out when I first discussed this promo, you need to think about your situation and do the math before registering, as once you register your bonus choice cannot be changed.

Endless Possibilities Promotion Details:

The promotion will run from January 15, 2014 – April 30, 2014.  You have your choice of earning either up to 50,000 bonus points, or up to four free nights at a Category 1-4 hotel.  Once you register for one option, that is your choice for the duration of the promo.  This choice will require you to do some strategizing to see which way you come out the most ahead based on the number of eligible nights you will have during the promotion, as well as how you will want to redeem your nights/points.  Remember that cash and points stays are eligible for this promotion.

5 nights = 1 night at a Cat 1-4 hotel or 5,000 bonus points

10 nights = 2 nights at a Cat 1-4 hotel or 15,000 bonus points (5k + 10k)

15 nights = 3 nights in a Cat 1-4 hotel or 30,000 bonus points (5k + 10k +15k)

20 nights = 4 nights in a Cat 1-4 hotel or 50,000 bonus points (5k +10k +15k + 20K)

Registration Links:

Register to Earn Free Nights at Category 1-4 Hyatts

Register to Earn Bonus Points

Free Nights at Category 1-4 Hotels:

If you choose the free nights at a Category 1-4 hotel instead of bonus points, you will be able to redeem them with no blackout dates through July 31, 2014 (subject to standard room availability).

Some example of hotels that are in Categories 1-4 are Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf, Hyatt Regency Orlando, Hyatt Regency Austin, Olive 8 in Seattle, Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile, Grand Hyatt Istanbul, Hyatt Regency Orange County, Hyatt Place Waikiki, Grand Hyatt DFW, New York New York Hotel in Vegas, and many more.  Keep in mind that a few hotels used to be Category 4’s, are not anymore, so they won’t work with the Category 1-4 certs.  These hotels include Andaz West Hollywood, Hyatt Place New York Midtown, Hyatt Mag Mile in Chicago, among others.

For comparison purposes, Category 4 hotels are 15,000 Hyatt points per night, Category 3 hotels are 12,000 points per night, Category 2 hotels are 8,000 points per night, and Category 1 hotels are 5,000 points per night.

Selecting Your Option:

You really need to know how you want to redeem your bonus to know which is best.  Obviously if you are only going to have 5 eligible nights and can redeem them in a Category 4 hotel by July 31st then you would be much better off with the Cat 1-4 night than 5,000 points. However, the equation changes quickly based on how many eligible nights you will have, and what level of hotel you want to redeem them in.  For example, if you got the full 50,000 points bonus, that is 10 reward nights in a Category 1 hotel, instead of just the max of 4 free nights in a Category 1 hotel you would get if you choose the Cat 1-4 option.

Potentially Wait to Register:

Normally I don’t recommend busy parents or travelers to wait to register for promotions as it is just too easy to forget the deadline and then miss out on the bonus all together.  However, this may be one of the rare times where there is some logic to waiting until closer to the March 31, 2014 registration deadline to make your selection.  By then you should have a pretty clear picture of the number of eligible stays you will have, and hopefully will have a better idea of how you want to maximize the bonus.

My Plan:

I plan to go ahead and register my husband for the bonus points option today as he already has several Hyatt nights lined up for work trips between January 15 – April 30th, so he will likely trigger either the 10, or possibly the 15 night bonus.  I have fewer eligible Hyatt stays during that time frame, so would probably be lucky to hit the 5 night bonus as things stand.  I don’t currently have plans to stay at a Category 4 Hyatt where I could use the free night certificate by July 31st, but I will probably wait until closer to the March 31st deadline to be more sure of my plans.

I promise to post a reminder as the registration deadline nears, but if you think you are likely to forget to register, then I would just pick the option you think is most likely to benefit you the most now.

Which option do you plan to register for, or are you waiting until later to decide which is best?

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  1. I went with the points. I am going to go ahead and max it out on my usual 1 night stays so nearly requal hyatt for the year here. Will ease things in the summer and also move my travel costs. only 20% business, but compared to last year’s offering I felt it was one of the better offers. I chose points as the free nights would be used as just more of the same. Going places I really don’t need to just to use them up. The points at least let me find something worthwhile to use them on.

  2. I have a question. If you book MGM branded hotel nights, does that qualify as an eligible night toward this promotion?


  3. Do you need to register prior any stays or you can stay at a Hyatt hotel and register after your stay but before the March 31st deadline?

  4. completely off topic: I have 4 united club passes that expire at the end of this month, would you be able to put them to good use?

  5. Mommypoints,

    Let’s say you rack up 15 nights and are eligible for 3 nights at a category 4.

    Could you use all three nights in one stay — booking 3 rooms for one night at one property — or do they have to be separate stays?

  6. Do you have any tips for booking the Hyatt Zilara in may 2014? I don’t think the my elite rate at hyatt works at that hotel and I have limited hyatt points, other than using the two free nights with cc sign up from the hyatt card.

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