Valuable Way to Redeem Points Earned on the Freedom Card for Airfare

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The other day I got an interesting email from a Mommy Points reader that pointed out some small language in the Chase Freedom® Ultimate Rewards Rules and Regulations.  You know, riveting nighttime reading material.  This email pointed out an airfare redemption that I either wasn’t aware of, or had totally forgotten about.

Normally I recommend using your Ultimate Reward points earned via the Chase Freedom by transferring them 1:1 to Ultimate Reward partners like United, Hyatt, British Airways, etc.  However, you have to also have the Ink Plus® Business Card, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, or Ink Bold® Business Card in order to redeem the Ultimate Reward points earned via the Freedom in that manner.

If you don’t also have one of those cards, then you were relegated to using the Ultimate Reward points earned via the Chase Freedom at a one cent = one point value via gift card redemptions, cash back, or to pay for travel via their website.  However, there is a way to redeem these points earned by the Freedom for airfare at up to 1.34 cents each!

You can redeem 25,000 Ultimate Reward points from the Freedom for round trip airfare that costs up to $335 by calling 1-866-951-6592. If the ticket costs more than $335 then you can pay for the extra amount on a Chase card that earns Ultimate Reward points.

Here is the wording from the terms and conditions:

“…credit card customers may redeem 25,000 points for one round-trip scheduled airline ticket valued at up to $335 through our toll-free number, where permitted by law. Redemptions for this specific item have the service fee waived.

If you book a ticket with a value greater than $335, the additional amount over $335 must be paid for using either a Chase card with Ultimate Rewards and/or additional points.”

I called the toll free number listed above and confirmed that this award is still available, and was told the only restriction is that it is for round trip travel and booked at least 24 hours in advance.  I presume it will be booked using the same system that you can use to book flights on the Ultimate Rewards website, though it must be done over the phone.  You will earn elite qualifying and redeemable miles with the airlines on these tickets, so in some ways you will be getting more than 1.34 cents in value per point.

I have never redeemed my Ultimate Reward points in this manner, so I can’t speak from personal experience beyond my call into the booking number, but this seems like a useful tool to file away in case it can help you in the future.  Certainly those who only have the Freedom card should absolutely consider redeeming their points in this manner as it is the best deal I am aware of if you don’t also have one of the Ultimate Reward cards that allows transfers to hotel and airline partners.
I’d love to hear if you have ever redeemed this award and how the process went!

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  1. Looks like the bloggers who survived the Chase affiliate purge a few weeks ago got the message

    This is something like your 6th post in the past week about something other than the CSP/CIB/CIP that had affiliate links for those cards anyways

    I have no doubt when you post about the 100K BA offer sometime today, you’ll “remind” us which cards you can transfer points to Avios

  2. Why does everyone get so upset when bloggers “pimp” the products that they have an affiliate link for? It isn’t like she is pushing products that aren’t any good. I’m pretty sure most of us would agree that the CSP, Ink, and Freedom are pretty good cards and most of us probably have or have had them in our wallets. If there was no affiliate links most of these blogs would not exist. If you don’t like it don’t read them. I read them because there are offers I might not hear about otherwise. All I expect is that the information given is good information. Most of the bloggers out there will tell you about the best offer for cards even if it isn’t their link. What more do you want?

  3. “All I expect is that the information given is good information. Most of the bloggers out there will tell you about the best offer for cards even if it isn’t their link”

    Is that so? Why do you assume that their content isn’t skewed by the affiliate relationships?

    If the 50K & 100K AA offers provided affiliate commission, and the CSP/CIB/CIP didn’t…. do you think there would still be a 50:1 mention of Chase products for every time the AA offers are linked?

  4. Luckily, it’s a big, wide world online and we’ve all got an abundance of choices of what to read.

    Mommy Points is a prolific blogger. She posts several times a day and shares a huge variety of content. I’ve learned a TON from her site over the years. In addition, she’s got a unique perspective.

    Of course she’s not going to please everyone, all the time…but maybe you are also on the wrong site? Just a thought.

  5. Really 50:1? When the 100K AA offer came out I’m pretty sure every blogger out there wrote about it in the same day and several times after. I didn’t see any shortage of mentions about it. If a blogger chooses to concentrate on a product that makes them money I could care less. Once again I just ask for good information. If they don’t want to mention the 100K offer that is their choice. However, if they were suggesting their link of 30K when there is a 50K offer out there then that is an issue. Also, if you are in this game then you should be doing your own research to make sure a product fits your needs. I don’t take what any blogger says as the know all truth. This is a free site. You aren’t paying mommypoints for this advice. All over the internet there is so much different advice out there with or without compensation. Try going on to yahoo finance and reading about personal cards. They have articles with no affiliate links all the time saying you should never pay an annual fee on a credit card. Is that good advice? Maybe for some foks but it is all situational. Take the advice with a grain of salt and do your own research.

  6. I Agree with Tyler. There is no free lunch in this world. The affiliate links are how the bloggers get compensate for their time. Rob, you think we will have google and all its associated services if they didnt get any compensation from advertising? That is how the world works. Learn to deal with it.

  7. Thanks for the info. I have freedom points posting soon. But my wife holds the csp (I’m just an AU). I don’t have an ink. I’m leaning away from united, and towards us/aa, and working towards status. So this is very relevant for me. I appreciate your attention to detail and sharing.

  8. Rob: Right point, wrong post. A lot of people have this card (including me). I’ve never seen this benefit discussed on any travel blog before. You come off as shrill when you go into histrionics anytime you see the words “credit card” in a post, even when (as here) there is genuinely new and useful info being shared. Save your fire for when a blogger hocks a bad affiliate offer for the US Airways card.

  9. Sorry I couldn’t come back to this post sooner…was traveling by bus for a few hours. As you likely have noticed, this blog talks about rewards earning credit cards a good amount. This is the easiest way for most families to earn points, and I don’t see that changing in any near future. Yes, some of the offers I talk about are affiliate offers. This is always disclosed, they are always to the best offers I am aware of, and I think this issue has been well discussed both here and other places. Please feel free to email me with any additional questions or concerns about affiliate links.

    The comment section is supposed to be a helpful place to share additional ideas or tips related to the topic in the post (or heck any helpful tips or ideas are welcome). I’ve gotten feedback from many readers that they want the comments section to stay useful, so with that hopefully we are now back on track…and thank you to everyone for your support.

  10. MP – thanks for sharing this nugget, for those that just have the Freedom, this method of redemption is definitely better than the cashback, and is an added option for those that want to use it for travel. Your blog is always well written and constantly updated. If there is a post I don’t particularly find value in, I just glance through and move on to the next blog or article. *hint hint*

  11. Chase Freedom is a great card, and I’d not fault any blogger for “pimping” it. I would assert though that UR points should never be redeemed for less than 2 cents in value. Any less than that and you spend cash instead.

  12. Glad that this tip was not widely known, and may be of use to others. I was a bit surprised that this redemption was slightly more valuable than the 1.25 cents per point that you get from the corresponding Sapphire Preferred redemption.

  13. Lots of sites out there Rob.. go elsewhere. MP gives good advise and posts many times a day. She puts in a lot of time.
    This was good info on the Freedom card which I have had for years…. I also had forgotten about this perk. GREAT advise for last minute flying when FF miles may not be available. Thanks MP

  14. I’ve been having trouble lately finding UR redemptions that actually get me more than 1.34 cents a point. So this is a great great find. The only UR partners that used to get you more than that have been devalued…

  15. There is nothing wrong by providing service or information and ask to compensate if youn think she did a great job on. Just like you go to restaurant and valet parking and after the service you give them tips. I guess you ROB, never tip. If you don’t like the way she does her blog, don’t point to bash about it, just leave. Let’s see if you can get as good as she is on finding travel deals and ways to earn points. Obviously, you are not, otherwise you will have your own blog already, lol!

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