Contents of a United 1K and Premier Platinum Membership Kit

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Each year you qualify for elite status with United Airlines (or with most programs for that matter), you get a packet in the mail that contains things like a membership card, some written materials, etc.  Sometimes what is in those membership kits is pretty worthless, and other times it is quite useful.  I qualified for 1K membership with United on the very last day of 2013, so I ended up getting both a Premier Platinum and a Premier 1K membership kit in the mail in early 2014.

In case you are curious as to what is in these its, here are the details.

Premier Platinum Membership Kit:

Both arrived in the mail in envelopes that were the same size.  The Platinum one arrived in mid-January and the 1K envelope in early February.

Premier Platinum Envelope

Premier Platinum Envelope

Premier Platinum packet

Premier Platinum packet

The most valuable content for most are the drink certificates that are technically valid for one year, but in practice have been accepted for years after their expiration date.  This is the first year I have ever seen then printed in bright yellow.  You receive five drink certificates at a Premier Platinum member that you can use when your upgrades don’t clear to get beer or wine in coach.

Contents of Premier Platinum packet

Contents of Premier Platinum packet

You also get your membership card and two luggage tags with your elite level listed on them.

Platinum membership card and luggage tags

Platinum membership card and luggage tags

Premier 1K Membership Kit:

United 1K Envelope

United 1K Envelope

The 1K envelope is identical to the Platinum envelope, other than the color and wording.

United 1K Membership Packet

United 1K Membership Packet

The 1K kit contains twice as many drink certificates as the Platinum packet, so now I have a grand total of 15 drinks free on board waiting for me in coach this year.  That has some real value if you would have bought those drinks anyway, but I’m likely to share since I’m not much of a plane drinker.  I’d actually much prefer some passes to get free snacks or DirecTV than just have the option of a free glass of cheap wine or a Heineken, but no one asked me.  It is a nice gesture, just interesting that it can’t be used for something else for those who don’t drink.

You also have a card that gives some numbers you can use around the world to call toll free as a 1K member.  There is also a website listed where you can access these numbers in case you don’t have your booklet with you.  I took a photo of the numbers that I will store on my phone in case I need them one day.

United 1k membership kit contents

United 1k membership kit contents

Just like with the Platinum kit you also get a membership card and two luggage tags with your 1K status on them.  Frankly, I have no idea why they would name it 1K, but it is what it is.

Premier 1K Cards

United 1K membership card and luggage tags

No magic fairy dust, no magic “fix all” phone number, and no super secret handshake instructions are found in these membership kits, but you do get some luggage tags and a few free drinks.

Have you received your elite status kits for 2014?

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  1. I just got my Platinum kit last week, about three months after qualifying. 1K kit still hasn’t arrived nearly 10 weeks after I broke 100K.

  2. For those of us that have been 1K for years, the reason its called 1K is in the past it was Premier Executive 100K and was always just referred to as 1K for short, hence 1K.

  3. You can use the drink chits for cocktails in addition to beer and wine, FWIW.

    1K is the short hand for 100K miles. Back in the olden days of mainframe computers, the system only allowed 2 digits as status designation, so 1K stuck. Premier Executive (equivalent of Gold @ 50-99K) was 1P, and Premier was 2P.

    Also, the 1K 1 Call number on the back of the card is good for all things United when you need to contact them, including lost baggage and customer service. The 1K agent can transfer you to the respective department.

    On the side note, looks like they personalized the cover of the benefit guide based on the closest hub city. Mine was a picture of NYC (we live in CT).

  4. Scott and Ptahcha, good historical info. It just seems silly to be (newer to United) since the others are referred to as Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You would think 1K would be Diamond or similar based on the names of the other status levels.

    I’m in the middle of trying to get the 1K desk to help with something relatively simple that isn’t going well, so I’m a bit grumpy toward the helpfulness today. 😉

    Very cool about the personalized covers though!

  5. Great info guys…re: the covers – I got Paris as my “home” city and I live in downtown Boston so while I love visiting Paris I didn’t get the personalized cover (which I guess would have been NYC) haha. Although I think it’s total chance as I don’t give UA that much credit.

  6. United has been reasonably prompt with their kits this year. Mine arrived Saturday, just as I was getting tweaked that my card had expired and I was about to go on an international trip. And I too qualified for my new/continued level on January 31st.

  7. I haven’t been reading your blog long, so I’m curious how it is that you do enough paid travel on United to qualify for 1K??

  8. My husband recently became Delta Diamond for the first time recently. Still waiting on our package so don’t feel bad that you just got yours. lol! I needed to call the diamond line to book some award tixs and didn’t have the number. I guess the only place to find it is on the back of your membership card. But I tweeted @deltaassist and they dm’ed me the private number which I thought was nice.

  9. Qualified for 1k very end of December but haven’t received my packet(s). Maybe because address is non-US.

    The baggage tags in the past have been pretty cheap. They break easily.

  10. Yes, still waiting for mine in the UK. UA says it went in December, but I simply don’t believe that. Was turned away from the lounge at Vienna as a result of no card on Saturday. Seems UA have stuffed up more than normal this year.
    Glad yours came!

  11. I’m gold and hubby is 1K- our packets just arrived on Monday. We live in Denver and our cover was the downtown skyline, so UA must be on their game 🙂

  12. SD, flew a lot last year. Some vacation travel, some “vacation runs” (mileage runs with some actual time in the city), some work travel, one nice B fare to Japan, etc. It was nothing easy or fancy, just a bunch of travel. Took me until December 31st to hit 100,100 miles. 98% sure I won’t repeat that this year.

  13. After approx 3 hours of wasted phone calls and 47 emails to United, I finally received my 2014 1K kit and card on 23 March 2015. I don’t know why it took so long or why United people were so reluctant to say when I would receive. As far as the contents are concerned I am completely underwhelmed. 2 Cheesy luggage tags and drink coupons. Given that most UA flight are devoid of food service, how about meal coupons instead of drink coupons?

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