First Big 100,000 Mile Credit Card Offer of the Year

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I spent most of the day traveling (or trying to travel anyway), so didn’t have a chance to play miles and points catch-up for the day until now.  While I was in the air, it turns out that today was the day that the first big 100,000 mile credit card sign-up offer of the year made its online appearance!  Those of you who read several miles and points blogs most certainly know of this by now, but for the two of you who don’t read the other blogs (hi, mom and dad!), here are a few of the key details, as well as some discussion on if it is worth the hefty $450 annual fee.

The Citi Executive American Airlines AAdvantage MasterCard is offering a whooping 100,000 American Airlines miles if you sign-up and make $10,000 in purchases in the first three months.  Plus, you get $200 in statement credits on purchases in the first 12 months and Admiral’s Club access.  And unlike with some other AA offers, this sounds like $200 in statement credits toward any charges, not just those from AA, but I can’t swear 100% to that.  There are other perks too like free checked bag, earn up to 10,000 elite qualifying miles, and more, but I think that the miles, the statement credits, and the Admiral’s Club membership are the big draws.

Citi Executive AAdvantage

The big question is, of course, is all of that worth the $450 annual fee?

This is a very easy question for many….yes.  At the saver level, the miles alone will get you four domestic round trip tickets, or just about three off-peak round trip tickets to Hawaii, or a round trip ticket to Europe in business class.  Any of those are easily worth $450.  Then factor in the $200 in statement credits and the Admiral’s Club membership that sells for $500 a year by itself, and this is a very good deal.  If you frequent the Admirals’ Club this is especially good timing since the Amex Platinum card will be losing access to the Admiral’s Club and US Airways Clubs on March 22, 2014.

The $10,000 spending requirement is high, but the deal is solid.  Very solid.  I think it is a good deal even if you don’t really use the Admiral’s Club.  I would likely get this deal myself even though I don’t often visit the Admiral’s Club if I wasn’t in the middle of a house refinance.  If it is around as soon as I close on my refinance I will pull the trigger myself.

I do want to point out that it seems this offer originated in a Admiral’s Club, and there is a spot on the application to enter referral code from an agent in the club, but that spot seems very optional.  This is not an affiliate link of mine, so I can’t guarantee anything, but everything looks good with this and there are tons of success stories from folks applying today.

I can’t help but wonder if this will trigger some more public offerings of the Amex Platinum 100,000 point offer to surface.  Fingers crossed.  Thanks to The Points Guy for sharing the news of this Citi offer and good luck if you decide to go for it!

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  1. @Taylor
    All you haters need to give Ben a break. I’ve been reading his blogs for years and I’ve never known him to have said or done anything selfish in the past. Why people feel the need to post negative comments about someone relaying information on their own PERSONAL blog who has multiple times in the past stated that his ideas are his own and don’t represent anyone else, I have no idea. He has never gone negative on anyone or attacked anyone. All he does is relay information and his personal opinion of things. Whats wrong with that? People need to chill out. If you’ve got nothing positive to say, don’t say anything–enough negativity in this world as is.

    Endeth of sermon

  2. @Tyler,

    First, go %#@@ yourself.

    Its a public offer. Its not her referral link. You could see that if you simply hover over the link and look at the result. But apparently you’re an idiot and simply want to crap all over everything. How about you don’t come to this blog anymore or use any of the information MP posts in the future? We’d all really appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. Alex,

    First, wrong blog completely. I enjoy ben’s blog though.

    Second, what I have a problem with is if a blogger purposefully waited to post an amazing deal only until they somehow profited off of it, it shows the blogger truly isn’t focused on its customers. It’s why mommy points has gone from one of my favorite blogs on ba to one I barely read.

  4. interesting question. i was told the amex platinum is pro rated annual fee

    so if yo make 10K purchases in the first month and then get the miles after that you make a phone call and then you will get a check in the mail for the pro rated amount?

    i love each and every single one of you miles and points addicts!!

    lets go for it in 2014!

  5. amex is also 450 annual fee so i am just clarifying that i am wondering if the AA executive crd has the same por rated deal for the annual fee.

  6. Since this is a family-oriented blog, I think you should feel perfectly free to delete posts from people who can’t keep their language appropriate. I appreciate seeing comments that I learn things from, not comments that merely attack the blogger or other commenters – I saw all I needed of that on the political blogs I used to engage with, but grew tired of because of the incessant bickering that lacked ideas.

    On this topic, I’m not so much concerned about the $450 annual fee, which would be worth it, as by the $10,000 spending requirement. I can’t see that much spending on all cards combined for me in such a short period of time this year. If the offer lasts long enough, or others copycat, I could see doing it in 2015.

  7. Wow so much hate in the comments. Maybe someone has been flying in coach recaro seats too much 🙂

    Seriously. Good post. I know I already say it all over the web but I like your take on this. Besides I felt bad I can’t pull the trigger due to a pending home buying event so it makes me sad to have to wait on this. Sounds like your in the same boat with the refi on your home. I am a little worried about the promo code entry. I would hate to leave say 50k on the table because I don’t have the right code entered on the application.

  8. Just a follow up. As soon as I left your blog I saw where Dansdeals says after speaking to Citi during the application process that:
    “You need to spend $10,000 within 3 months to get the 100K mileage bonus. The $200 will post as a statement credit once you spend $200 on your card.”

    So that is nice. Brings the fee down to $250 the first year so your basically buying 100k miles for $250 and getting free club access, 1st bag free and no foreign transaction fees in exchange for putting your spend on this card for 3 months.

  9. Any tips on how to spend $10k on a non Amex credit card (cannot use non Amex at Costco for example) in 3 months? Most of my expenses cannot be paid by credit card (car lease only direct debit on bank account, same for kids school tuition, etc). Tks

  10. Wow – lots of different opinions in the comments section overnight. I try to post offers as soon as I hear about them, but sometimes life gets in the way of posting immediately. Sometimes that is taking care of a kid, and today it was being stuck with a 3.5 hour delay on a plane plus flying with no internet. I posted about it as soon as I (finally) got in a hotel and had internet. The offer, as pointed out, is not a referral offer for any the bloggers that are posting about it, including me. There was no motivation to wait to post. I just didn’t have internet.

    DaveS, I actually 100% agree. The comments section should a place to go to get additional help and ideas. It should not be like stepping into a war zone. Hard to do effective clean up after this much back and forth, but that is the model I am working toward. Thanks to everyone that reads this blog, and anyone who things there are ulterior motives for things should probably find another blog they trust. I hope you trust this site and stick around here, but it’s not worth the stress for anyone if this isn’t the best choice for you.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  11. I have the Citi AA personal cards like the platinum select but NOT the “World Elite” AA card. Would I be eligible for this?

  12. @Tyler @ Mommypoints
    Apologies I indeed posted about the wrong blog–clicked the link off twitter which was next to Lucky’s post and just assumed. Regardless, there has been too much blogger bashing and negativity and it happens regularly from people who can’t seem to appreciate the bloggers spreading information. Seems rather silly

  13. Rob, reports are yes. This is considered a different card product.
    Alex, oh no worries. I think Lucky is great, so happy to be confused with him for a few minutes. I do agree the negativity seems counterproductive, but then again I guess I’m biased. 😉

  14. Hi Alex and Mommy Points-

    My original comment was based on the fact that when I roll over your link, it has a very long code which is similar to a referal link vs. the other bloggers who posted this and it’s a 10 letter link (ex.citi100k). I was wrong, and I admitted it.

    I don’t swear in posts ever and my feedback never attacks someone, it’s simply feedback.

    Mommy Points, if you only want positive/praising comments, change the ‘Comments’ section to be ‘Agreements/Praises’.

  15. For the person who asked about using Visa/Master at Costco : go to and buy costco gift card using your Master/Visa and use that gift card (aka cash card) at costco store. accepts any credit card for payment. Icing on the cake, shipping is free.

  16. “Second, what I have a problem with is if a blogger purposefully waited to post an amazing deal only until they somehow profited off of it…”
    what can be more ridiculous than this? why cant bloggers do that? they are under no obligations to service anyone, even if they make some $ off their blog. you should be looking yourself for these deals out there – not to relying on big brother or little sister. not to blame them for anything you missed or deals not panning out like you wanted.

  17. I’ve posted this same question on several blogs, and nobody is giving me an answer. I would like to know please how much time needs to pass between Citi applications. I about about 30 days out from my last Citi application. I intend to make 2014 a heavy AA year for me and may consider this card, but I do not want to apply if I’m going to get declined based on number of Citi applications. Thank you!

  18. People who criticize bloggers for profiting from their blogs must not understand basic economics. A person/organization that provides a valuable service should be compensated for that service, otherwise it wouldn’t make economic sense for them to continue providing it. (I certainly do not go to my job and work for free.) I don’t know MP’s situation (maybe this blog is only a hobby and profit is irrelevant, which is also reasonable), but criticizing her for seeking compensation for a valuable service is ignorant. (Of course if you don’t value her blog you might be well advised to not waste your time reading it?)

    Thank you for letting me vent. 🙂

  19. @Eric The timeframe for applying for Citi ccs is: wait at least 8 days after one app, then wait at least 65 days after 2 apps. So if you applied on Jan 1st, your next app would be Jan 9th at the earliest. Then your 3rd app would have to wait until March 7th.

    For anyone still wondering, Citi considers this a “different” card from their Personal AA cc, so you can apply for it even if you already have that card.

  20. Thank you Robert! Now I just have to make sure I wouldn’t be getting myself in over my head for the spend minimum. Got 2k more to spend, so I’d be up to 12k in 3 months…..yikes.

  21. Depending on who you reach when you call Citi you MAY find they will be willing to compensate you somewhat if you applied for an earlier offer. Somebody who applied THREE MONTHS AGO got an additional 20,000 miles. Some get some additional miles with no spend. YMMV. If in doubt, Hang up, Call Back.

    @Eric: In three months you can do $3K on AP. Then with Bluebird you can do another $15K. So that’s $18K without breaking a sweat.

  22. Applied for the card this morning and received a pending notice. Called the reconsideration and was able to be approved over the phone. They confirmed the 100K Bonus Miles for $10K spend in 3 months, $200 Statement credit. I didnt enter any promo codes on the landing page (just my name). The CSR indicated they were having lots of interest in the offer and it was taking longer than anticipated to process the applications.

    I have not applied for a Citi AA Card in approximately 19 months. (Just another data point).

  23. I am so torn about applying for this and would love your input. I do not have any Citi cards right now, and haven’t for years. My score has taken some hits from other card apps in the past few months and sits in the 720’s now. Aside from all that, I’m wondering if it makes more sense to apply for the 50K offer with only a 3K spend for both my DH and myself. A $6K spend is a lot less daunting than 10K. Aside from the AC access, which really isn’t a dealbreaker for me, is there any other reason I should consider this card over 2 50K cards?

  24. Hi MP, 10K EQM after $40k. is this extra 10k miles that can be redeemed for awards? or just bump you over the threshold & not real miles to be used on awards. If former then this earns 1.25 miles per $ is as good as SPG.

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