More Olympics Medals for US = Better US Bank FlexPerks Sign-up Bonus!

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Even if you couldn’t normally care less about the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, you should care how many medals the United States wins as more Olympic medals means a better US Bank FlexPerks sign-up bonus!  I got this card during a similar promotion after the 2012 Olympics, and scored a sign-up bonus of 33,150 points, which was worth over $600 toward airline tickets.  The sign-up bonus hasn’t been that high since then, but now there is a chance for a very good sign-up bonus to return.

US Bank Olympic Sign-up Bonus

Their website indicates that in addition to the 20,000 sign-up Bonus FlexPoints you’ll get when you spend $3,500 within the first four months, if you get the FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa Card issued by U.S. Bank1 between 1/31/14 and 3/7/14, and make a purchase by 3/31/14 – and you could earn bonus FlexPoints for every medal Team USA wins at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, courtesy of Visa!

You will earn 500 bonus points for every US Gold Medal, 250 points for every US Silver Medal, and 100 bonus points for every US Bronze Medal.  In the 2010 Winter Olympics that would have resulted in 9,550 bonus points, for a total of 29,550 total sign-up points.  This is worth almost $600 toward airfare, so that is a very good sign-up bonus!

US Bank Olympic Medal Points

While it is safe to assume the US team will win some medals in the Olympics, time will tell just how many and what type.  I’ll keep you posted on how the medal winnings translate to a better bonus as the games begin next week!  I’ll also post a bit more about how this card works as we have a better idea what the sign-up bonus will look like, but in the meantime this post should give you a pretty good idea of how it stacks up to some other similar cards.


Will you be waiting to see how high the bonus can get and potentially pull the trigger on this card?

Thanks to @ljsbrooks for tweeting me the good news about the return of this offer!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up MP! I applied during the summer Olympics program and got the lower card (only 5,000 points or something), so I told them to close the account. I will try again and hope I have better luck with this one. I got a US Bank Club Carlson card in November, so the timing should be perfect. Will you keep us update on the current size of the bonus through the games?

  2. I won’t be doing this, as I did the summer Olympic one and a business one at the same time to accrue enough for my $1400 ticket to Australia last year. But I *did* feel like it was a great deal.

    I’m focusing my spend elsewhere for the next while – gotta get that $25K spent on the Chase United card so I get my status next year 🙂

  3. hi MP
    i seem to remember there are some easy ways to accrue points on this card (or there have been in the past). can you remind us about bonus categories or other bonuses to get more points?

    also as a reminder to everyone, this card has a $49 annual fee (didnt see that mentioned)


  4. Question: If someone can purchase a ticket worth up to $600, could he/she use this benefit to pay fees of, say, $580 on a ticket acquired with airline miles? If so, this card could be extremely useful in partnership with British Airways AVIOS or Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles, for example.

  5. @DWG: Basically, no. In order to “spend” your points you go through the USBank rewards travel portal, search for a destination and buy the ticket with points. 30000 points will buy a ticket worth $600. 40000 one worth $800, etc..

    There are no “fractional” dollar amounts either – a ticket that would cost between $401 and $600 costs 30K points.

    All explained in detail on the USBank website.

  6. Thank you for posting this. This card has been on my radar. Could you confirm two things: 1) the annual fee is waived and 2) you can get both the biz and personal at the same time.

  7. Other than the sign-up bonus, what does the point earning potential look like for regular spend? Do they have bonus categories or is it 1 point for $1? Thanks.

  8. The tiers and the need to go through their travel portal to do bookings make it much less valuable for redemptions than, for example, the Barclay Arrival, for which you can redeem for credit against any appropriate travel in any amount. I got the card at the time of the last Olympics, but got frustrated trying to find flights whose cost would be at the top of a tier without going over. That said, this card is certainly worth it for many for the enrollment bonus, even if you don’t plan to keep it, which I didn’t after one year.

  9. Rob, I hear ya. I’m working on that spending waiver on the UA card, too!
    Tom, there have been some pretty easy promos to earn some bonus points. Some were targeted and some seemed to be open to most everyone. Also, here are the spending categories for anyone interested:

    The card earns one FlexPoint for every $1 of eligible purchases charged to your card, two FlexPoints for every $1 spent on gas, grocery or airline purchases – whichever you spend most on each monthly billing cycle – and on most cell phone expenses, and triple points on charitable donations.

    Since points are worth up to 2 cents each, when you are earning 2x on groceries, you are earning 4 cents per dollar. For charity donations (and Kiva counts) you are getting 6 cents per dollar.

    Katie, the card has a $0 introductory annual fee for the first 12 months, After that $49 per year.

    Kijo, see response above, but short answer is there are bonus categories and each point earned is worth up to two cents each.

    DaveS, agree that the Arrival card is better overall, well at least certainly simpler overall. This card requires more strategic use, but I personally have had it for 1.5 years and like it. Not sure I’ll keep it forever, but has been worth it so far.

  10. So is there any reason to wait until later to apply? Is the “Olympic bonus” determined by what the score is at the time you apply?

    • Vicente, the way I read it there is no reason to wait other than being able to make an informed decision on how big the bonus is and if it is worth it to you.

  11. Does anyone know which Credit Bureau US Bank typically pulls from? I’m just about maxed out for the Citi limit of 6 inquiries in 6 months per individual CB. And my first choice in my upcoming churn will be the Citi AA 100K miles Executive card. But I’d like to get this one too.

    So if US pulls Transunion, no problem since I really doubt Citi will pull there. But if they pull from the same CB as Citi that could put me over my limit with Citi. Anyone know?

  12. Thanks Mommypoints, I applied for FlexPerks card through your link. No instant approval, got a screen that said “under review”. I applied during 2012 Olympics, but was rejected due to some garbage about whoever they outsource to. Calling for reconsideration was not fruitful. Crossing fingers.

  13. Oh forgot to mention, the company US Bank used for credit checks in 2012 was I think Advanced Resolution Services. When I called US Bank about denial, they simply fobbed me off to ARS. When I phoned ARS they didn’t offer assistance on reconsideration.

  14. Be alert to issues with the advertised 3x on charitable contributions. That doesn’t mean charities recognized by the IRS; that means charities recognized by US Bank, and I have not found a published list. Most of my contributions went through at 1x. That’s another reason I canceled the card (I might have kept it for the 3x if that was real). As noted, for many it’s definitely worth getting the card for the signup bonus.

  15. Mommypoints, am I correct in assuming that if I want to buy a higher priced ticket, I can’t apply the Flexpoints and pay the cash difference? So if I had 20,000 points but wanted to buy a $1,000 international ticket, I couldn’t do that by applying the $400 value from the points to the total cost of the ticket and pay the difference? Thanks for your great work… and great name! 🙂

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