Final Total for FlexPerks Sign-Up Bonus Tied to Olympic Medal Wins!

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The Olympics are over so that means we have a final total for the limited time sign-up bonus for the US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa As a reminder, in addition to the standard sign-up bonus of 20,000 FlexPoints that you get after spending $3,500 in the first four months, you also get bonus points based on the number of medals that Team USA won at the Olympics in Sochi.  The additional bonus was 500 points per gold, 250 per silver, and 100 per bronze.  To get in on this Olympics special you need to apply between 1/31/14 and 3/7/14, and make a purchase by 3/31/14.  This card has s $0 Annual Fee the first year, after that $49.

US Bank Olympic Medal Points

I’ve been posting updates as the US has been adding to their medal totals, but the final counts are in and we won 9 gold medals, 7 silver medals, and 12 bronze medals.  That means that the sign-up bonus will temporarily sit at the normal 20,000 + a bonus of 7,450 for a total of 27,450 thanks to all of the medals won! 

This is a very good deal both because it is a fair amount higher than the normal sign-up bonus, and because including the points earned from the $3,500 you have to spend to trigger the sign-up bonus you will have at least 30,950 points.  The award redemptions with this card are a bit unique, but 30,000 points are required for a flight worth up to $600, so getting this card and hitting the spending requirement will be worth up to a $600 flight!  To be clear, in my experience that is one flight worth $600, not several flights worth close to $600.

If you wanted to keep racking up the points to get to 40,000 (not too hard when you are utilizing the bonus categories such as groceries and charitable donations), then you could redeem for two flights worth up to $400 each.  This does require some strategy to maximize the redemptions, but starting with around 30,000 points makes it much easier!

FlexPerks Award Chart

I’ve had this card since the last Olympics promo in 2012, and think it is a good one for families to consider since you aren’t tied to award availability to use the points.  I consider the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® to be a better overall card for those who want to use points as cash toward airfare, but there’s nothing that says you can’t get both cards and take advantage of the respective sign-up bonuses.  This is not an affiliate link of mine (since mine goes to a lesser offer), it is just a deal I consider to be pretty solid!  Good luck if you decide to go for it, and congrats to Team USA for winning 28 medals!

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  1. This card will be in my next app-o-rama. Seems like this is a card you get for the sign up bonus, redeem for a $599 ticket, then put in the drawer for 9-10 months before canceling. Am I missing anything?

    MP, are you going to get this card? I wonder if US Bank would approve the same card that you got 2 years ago.

    • Grant, I still have the card from 2012, so I’m all set for now. I’m almost to another $400 ticket and then may cancel before the next renewal unless more big bonuses for using it come my way.

  2. Grant – I’m planning on adding this to my next churn as well, and my plans are pretty much the same as yours.

    The only other thought I had was to put my $3500 spending on something like Kiva (3x points on charitable contributions), which would get me up to the 40,000 level, or $800 in airfare

  3. I know everyone loves Kiva, but it is such a pain for me to deal with that company. I can’t really float $3,500 for 3-6 months either. Otherwise it would be a great plan. You would get $800 of travel for basically free, since you get all your money back (hopefully) plus earn all the points.

  4. “If you wanted to keep racking up the points to get to 40,000 (not too hard when you are utilizing the bonus categories such as groceries and charitable donations”

    This is what I commented the other day. You cover the “small print” better than anyone.
    Yes, I’ve read about both this card, and the Olympic results, several other places. But only here did I get the heads up about how to get to the 40K level.
    Until I read that, I wasn’t going to apply for this card. Now, my wife and I are both going to apply for it today. Thank You once again. 🙂

  5. I’m a little confused; why is it that you can redeem 40000 pts ($800) for 2, $400 tickets, but cannot redeem 30000 pts ($400) for 2, $200 tickets?

    Thnx MP for a great post!

  6. Yay! After seeing the original article you wrote about this, I applied and got my card. Now I just have to figure out how to spend it most efficiently, before annual fee hits. I am ignorant of the award redemption process, I suppose I can’t just use it as $600 off of say $800 worth of family flight? Hmmmm…

  7. Can the points also be redeemed for family members traveling with the cardholder on the same itinerary? Said another way, can you redeem 30,000 points for 3 x $200 tickets?

  8. The award chart starts at 20,000 points for a $400 ticket, so that is why you can’t redeem for tickets that cost less. It’s just they way they set up the awards. I have included a picture of their award chart in the post, so that should help clarify what you can and can’t do. You can redeem for family members, but the chart sadly still starts at 20,000 points for one ticket up to $400 in value.

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