Highest Hyatt Cash Back Rate Yet

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I got an email from TopCashBack informing me that the Hyatt cash back rate has been increased to the highest total yet…5% cash back on Hyatt stays through March 3rd.  Their “normal” rate for Hyatt has been 3% cash back, with it going to 4% for a few days recently.  I’m loving the ability to book our Hyatt stays by going through TopCashBack (my referral link) to save some extra cash.  Heck, for my husband’s work stays I wouldn’t even call it saving money, I would call it making a few bucks when we secure those reservations by going through TopCashBack since we aren’t actually the ones paying the rate.  I get many of the same questions when I post about deals like this, so I will answer a few of them here to help those not familiar with this process.

Hyatt Cash Back

Will I still get elite stay credit and Hyatt points if I book via TopCashBack?

Yes!  You aren’t making your reservation via a third party site.  Instead you are simply clicking to Hyatt’s normal site by going through TopCashBack.  Think of it as making a Sears purchase by going through the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal.  You are still making the purchase directly from the retailer exactly like you always do, you are just getting some cash back by clicking to Hyatt’s normal site via TopCashBack.  TopCashBack gets a cut from Hyatt for making the “referral”, which they then pass on to you.

Are you sure?

Yes.  I’ve done it several times now.

How soon will I get the money from TopCashBack?

It takes a while.  The stated timetable is six weeks.  I have a Hyatt stay from November 26th that is now payable, but my next Hyatt stays from January are not yet showing as payable, so I think some will take longer than 6 weeks to become payable.  I wish they went faster, but I’m honestly in no rush since I typically let the balance build up for a while before I cash out via Paypal anyway.

Do you always get paid out correctly via TopCashBack?

I’ve gotten paid out hundreds of dollars by them over the years, and I don’t know if it is 100% correct, but it has been at least correct enough to keep me happy.  It is money I otherwise wouldn’t have, so I’m okay if it isn’t perfect.  That said, for all I know it has been perfect.  I know others have had some issues with them, but my experience has been good.  If you prefer Ebates, you can also get cash back for Hyatt stays from them, though the rate is currently 2%.

Can you stack this with other Hyatt discounts?

Yes!  I still book the “My Elite Rate” which gives a savings often around 20%, and I often still pay with my Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express at participating Hyatt Hotels & Resorts in the U.S. to get a 5% statement credit on my Amex.  When you start stacking all of these offers, plus take into account the regular hotel points you are earning + related Hyatt Gold Passport proms, it can all work together to make a big difference.  Update: I have read that some are having problems getting paid via TCB when using the My Elite Rate specifically…I’m emailing them for clarification.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll do my best to answer.  Otherwise, you should have until March 3rd to get 5% back on Hyatt reservations booked via TopCashBack!


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  1. I’ve had two stays denied because I booked under the “My Elite Rate” . Heard reports of this happening to others as well thru Flyertalk.
    Any insight as to why this is happening ?

  2. TopCashBack will deny you credit for unknown or unstated reasons, lock your account with no explanation, and provide you with the worst customer service experience possible, but other than that, they’re great.

  3. I have a few C&P stays on the books for the next 12 months that were not booked through a cash back portal. Is there any way to get cash back on these without cancelling and rebooking?

  4. Can you break down the numbers on this? I’d like to know what you’re really getting. For instance…

    Stay at Hyatt at cost of $200

    Topcashback: 5% cash back = $10
    Hyatt Gold passport: 5 points per dollar = 1000 points; elite stay
    Amex SPG Business: 5% cash back = $10

    Total payment: $200
    total returns: $20 + 1000 hyatt points

    Is this right?
    Also, do you get the 5% from Amex SPG because you have an OPEN savings account? It doesn’t work if you don’t have savings account, right?

  5. One more question. I’ve been looking at the Chase Hyatt card, and it says you get 3x points per dollar spent on Hyatt, but if you are an existing gold passport member, you get 5 points per dollar + whatever percentage for being plat/diamond.

    Does this mean that if you get the Chase card, you get 8+ points per dollar spent? Or do you simply get 3?

  6. Freddy, interesting. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but if I run into it soon with some January reservations I’ll update. My AAA rates have always worked fine.
    Jonathan, yes, but be sure you won’t be paying more to do so.
    MFK, seems we have had different experiences, but if I had those things happen I wouldn’t use them either.
    Jon, no. For one, you can only book those over the phone.
    Scott, thanks for sharing!
    Ed, You basically have the number correct plus any elite bonuses you may get and credit toward any promotions. The OPEN discount from the Amex small biz cards is just a credit on the statement, not savings account required. The Hyatt card would give you 3 points for Hyatt spend on top of the 5 points you earn into your Hyatt account. I don’t have that card, but I’m pretty with 1 SPG point + 5% off at eligible Hyatts instead using the SPG Biz Amex.

    • Pete, interesting. Have you read anywhere that is a prohibited rate? I’m going to email TCB to get their take…in the mean time will update the post.

  7. Thanks for the info! Would you know if Hilton works the same way? 10x for hhonors and another 10x/12x for using the citi reserve or amex surpass (respectively)?

  8. on TCB one of their terms/conditions states:

    “Please note; cashback is not eligible on bookings that have a travel agency IATA reference, corporate or government account code, or Gold Passport redemption code in the booking”

    my guess elite rate = the gold passport code?

  9. I’m going back and forth with TCB and they are trying to get to the bottom with the My Elite Rate issue folks are having and need a real life example. If someone has not been paid on a My Elite Rate and is willing to be the example then please email me mommypoints at mommypoints.com Thx!

  10. MP, I think ed was asking about the OPEN savings on an Amex SPG BUSINESS card. At least that’s my guess since he isn’t clear.

    Yes since you are booking with Hyatt even though you went through the TCB portal, you will get your 5% OPEN savings back on your SPG Bus card. Remember though that OPEN savings don’t apply at all Hyatt properties. My memory is they don’t at Hyatt Place or Hyatt House. The fix for those is to buy Hyatt Gift Cards from Hyatt.com. Buying those through TCB and using Amex SPG Business would get you 5%+5% = 10% back eventually.

  11. Did you hear back from TCB? I was going to try and book today, but it changed from 5% to 3%. I thought the 5% ended 3/3 not 3/2?

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