What Targeted Spending Bonuses are You Getting?

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A part of my plan to “work harder to earn more points” is to make sure I am fully maximizing every dollar I spend on my rewards credit cards.  Some of that is easy and almost mindless at this point, as many of us who have been at this a little while could recite benefits like 2x on dining with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, 5x on cell phone expenses via the Ink Plus® Business Card, 5x this quarter at gas stations via the Chase Freedom, and 3x on airfare via the American Express(R) Premier Rewards Gold Card, even if we were strung up by our feet and blindfolded.

Unlike those bonuses, some category or spending bonuses are harder to keep at the forefront because they are targeted and are ever changing.  However, just because these can be harder to keep track of in your head (or folder, spreadsheet, etc.), doesn’t mean you should ignore them as they can sometimes be very lucrative.  You will usually find out that one of your rewards credit cards is eligible for a special category or spending bonus by getting a letter in the mail, an email in your inbox, or both.  Look at things that come in the mail as they aren’t always junk!  You then usually have to register for your targeted bonus.  While this is not an exact science, I find that I am more often targeted for these types of bonuses on cards that I am not using very frequently.

Here are the targeted bonuses I currently have on my cards:

Promotions I am watching out for:

While there is obviously never a guarantee you will get a targeted bonus on your account, I think it helps to know what is out there on different cards, so you can keep an eye out for promotions that might be available to your account.  What targeted bonuses are you working on right now?


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  1. I get such offers on my Barclaycard US Airways and my Chase Hyatt cards quite a lot. Currently:

    US Airways: +5x for grocery store, movie theatres and utility payments; Limit 2500 mi

    Last quarter:
    Chase Hyatt: +5000 pts for $3k spend (had this twice before in 2013)
    US Airways: +2x for Restaurants, Department Stores, Game Stores, Movie Theaters; Limit 2500 mi

  2. Do these targeted bonuses require registration? Do they come via email or snail mail? I have never seen a targeted bonus from Chase 🙁

  3. I also just got the Hyatt deal for 5k bonus points after 3k spend. I had the same offer, which i completed, from October – December.

  4. Just signed up for the Citi Thank You card- loving the 3x restaurant combined with dining programs. Currently using it in Whistler to finish required spend- can’t beat no foreign transaction fee plus a 8 percent discount because of the exchange rate!

  5. US Airways card-2x bonus on grocery, movie theatres and utilities. Dates: 1/1-3/31. Must register for promo.

    Received the BA promo as well.

  6. Perhaps people could elaborate on how long they’ve had the card for? I found with the Hyatt card that the 5000 pt bonuses only started appearing close to my one year anniversary. The US Airways card, however, I started getting offers almost immediately after the much-blogged 15k bonus offer soon after starting the card.

  7. Yeah, what I considered a hobby at first is indeed seeming more and more like “work”. But with all the devaluations, if we are going to continue to travel in the style to which we’ve become accustomed, that’s what it takes now. Sigh…
    Last quarter Citi AA card targeted at 3X miles for spending at electronics stores came in handy for the computer that was a Christmas gift. First time I’d used that card in forever. Target offer is over, so back in the sock drawer it goes {AF has been waived for years}.
    Miles and More targeted me for 5X bonus miles (6 per $1 in total spend) on groceries and utilities up to $2500 this quarter. Winter heating bill makes hitting that total all too easy.
    Despite a similar spending pattern my wife did not get targeted for either of those offers.
    Called last November to cancel 2 Citi AA cards I got Nov 2012 with the 2 browser method, as the AFs were coming due. Got a retention offer of a statement credit of $95 {AF was only $85) on each of them. So they actually paid me $10 per card to keep both of them open. Plus double miles per $1 spent on the first $1K each month for the next 16 months.
    Between 5x on M/M, 5x on Freedom, and 2x on both AA ccs, Thank God for M/S. 😉

  8. I also got the 9k Avios for spending $4500 on the BA Visa card like you did, but don’t think that it is worth it. Are you doing it?

  9. With all of these BA 9k bonuses, I’m beginning to wish I’d kept mine rather than closing it just before the one year renewal. Then again, I’m hoping to be able to pick up another 100k in a year or two.

  10. My husband got the BA 9k bonus. He’s had the card a year and half and we are paying the taxes/fees and going to Europe this summer in Biz. I also redemmed 12k for a hawaii flight. So far, I’m liking this card. Sadly, they didn’t send me the same offer for my BA card.

  11. For those interested in the BA 9k Avios offer – if you are near your one year anniversary, just call in to cancel. The offered me a retention offer of 9k Avios after spending $1.5k, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the general retention offer considering they appear to be handing out this 9k Avios after spending $4.5k to so many people. I keep a small database of retention offers broken down by card, date, and specific details if you’re interested in other retention offers.

  12. I receive balance transfer offers like there is no tomorrow, but never bonus mile offers. I just called in to Citi to get removed from BT offers, but no mentions of any other promotions on my account. =(

  13. I’m considering canceling Chase Ink Plus (MC version). If WeddingSpend or anyone has insight into potential retention offers I’d appreciate a heads up!

  14. I called to cancel my Ink Plus. They offered 10,000 points if I spent $5000 in 3 months and (I believe) AF is not waived. I told them I would think about it. I am debating whether to keep this card or not because I am also thinking to cancel it, wait for a Little while, and then get the VISA version. I just don’t know if the plan could work or not. Any thought?

  15. JW: That’s a pretty decent deal. 10,000 UR is worth far more than the $95 fee. Your plan will probably only work if they consider it to be a different product from the MC, but then why cancel it before applying for the visa?

  16. In November Chase sent me a spend $4k get 3000 Rapid Reward points on my Southwest card. This was about 10 months into my first year with the card. Met spend and doubled the benefit cuz of CP.

  17. I’m currently doing a BofA Alaska 3x promo on gas, food, etc. but sadly it’s capped at 2,500 bonus miles.

    Oh and your BA link is only for the 50k card. My wife just got the 100k offer straight from the regular BA website offer.

    • DaninSTL, the last I knew the 100k offer ended on 12/31, but if you have an active link to that offer please post it and I’ll update the post. Thanks!

  18. Thanks MP. I asked you a couple of weeks ago if you knew of a blogger(or maybe a flyertalk thread) which kept up-to-date spending bonus categories, but you were vacationing and I never saw a reply. This blog touches the point. I note you mention a 3point bonus for the Citi AA card. I got a 5point bonus offer I registered for from the Thank You Citi card. Was that Targeted? It was for spending at electronic & computer, clothing and department stores. I”m not sure if Sears and K Mart are department stores ?

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