Combining Money and Points to Save on Hertz Rentals

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Hertz points are a very valuable currency to have, though they are a bit less valuable than they were before they changed their award chart a few months ago.  Still, if you are lucky enough to have Hertz points, they can be extremely useful when you need to reserve a car somewhere that has very high rates.  We are starting to run a bit low on Hertz points due to a combination of not that many great Hertz promotions recently, and fewer rentals my husband has had to make for work.

However, we have a ski trip coming up where renting an SUV was pretty pricey.  Sadly, we didn’t have enough Hertz points to cover the whole rental, but we had enough to cover a few of the days.  In playing around with the website, I learned that you can essentially combine cash and points to secure a rental by just using points for a few of the rental days.

We’re running even lower on points now, but I have just enough left to show you how this might work.  Say you want to rent a SUV during ski season out of Denver.  You can rent a basic car and try and upgrade on-site for a lesser surcharge, but if you absolutely need to guarantee that you will have a SUV, then you need to bite the bullet and reserve that type of vehicle.  This means potentially shelling out big money.  On this weekend I picked, SUVs are about $100 per night.  They are considered a “specialty vehicle” so they require 825 Hertz points for a weekend day, or 1,000 points for a non-weekend day (though they will also sell them to you at that price on the weekend, so be careful).

If you didn’t have enough points to cover the whole weekend, you can still make the rental much less painful by using points for at least one of the nights.  To do this select use points box on the main search screen.  You can also use your different codes and coupons as you normally would. Hertz Points Selection

Then after you select your desired type of vehicle, on the “Review and Book” screen you can select which points option you want to use from the drop-down box.

Hertz Points

In this example I used 825 points for one of the days, and that dropped the price significantly as I was left only having to pay for one day out of pocket.

Hertz Points Rentals

I wish I had enough Hertz points stashed away to cover all of my expensive rentals, but since I don’t have an endless supply of points, sometimes I can just cover part of the rental with points.  I’m very glad Hertz has that as an option!

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  1. […] You used to have to pay a fee to join what was then called the Hertz #1 Club Gold program, which allows you to skip the counter and pickup your car more quickly.  The program has a new name and is free to anyone who signs up.  This is a great time-saver when traveling with antsy kids, plus you can accrue points to redeem on future rentals.  MommyPoints has a great post on why Hertz points can be really valuable for traveling families. […]


  1. Does this invalidate any credit card car rental protection policies? I imagine there is some small print stating that the rental has to be paid in full using that credit card.

  2. And to clarify, here are the Visa Signature terms and conditions:

    “How do I activate this benefit?
    For the benefit to be in effect, you must:
    Initiate and complete the entire rental transaction with your eligible Visa card…”

    I’d be wary of splitting the costs if you rely on Visa for car rental protection.

  3. I booked 3 separate rentals for my upcoming trip to Australia and have same question as Karl? I was hoping to use my Ink/Amex Gold cards for rental protection. Can you pl. tell me how this works?

  4. Sign up for E-rewards and you can earn 500 Hertz points every quarter by using $60 in E-rewards currency. That’s 2000 points toward the current amount of 2750 for a week. I used 2500 points(before devaluation) to secure a rental car for the week between Xmas and New Years. Paying cash would have $700 minimum. I couldn’t find a cheaper rate than that anywhere. Hertz points saved me quite a bit. One warning though, I’ve never been able to get the Hertz website to say I had enough points for a week(even when I had over 5500 points). I always just call in and ask and the rep has never had a problem reserving me a car for weekly rate of 2750 or 2500 before deval. Hope this helps.

  5. I recommend the United MileagePlus card for rental protection, but I can’t swear as to how it will work if part of the reservation is on points. My hunch is that it would work, but I think you would have to be in the situation to find out for sure…so I hope to never have to find out.

  6. if i use points to cover hertz rental, would that be really free or you still have to pay some fees and taxes out of your own pocket?

    I have used some AA miles for a buget car rental before, i had to pay some airport tax on top of miles, which is kind of irradiated me a bit.


    • Yang, truthfully I have seen it go both ways with Hertz, though it is I believe supposed to come off, or at least reduce pretty dramatically.

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