Virgin Atlantic to Hilton HHonors Transfer Rate Changing 2/6

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I know more than a couple people who are most familiar with the Virgin Atlantic frequent flyer program because their miles transfer to the HHonors program at a 1:2 ratio. This means 10,000 miles from Virgin Atlantic would be 20,000 Hilton HHonors points.   This hasn’t mattered as much since last year’s Hilton devaluation, but it can still be a good play when you are trying to rack up HHonors points in a hurry.  Even if you never flew Virgin Atlantic, you can transfer points to Virgin Atlantic via the American Express Membership Rewards program or Chase Ultimate Rewards program and then on to Hilton.

However, the party is ending on February 5th for the 1:2 transfer rate.  The Virgin Atlantic website states that:

Please note from 6 February 2014 the exchange miles to points rate is changing. Flying Club members will be able to exchange miles at the following rate: 2 Flying Club miles for 3 Hilton HHonors points.

You can currently exchange miles at a rate of (up until 5 February 2014): 1 Flying Club mile for 2 HHonors point.

Minimum Level: 10,000 miles and then in increments of 5,000. Just call the Flying Club Helpline (1-800-365-9500) with your HHonors account number.

Thumbs up to them for at least giving notice of the change (and thanks to Mommy Points reader Lynn for letting me know).  If you want to leverage the current 1:2 ratio, then make your transfers on or before February 5th.  Be aware that transfer (especially from Membership Rewards) are not instant, so don’t wait until the last minute to transfer in points that you want to send on to Hilton HHonors.

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  1. Not only are transfer not instant–VA only promises that the points will get to your hilton account within a month. They are phenomenally not helpful in the process. My transfer took somewhere around 2 weeks to complete. If you want to make this transfer, I would advise doing it immediately.

  2. You can transfer UR points to amtrak and then to hilton at a 1:2 ratio. I hope my hertz virgin Atlantic points before this change!

  3. Yet another reduction in our ability to spend Hilton points on hotel nights. They really don’t seem to want us any more.

  4. Oh well, maybe I’ll just have to start keeping Virgin Atlantic miles for their own sake?

    I just did an AOR and considered the 50K/65K BofA Virgin Atlantic card due to the 1:2 HH ratio, but ultimately went for a different card instead. Glad I did. My current V. Atl balance is well under 10K at the moment so I guess maybe it’ll stay there.

  5. Thanks for this. My VA cc closes on Jan 28, with enough charges to get the 50K bonus miles from the minimum spend. Fingers crossed they post to my Virgin acct before Feb 6.

  6. Lively:
    Do you mean you can only transfer Amtrak points to Hilton if they were earned with the Amtrak CC? Or do you mean, if we have the Amtrak CC, we can transfer UR to Amtrak and then Amtrak to Hilton?

    If the latter, the Amtrak CC has no annual fee, so that would be a cheap way of getting a UR to Hilton 1:2 transfer ratio again.

  7. To transfer from Amtrak to Hilton, you either have to have elite status or the co-branded card. If you go the CC route, you must spend at least $200 on Amtrak travel on the card each year, and are also limited to 25k points transferred out (so 50k Hilton) each year. If you have Amtrak elite status, there are also caps unless you have the top-tier status.

  8. Just got the Virgin Atlantic card for 65k too – talk about bait & switch. My statement doesn’t post until *drumroll* 2/7 and they told me over the phone that there was absolutely no way to move my statement date sooner.

    Anyone think there’s a chance that with enough patience, escalation, and hang-up/call-back I could get my statement date moved back a week?

  9. Thanks for the update! I had been putting off transferring my virgin atlantic miles because i had no immediate hilton reservation in mind, but now I do at the end of the year. So glad to take advantage of the xfer pre-devaluation. Thanks!

  10. Thank you for the heads-up. I don’t suppose anyone has an ideas for snagging a quick 59 Virgin Atlantic miles? I suppose I’ll have to transfer a full 1,000 from membership rewards.

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