Club Carlson 40,000 Anniversary Points Beginning to Post

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A fantastic, but easily forgotten, benefit that of the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card are the 40,000 annual bonus points you receive each year after your card membership renewal.  This benefit is easy to forget since the sign-up bonus of up to 85,000 points and the “last award night free” benefit often outshine the renewal bonus.  The “last award night free” benefit is absolutely amazing and it can effectively double the value of your points if you book lots of two night award stays.

Though of course to book the first award night (in order to get the second award night free), you have to have some Club Carlson points.  If you have run through lots of your Club Carlson points as I have, then the 40,000 point injection that will hit after the first year holding the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature Card, will be a nice and easy injection to an otherwise dwindling balance.

This card has been around for just over a year now, so the very first folks to sign-up are starting to see the 40,000 bonus points show as pending in their Club Carlson accounts.  

The terms indicate that:

“Each year that you renew your account by making at least the minimum payment by the due date printed on the account statement in which the annual fee is billed, you will receive a renewal bonus of 40,000 Gold Points (25,000 Gold Points for Platinum Rewards). Please allow 6 to 8 weeks after the payment due date for your renewal bonus to appear in your Club Carlson account.

The reports on the linked Flyertalk thread above indicates that the delivery of the 40,000 bonus points is indeed taking 6-8 weeks after the annual fee is billed and at least a minimum payment is made.  In other words, have a little bit of patience with the points posting when the anniversary comes around, but they should eventually show up.  My Gold elite status has been extended through 2015, but the renewal bonus points have not yet appeared for my account.  I got my card pretty early on, but I was not one of the very first, so it makes sense that my points have not yet appeared.

In my book the 40,000 points (combined with the last award night free benefit) are worth way more than the $75 annual fee, so this card will be a keeper even after the first year.

Have your 40,000 bonus points posted?  Are they enough for you to keep this card?


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  1. AF billed 12/3. Paid 12/5. The 40K as pending with USB with a date of 1/31. The new statement may be out today and that should trigger the points with Club Carlson. Will advise.

    It’s definitely enough to keep card. That and the last night free feature.

    I’m taking a break from IHG Big Win (half way done with 10 stays required and need 2 Saturday nights) to grab 38K bonus for 3 Club Carlson nights. Then some Marriot Mega Bonus nights.

    • Carl, thanks for the update! The Club Carlson promo and the Big Win promo are certainly two of the best ones out there so congrats for working on both!
      Traveler, indeed. 😉 Thx!

  2. I’m not approaching my anniversary date yet, but when I do, what happens if I have no activity on my card and thus no minimum payment to make? I don’t use the card much, unless I’m actually paying for a Club Carlson stay.

  3. I had completely forgotten about this. In the right place, CC points are priceless. I have 3 2-night stays in Reykjavik booked for this summer for a total of 126000 points acquired via the signup bonus and some spending I was going to do anyway. Cash value had I paid money for those rooms is between $1500 and $2200.

    I’m 6 months away from my anniversary and will definitely feel like those 40K points are worth the fee!

    • Mad, the minimum payment for whatever your statement balance is…which will at the very least include the $75 annual fee.

  4. @TJ: I’ve heard that what you want is not directly possible. Especially linking the reservations.

    I’ve read that their computers will not let you book days 1-2 (day 2 free) and then 3-4 (day 4 free). But that you can do it by booking days 1-2, then book days 5-6, then book 3-4 and cancel 5-6. When you get to the hotel you can point out that you’ve got two reservations and ask them to keep you in the same room – but if you get upgraded for days 1-2 and *not* for 3-5 you may have to move.

    Free hotel rooms are complicated 🙂

  5. I checked the account today and confirmed I have now received the 40K anniversary points.

    In an unexpect twist I am using some of the points now. My power at home went off about 6 AM this morning (ICE!) and was still off about 4 PM. I then booked two nights at a Country Inn that was on the way to where I need to go in the morning.

    It is 15K a night, and with the CC credit card I get the 2nd night stay. So two days for 15k. So if I figure the 40K points cost me the $75 annual fee then I’m getting two nights for about $30.

    Upon arrival the gift bag was ready, and they had put be in a suite (living room area in seperate room from bedroom). They told me as Concierge I could get whatever room if I wanted (whirlpool room or whatever). The suite is fine with me.

    I also snagged a few cookies. Of the course the breakfasts are free and so is the internet. Since I am working from the room I got a 2 PM extended checkout, but they seemed like they would have been ammeniable to later if I had wanted.

    It may not be a Hyatt, but it’s fine with me and just as nice or nicer than Holiday Inn, etc. Leslie at the desk just called up to make sure everything was fine. This may all sound like a Club Carlson commercial, but in my mind I have had nothing but positives with the whole experience.

  6. How soon do the 50,000 Club Carlson points show up in your account after first spend. Is it pretty immediate or do you have to wait for the billing cycle to close. I kind of remember it being pretty immediate. Please let me know. Thanks

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