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Lots of travel related companies got in on the Valentine’s themed fun via social media this year.  For many of them it is just catchy lip service and marketing with Valentine’s words or images cleverly worked in, but in a few instances it was a little bit more.  Fellow BoardingArea blog, Wandering Aramean covered some of the ways the airlines got in on the fun, but I think that a hotel chain beat all of them when it comes to spreading the love.

Hyatt is one of my very favorite hotel chains, and they were my clear favorite for how they spread the love on Twitter for Valentine’s Day.  All day on Friday I saw them sending lots of tweets out using the hashtag #InAHyattWorld with offers of trips to Vegas for Valentine’s and treats for folks in Hyatts that night like chocolates, wine, etc.  That was all very cool and a great surprise for those spending the night in a Hyatt or that won a free trip that left later that night, but what about all of those that weren’t lucky enough to have such exciting Valentine’s plans?

Well, turns out Hyatt did something special for at least one person I “know” who fell into that category.  One lady named Sarah who reads this site, emailed me with what Hyatt did for her on Friday.  She also saw all the fun tweets Hyatt was sending out on Friday like I did and tweeted them:

“Wishing I was staying at a Hyatt tonight. @HyattTweets is delivering lovely surprises! #InAHyattWorld#WhyImADiamond

She wasn’t asking for anything, she was just telling them that she thought they were delivering lovely surprises…which they were!  What happened next was pretty awesome.  Hyatt and Sarah exchanged some compliments and then Hyatt said:

@ssgunn Hey, Sarah- How do you fancy staying in a Hyatt hotel tonight? Our treat… Let us know if that sounds good and we can sort it out!

Hyatt Tweet

Sarah enthusiastically said yes, and she and her husband went from Portland to Seattle to stay in the Olive 8 for Valentine’s night!  What started as a compliment from a customer ended with that customer and her husband being provided a great hotel to celebrate the day of love.  How fun!  You can read the full Twitter exchange here

My room at Olive 8 last year.

My room at Olive 8 last year.

I love these sort of surprise and delight gifts from Hyatt.  I hope Sarah and her husband had a great night in Seattle, and that everyone who got a little surprise from Hyatt this weekend has a smile on their face!  For me this emphasizes that connecting with the companies you love on social media doesn’t just help them get their message across to you, but it can also help you get more from them.  Well done, Hyatt!

Did you get anything special on Valentine’s thanks to connecting with hotels or airlines via social media?

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  1. Am curious why you didn’t write a post about hyatt’s tweets. I regularly read the boardingarea posts and had a stay at a hyatt on friday but knew nothing of the promotion.

    • Vic, I retweeted some of their stuff but didn’t really realize the full extent of what they were doing til the day was almost over. Hope you had a great stay though!

  2. Not feeling the love with Hyatt. I have two $75 Check Certificates with expiration dates of 2/28/14. On the back under the terms and conditions it states: “Does not Expire”. So I called Hyatt and their response was we changed our policy and no longer extend the dates on expired certificates. Sorry.

    Not acceptable customer service and unhappy hyatt customer.

  3. I was one of the three people to be selected in the #InAHyattWorld promo they ran on Friday. Unfortunately my +1 wasn’t able to make it to Vegas, so Hyatt gave me a consolation prize…a free night at an LA area hotel.

    I drove to LA, went out with some friends and when I came back I was surprised with chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne.

    Thank you Hyatt!

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