A Story That I Love on Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today I want to share with you a story that I love that might be a little different than the traditional sort of story shared on Valentine’s Day.  It is a story of love in its own way, but not in the traditional Hallmark way.

I saw this story linked to on Milepoint, and it is about a dad who was traveling his two kids.  They were seated in the back of the plane and there was a snow related delay on their first flight of the day that left them with virtually no time to catch their connecting flight.  The dad was resigned to the fact that they weren’t going to make their connection, but the flight attendant overheard this conversation, checked the connecting flight info on her phone, and asked the passengers without connections to remain seated so this family at the back could try and get off quickly.

You can guess what happened next…as usual, everyone got up at the same time to get off the plane thus preventing those with connections to get off faster, and ultimately this family missed their connection by a matter of minutes.  He asked the gate agent at the airport for some help, and was told that he was in the middle of something to go and use the automated service counter to get re-booked.  At this point the dad threw a “grown-man-tantrum”.  He started to shout, used bad words, and kinda lost it.

Ultimately he did use the service counter, was booked on a flight four hours later with his kids, and had that time to think about the events that transpired in front of his kids.  This is where the story gets good, and it actually was pretty heartwarming.  I recommend giving it a read if you want a warm fuzzy feeling today that doesn’t come from a box of chocolates or a pink and red card.


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  1. Love that story, thank you for sharing it. Your blog is one that is full of positive affirmations throughout the year and I just wanted you to know that it is appreciated. Here’s to agreat travel adventures in 2014

  2. Not to get too cynical here, but this guy seems to have some anger management/entitlement issues. I’m not sure why all the other passengers should have to wait for him to get off…they might have connections or people waiting for them too. Even at the end of his post he still thinks everyone else was being selfish for not letting him budge just because a stewardess tried to play favorites. Airlines should either have a clear policy for allowing people with connections to disembark first or not.

    And as a person that teaches 6 year olds, I’m not sure his child learned the lesson he thought he did. He might have learned it’s OK to yell at people if you apologize later. He clearly learned that he should get to go before other people. Most likely he learned very little, since children are always obsrving the world around them, and the incident might not have been that important to him. At the very least the man could have apologized to his son as well, who he also wronged by his behavior.

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