Borrow a Stroller in the Airport

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Getting through large airports efficiently with a baby or toddler can be an interesting part of travel, especially if you do not have a stroller with you.  I personally used an Ergo carrier with my daughter when she was younger most of the time when we traveled, but there were certain trips when a stroller was the most efficient (and least painful) way to get through the airport.  However, you likely aren’t always bringing the stroller on trips, and even if you are, some strollers are not permitted to be gate checked due to size.

This can lead to a problem when you want to get through the airport as quickly and easily as possible with kids who can’t yet keep up.  Today I read on Milepoint about a great solution – borrow a stroller in the airport!

This isn’t a brand new concept as it is already in existence at airports such as Frankfurt, Charles de Gaulle, Singapore, and Dubai.

Emirates Baby Stroller

Emirates stroller program from Emirate’s website

However, the cool new information in the article is that reportedly a US hub airport has plans to introduce a similar offering in combination with Maclaren strollers by the end of 2014.  I can easily see how this would make total sense for everyone involved!

The US lags severely behind many other countries and foreign carriers when it comes to amenities and services for traveling families, so I am in full support of anything that catches us up a bit to what is offered to traveling families in other parts of the world!

Have you ever used a stroller when in transit at a foreign airport?  Would you use one if you came across a “borrow a stroller” program at a US airport?

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  1. We used both of our strollers and Britax car seats longer than many other families probably did and wouldn’t have done it any other way! But, for those who choose not to bring theirs along, these airport strollers will come in very handy. I LOVED having my girls “contained”, seated and safe when I needed them to be. I think about you and Little C quite often — I just can’t say it enough, traveling as they grow up gets easier and easier all the time!

  2. I think you’ve mentioned that you usually fly with Little C in her Britax car seat. How do you get the car seat through the airport and down the aisle of the plane? Do you carry it or use some sort of rolling cart? We’ve been using our daughters Radian + travelmate and it barely clears the aisle at 17″ Her car seat is very upright and I think that makes it hard for her to sleep, so I’m considering getting a seat with a little more recline, but most other seats seem very wide and I don’t know how easy/hard it would be to get it on the plane.

  3. Totally agree this is a very simple idea that makes perfect sense!

    Carrie, it does get so much easier every year for sure!

    Diana, honestly we have a cover for it that has straps you can wear as a back pack. That is what we did when we were all traveling, but a better solution is to get one of the “car seat travel cart” things that allow you to push it through the airport. That said, we stopped bringing it about 6-9 months ago and life has been much easier now that she is big enough to not need it on the plane. 😉 It was a little wide for the airplane seats, but since the only space she was stealing was mine, it was okay.

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