Targeted United Offers for Elite Status, Regional Upgrades, and Premier Qualifying Miles

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What a way it would be to end a week if you got a targeted email from United with “presents” in it such as: 20,000 United elite qualifying miles, four additional regional upgrades, or 1K elite status until a certain date that can be extended if you hit a number of miles flown by then.  For some lucky folks, their week is ending in this exact fashion.  For the record, I know that people that don’t get targeted for things can get more upset after they learn about the promo they missed out on than if they didn’t know about it in the first place, but please don’t let that be you (at least not based on this post).  Also for the record, I did not get targeted for these goodies and neither did anyone in my family, as far as I know.

United Targeted Promo

However, I am excited for those who got an unexpected bonus from United.  That is pretty rare these days from the United crew, and it would certainly put a smile on my face to open up that kind of email!

Be sure and pay attention to your inbox and any emails from United that might have come in today.  Check your spam folder as well…just in case.  According to those who have received the offer, there is no registration code to enter on (so don’t think about trying to register for this offer if you weren’t targeted), but rather you just click on a link from within the email to register.  Update: A link to one version of this offer was posted on the linked FT thread, though don’t expect it to work if you weren’t targeted.   Also, a theme seems to be emerging on that thread that those who credited a fair number of flights operated by US Airways to United were potentially the ones who were targeted for this offer, which would make sense given the merger with American Airlines.  I credited a couple of US Airways flights to United last year, but not a large number.

If you got one of these targeted offers I’d love to hear about it.  Whether you got this offer or not, hope you have a fantastic Friday evening!

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  1. targeted offers – LEFT OUT – i commute btw in fortress DL hub and a no-one-dominates market. i’ve been using the fortress adress, no offers. i’m going to try now the destination w/ a market split – AA-US, DL, UA, Alaska, even Frontier (!); my guess is my offers w/ the change go up.

  2. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I got the email this afternoon. Thought it was a hoax or there was a catch. Got 20k Pqm and 4 regional upgrades.

  3. I didn’t get this one, but that’s OK. The purpose of targeted offers is to get people to change their behavior in ways that meet the offering company’s objectives – stay more in their hotels, fly their carrier more often, use a certain credit card. I do not take offense when I am not targeted for a certain offer. Sometimes I am targeted, sometimes not. Think about it. If the reaction is outrage anytime one isn’t targeted for an offer, the message to the company is “Don’t make any targeted offers at all.” But then we’d all miss out on lots of great deals. Win some, lose some. Tomorrow is another day with another deal.

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