Lufthansa First Class Lounges in Frankfurt

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After landing in Frankfurt from my over-the-top Lufthansa First Class overnight flight from Dallas, I was still a bit tired, but excited to see some fancy cars waiting to drive myself and fellow first class passengers to our next destinations.  This type of ground transportation is totally unnecessary, but still pretty fun and actually helpful.


In my case, they drove me to the terminal where I would clear passport control, go through security, and then spend the time in the First Class Lounge before my next flight operated by SAS to my final destination of Norway.

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Lufthansa First Class Lounge Frankfurt Near Gate A13:

There are two Lufthansa First Class lounges and one Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.  I had previously visited the First Class Terminal, but on this visit utilized the two First Class Lounges.  While the idea of a separate First Class Terminal is cool, I found that all three of the locations to be pretty similar, so I would use the one most convenient for you.

Upon landing in Frankfurt, I followed the signs and made my way to the Lufthansa First Class Lounge that was near A13.  I pushed the button for the elevator, and after arriving on the second floor was greeted by staff members who checked my passport and tickets to ensure that I indeed had the credentials to be there (same day Lufthansa first class ticket).


Entrance near A13


View of the First Class Lounge upon entering

I was a bit tired from the overnight flight and in need of a shower, so they directed me to the shower area upon request.  One was immediately available, so I was asked if I needed any type of toiletries and left to my own devices.  Even though I travel frequently, I get a bit weirded out in “public” showers or baths, but these are so nice that they don’t seem like public areas.  I passed on the bathtub, but the shower itself appeared to be clean and functioned just fine.



There were soaps and lotions provided, as well as the infamous rubber ducky.  I didn’t take a bath, but I did snag the duck for my kiddo.  It is important to note that if you were traveling as family, this bathroom would be large enough to accommodate several kiddos at once.




After cleaning up and changing clothes, the front desk stored my bag and jacket for the rest of the visit.  It was about 10:30AM or so by this point and they were in the process of changing the included buffet over from breakfast to lunch.  If you have never been to a lounge like this before, note that everything was free.  The one exception I know of were spa services in B lounge, but those seem to have been discontinued.



I took a look at a few of the breakfast items, and decided to just drink coffee and save most of my appetite until the fresh lunch items came out.  I had skipped breakfast on the plane, so was more than ready for lunch when it was put out by about 10:45AM.

My personal favorite selections this day were the pretzel and several different salads, including seaweed salad and a shrimp salad.  Even though I was starving, it was greens and lean meats (and water) that sounded the best after a long flight.






This First Class Lounge also offers a cigar room, some sleeping rooms (full for the duration of my visit), and plenty of seating areas.  I know there is a family room in the First Class Terminal at Frankurt, and I have heard there is one at the First Class Lounge in Terminal B, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there were a “hidden one” at this First Class Lounge in Terminal A, but I can’t 100% swear to it (need to have my kid with me next time!).



There is also a large bar with tons of different spirits, including well over 100 types of whiskey.  If drinking isn’t your thing, the bar also offered fresh juices such as kiwi and pineapple juice.  There was also a “water bar” with water from all over the world.



After a couple of hours here, I made my way to my connecting flight to Oslo (more on that in the next post).  In general, I found this visit to the lounge to be relaxing and useful in terms of getting clean and fed without spending any extra money.  The service was very professional, though not necessarily overly friendly.

Lufthansa First Class Lounge Frankfurt Near Gate B22:

At the conclusion of my trip, I was also able to spend some time in a First Class Lounge in Frankfurt.  On that segment, I was connecting from a Lufthansa flight originating in Oslo and then onto Houston, and again was driven in a car from the plane to the terminal.  This time I had to go through passport control, but not through security.  The closest First Class Lounge for this part of the journey was the one near B22, so that was the destination of choice.  The driver from the plane to the terminal had instructed myself and the other passenger on how to get there before we arrived.

It was my first time to visit this particular lounge, but it is actually my favorite of the two first class lounges in Frankfurt.  I’m not sure why, but it felt a bit cozier due to a smaller size, the staff were a bit friendlier, and the plane watching was fantastic.  The small water feature when you walked in didn’t hurt either.


This time I wasn’t scheduled to have very long in the lounge, so I immediately went straight to the bar for some more kiwi juice.  Sorry I had to down some of it before remembering to snap a quick picture…


I thought all I had time for was some brief plane watching in the comfortable chairs, but it turns out I had more time than expected when a mechanical issue that delayed my return flight to Houston.



Once we were personally informed of the delay, I tried to visit the spa within the lounge.  However, I was informed that they no longer offered spa services, so that put a quick end to any dreams of a massage.  I can’t say if this is a permanent change or not, though it was phrased to me in such a way that indicated it was gone for good.


In light of that info, I opted for a cappuccino, a peek at the buffet, and more plane watching from the windows.



For the two of us that were impacted the delay, the staff at the front kept us very well informed of the progress, and eventually they came to get us when the replacement plane had been cleaned and catered.  We didn’t have to worry about keeping up with the delay at all, because it was proactively done for us.  When the plane was ready for us to board, we were taken downstairs to a waiting vehicle that would again drive us right up to the awaiting A380 that would take us to Houston.


All in all I find the Lufthansa First Class Lounges in Frankfurt both enjoyable and useful.  Contrary to what some think, I don’t find that the First Class Terminal is worth exiting the airport for, but rather think that all the lounges are roughly the same.  The showers, sleeping rooms, cigar lounge, bars, and buffets all seem roughly equal..which is to say they are all good and the perfect way to spend some time between flights.

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  1. Thanks for the comparison. I was just @ FCT and disappointed with no view of planes. Next time I’ll check out the other lounges airside.

  2. Yes, but was it the Porsche Cayenne or the van in the photo that you were driven in? The later is always a disappointment:-)

  3. LH clearly understands that lounge services – excellent ones – are an important part of the FC experience. The bar and water shots are truly impressive and do reflect LH’s program. (I certainly do drink when traveling, but because of the hydration issues, allow myself one drink per half-liter of water. I visit the loo as necessary!)
    In LH’s lounges (and a very few others) the food is generally great. I tend to eat lightly because eating aboard is just more fun.
    It truly pains me that U.S. airlines, even those with a huge international market, have such *Horrible* lounges and often *Disgusting* in-flight meals. And they whine to DOT and State that they cannot complete. They cannot compete because they don’t offer the [very nasty word] services! While some foreign airlines are genuine safety risks, the major European carriers are not, and often have better standards that does the U.S. Some major Asian carrier are fine and their services are always better. What part of the FC program are our own carriers missing? ALL of it! Often, a flyer with some accumulated miles will cash-in with a FC international ticket and be surprised by the outstanding service. That experience DOES sell future, high revenue seats. And the poor Amerikan carriers just cannot get beyond what FC service costs them, even though every FC revenue seat sold is 75% – 80% neat profit. It is still Monday and those twits cannot see beyond what has been sold for Tuesday or – perish the thought – given away. Award seats are NOT gifts. Those who sit in them have played by the rules and earned those seats. If he Big Three (or four – it is a bit fluid…) want the long haul, international business, the service level must improve, both hard and soft, and quickly. They can begin with teaching FAs how to greet self loaders with a smile. “Oh! OK. Up that way (pointing toward the front) and on the left” is not quite good enough. More than ’nuff said.

  4. Just my 2 cents but these First Class lounge and plane reviews are why people read Lucky or Gary’s blogs if they are so inclined. Most read your blog because it generally applies to family travel – and I can’t imagine too many families living it up in here.

  5. Holiday Baker Man, glad you like!
    Bill, great plane spotting from the others…especially B (though may have had something to do with the time of day I was there with the big birds).
    santastico, it blows US options out of the water for sure.
    Jeff, absolutely.
    Stephan, Porsche. 😉
    No Fly Zone, there is a huge difference between the products of many foreign carriers and the US, for sure!
    Lynn, appreciate the feedback. I personally have a variety of travel experiences from Comfort Suites to Lufthansa First Class and share (most) all of them since I think families and members of some families also have a variety of travel goals. That said, I totally understand that this particular post may not be useful to all, and absolutely understand if anyone wants to skip over the ones that don’t pertain to their travel goals. Stay tuned for the reports on Trysil though as it was a very family friendly ski area. 😉

  6. I kind of agree with Lynn about the family content. But I’d like to see some family friendly comments even with the first class experience. Looking forward to the Trysil ski resort report! Thanks for all the details you provide.

  7. I agree with Lynn and Denise. You should only post things that are of interest to them. To be certain you get this right, I suggest you email future posts to them for approval before posting them. Then if it doesn’t pass the Lynn/Denise test, just delete it. 😉

    BTW, which of the 100+ Whiskeys did you find to be the best? I’ll only have a few hours in the FC lounge, and I don’t want to waste my time trying out the inferior ones. Strangely, Lucky and Gary haven’t addressed this issue in their posts on the LH FC lounges. 🙂

  8. Denise, look forward to sharing details about it!
    Robert, ha ha. Well, I do get what I think they are saying and do try to keep the main focus of the blog on things that I think will appeal to most families, but on the other hand families are all different. I’m a mom and I still love to sneak away in F from time to time, so who am I to decide that no other parents will find that relevant for a future trip. Would be great though if everyone only saw what they wanted! As far as whiskey goes, I can tell you more about the juices they offered than the whiskey. #notmything

  9. I don’t have kids but read your blog for a less elite view of the world than is provided by some of the other blogs. I too will fly coach or business most of the time but like the idea of a special vacation in lufthansa first one of these days.

    However just to make sure *I* complain too, I’ll observe that you hit one of my hot buttons with “….had instructed myself and …”. That is *so* not how you use “myself”…


    • Rob, forgive me in advance for all grammatical errors that I can guarantee will occur. Moving on… 😉 Seriously though I am totally with you in that first is a rare and special event. Just because I don’t normally do it, doesn’t mean I won’t ever do it. That is what makes it special. 😉

  10. When were you at the A13 lounge? We were just there, with two kids, on Monday. We were not shown or taken to a separate family area (like we were at the FCT before our prior flight), so I assume there isn’t one. By the way, one thing you might want to point out to your readers is that the FCL and FCT both were proactive about getting us a car with car seats for the drive to the airplane. This does mean, sadly, that you are probably getting a van…

  11. I agree with Rob – I loved your posting because it was a much less elitist view, unlike Gary or Lucky. Don’t get me wrong, I read theirs too and learn a thing or two, however the sense of entitlement some times gets nauseating. Frankly mommypoints, I like your everyday realism of your post.

    And to be fair, I travel a lot for business, so I see my travel as a means to get where I am going and a lot less about the experience, although I do try and make it an experience, but when you travel as much as I do, it can be hard.

  12. Without Bacon, good to know. Love that they use car seats for the kids!
    Heather, totally see how with lots of business travel the planes are just a way to get from Point A to Point B. Sometimes it is that way for me too, but in this case traveling was a fun part of the experience that was way different than my day to day life. 😉

  13. Thanks for this post! And contrary to others, I will be living it up here this summer with family! Wife and children (7 and 4) will be stopping here en route to Bali. Will get to experience Lufthansa First, Thai First and EVA Air Business on same trip!

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